Will There Be Lookism Anime Season 2?

For Netflix, the first anime adaptation of a Korean webtoon has been a big hit. The Mir studio has again accomplished a marvel by staging Taejun Pak’s artwork! The webtoon that examines the worship of looks in contemporary culture has received 8.7 billion views globally, so it should do exceptionally well on the streaming service. 

Subscribers eagerly anticipated Park Hyeong-appearance Seok on Netflix, but sadly, just eight episodes were made available. 

As a result, the anime series will end in a short while, and many of us are already anticipating season 2 of Lookism. So, will there be Lookism Season 2? Let’s find out.

Will there be Lookism anime season 2?

Will there be Lookism Anime Season 2
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Lookism qualifies as both, and as Streamer performs significantly in both k-drama and anime, it will undoubtedly draw interest from both fanbases. And then there’s the established fandom gained by the webtoon. 

This accurately recites that story with a startlingly similar graphic style and an almost exact text translation. Due to its fidelity, curious fans are inclined to stick with the anime version. 

So, will there be Lookism Season 2? Lookism season 2 has yet to be officially announced by Netflix. However, there are a lot of encouraging indicators. There is also an artistic justification. Only the first few volumes of the plot are adapted into the Lookism anime. 

After performing an original song at the school festival, Hyeok-Seong and Duk-Hwa can attract the notice of a well-known artist in the season 1 finale. This is where the events of a forthcoming second season would pick up. 

Lookism Season 2 Release Date 

Will there be Lookism Anime Season 2
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The American studio often keeps the same number of episodes when extending its original animated shows. Eight episodes are anticipated for Lookism’s second season, though Netflix has yet to confirm this officially. 

If Lookism is swiftly renewed, season 2 might start airing by the end of 2023. Earlier than February 2023 If not, the wait time will increase. We are optimistic that a sequel will be published soon due to the high bar established by this unique work of fiction. 

This is because this adaptation’s target audience is diverse, and its subjects are perceptible to viewers from all socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Lookism Season 2: When will the trailer be available?

The Mir studio will need a lot of time to create eight new episodes (if ordered). The team is presently working on other projects, but if Netflix agrees to continue its original series, the Lookism season 2 teaser should be out in the fall of 2023. 

Will there be Lookism Anime Season 2
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Where can I watch Lookism?

Lookism was scheduled to debut on Netflix, the leading SVoD service, so the date, December 8, 2022, was chosen. The Korean-language Webtoon will have English subtitles.

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