Why Does Turles Look Like Goku?

The Saiyan race rules Dragon Ball Z and its descendants and franchises, although they are nearly driven to extinction. 

Goku, the show’s protagonist, is undoubtedly the most well-known of these; even amongst those who don’t watch anime, his face is recognizable. Even then, he’s not the only Saiyan with these stunning good looks, matter how well-known he may be. 

Turles has a solid reason for appearing precisely like the Dragon Ball franchise hero, even though he is now arguably non-canon. Although we have never seen any low-class Saiyan in canon, resembling Goku outside of Bardock, who is Goku’s father, Turles claims in the movie and the Dragon Ball Z: Anime Film Comics that all low-class Saiyans have the same facial traits.

But have you ever thought why does Turles look like Goku? 

Please keep reading to know why it was essential to have him appear exactly like Goku and how he stacks up against related ideas.

Who is Turles?

Why Does Turles Look Like Goku
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Turles is a Saiyan who was formerly a soldier in the Saiyan Army under the control of the Frieza Force. However, he went rogue and traveled across the galaxy with his gang of goons, the Turles Crusher Corps, to capture planets for himself. He serves as the film’s primary nemesis, The Tree of Might.

Turles looks precisely like Goku, even having the almost identical height and physique, except for choosing a darker skin tone and keeping his Saiyan tail. Turles has at least two “devil horns” in contrast to Goku, who only has one (this spikiness of his hair is absent during Ghost Turles’ appearances in Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans remake and several Dragon Ball Heroes previews, but Turles still has this in every other appearance).

Turles is depicted as being a ruthless, arrogant, and self-assured person. When he carelessly ignores the deaths of his devoted followers at the hands of Goku, he once again demonstrates his callous treatment of Gohan as evidence that he cares next to nothing for others. 

Because of this, Turles shows that he understands what good and evil are, but he does not care about them when Goku accuses him of not understanding the difference between them.

Who is Turles to Goku? 

Why Does Turles Look Like Goku

Why does Turles look like Goku? Is he someone from his family? 

Turles is older, even if he seems to be Goku’s age. He is portrayed in some publications as Goku’s older brother, although other sources claim the two are unrelated. 

According to The Supplemental Daizenshuu, Turles should already have been a top-tier fighter when Goku was born.

Apart from being both low-class Saiyans, Goku and Tullece don’t have any meaningful relationships in the universe. This is only a coincidence that they look so similar.

Tullece is meant to reflect whatever Kakarrot would have turned out to be in the actual world had he not stuck his head and instead developed into Son Goku. His look reflects that he is a shadowy version of our hero. 

He resembles Goku, except he is a little bit larger and has a significantly darker complexion. He has two hair tufts that spiral upward like devil horns. Before it was fashionable, Tullece could be defined as evil Goku.

Why does Turles look like Goku?

If you are hassling with the question – why does Turles look like Goku? Here is the answer… 

Turles claims that he resembles Goku in the movie because they are both low-class and lack many distinctive physical features. Turtles are covered in black and gray battle armor. Although it doesn’t exactly make sense logically why Turles and Goku would look alike, it does from a narrative standpoint.

It is made clear that the personalities of Goku and Turles are opposed. Turtles, in comparison, are riddled with corruption, incredibly greedy, and sluggish. On the other hand, Goku is kind-hearted and has a pure heart.

This may also be a peek at what Goku might have become if he had suffered a brain injury as a youngster.

Why does Turles look exactly like Goku?

Why Does Turles Look Like Goku
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There is no particular justification for that. Turles acknowledged that all low-class Saiyans tended to resemble one another visually.

Another theory for this “mirror battle” is that Turles is supposed to depict what Goku would have turned out to be had he not been hit in the head as a baby and taken in by Grandpa Gohan. Turles is Goku in many respects, not only because of his appearance. 

His obsession with fighting and improving himself at all costs is identical to Goku’s, who regularly neglects his home duties in favor of training and fighting more.

It’s reasonable to believe Goku and Turles are likely connected even if any official documentation doesn’t support this notion, and regardless, the movie isn’t legit, so who cares?

They may be half-brothers or cousins, or he might even be Goku’s uncle. What do you think?

How strong was Turles?

According to the movie booklet, Turles has a power level of 19,000 points. Turles’ power level rose considerably after consuming a piece of fruit from the Tree of Might; it was over 300,000.

Turles estimated Goku’s strength level to be at 30,000. Turles engaged in combat after Goku had a tiny edge, but he could hold his own. This demonstrated that Turles had a power level close to 30,000, with only slightly weaker 28,000 troops.

When Goku attempted to equal the strength of the turtles by multiplying his Kaio-ken by ten, the Turtles quickly destroyed Goku’s Kaioken x10. When Goku utilized the Kaio-ken x10, his power level was around 300,000. 

If Turles could easily beat it, he may reach a level where he could compete with Freeza during his first form, which had a proven power level of 530,000, even if he did not surpass it. Freeza had a power level of 530,000.

How strong would Turles be if he ate all the fruits from the Tree of Might?

Why Does Turles Look Like Goku
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Everyone who has eaten fruit from the Tree of Might has taken only one bite before discarding it. So if Turles had consumed the entire fruit, wouldn’t he have easily defeated Goku?

You’d think that eating more fruit would give you more strength, but we can come up with explanations as to why he didn’t. One mouthful of the fruit gave him a jolt of energy, and any more would cause him to erupt, so perhaps his body could not wholly digest it. We suppose that he would be beyond control and undoubtedly stronger.

Although Tree of Might was a while ago, Turles claimed to have another fruit in reserve, which Goku utilized as the foundation for his Spirit Bomb by removing the Genki.

We may estimate Turles’ power level at the time to be approximately 30,000, given that he was having difficulties fighting Goku despite having a declared power level of 30,000, which fits the movie figure of about 19,000. 

As Goku’s Kaioken x10 was useless, it jumped by over ten times after eating one of the fruits, putting it above 300,000. We aren’t claiming that the fruit multiplies like Kaioken or SSJ; instead, we are claiming that it focuses energy and serves as shorthand.

Facts on Dragon Ball Z Turles 

Why Does Turles Look Like Goku
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Here are the 10 Things you didn’t know concerning Turles from Dragon Ball.

  • He can use black magic and possess others.
  • Turles looks for a planet where he may plant the Tree of Might’s seed to harvest its fruit and grow much more powerful.
  • He turns into a Majin, and he can bring back dead warriors.
  • He collaborates with Goku Black and never develops into a super Saiyan. His signature move is the killed driver.
  • Turles observes the conflict between his troops and the Z-Fighters from his spaceship after landing on Earth.
  • He does make an appearance in the Dragon Ball Z anime.
  • The Fruit of the Tree of Might increases his strength tenfold.
  • He works with Frieza, Lord Slug, and Cooler; he was an unruly warrior in the Saiyan Army.
  • One of the few Saiyans to have survived Planet Vegeta’s explosion was Turles.
  • When Turles successfully reaches out and takes a bite out of one of the fruits, his strength soars. Regardless of the Kaio-ken x10 (x20 in the Funimation dub) in Dragon Ball Z.


Although an official explanation is not given, we may argue that it is logical to assume that Goku and Turles are likely related. It is claimed that the face patterns of Turles and Goku are comparable among the low-rank Saiyans, which accounts for their similar appearances. 

Even Turtle claims that he resembles Goku in the movie because they are both low-class and lack many distinctive physical features.

So what is your perception of it, are they related?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What if Goku consumed fruit from the Tree of Might?

Since Kaioken X10 and X20 are easily outclassed by Turles’ consumption of the Tree of Might Fruit, Goku might be able to surpass Kaioken X20 and break his limits sooner if he consumes the fruit. Turtles’ power increased to 19,000 after eating the fruit, making them stronger than both of those machines. He would get total energy as a result.

  • Are Turles and Vegeta related?

They are unrelated other than by their shared Saiyan ancestry. Tarble and Vegeta are descended from King Vegeta’s royal bloodline.

  • Why does Goku resemble Turles so much?

The main reason is that Turles is often considered an evil counterpart of Goku. Still, it has also been argued that Goku and Turles are both low-level fighters, and low-level warriors have distinctive appearances that help others recognize them.

  • What is the definition of a low-class Saiyan?

Bardock is at the pinnacle of the low class of Saiyans, who are essentially all low-class fighters. Nappa is the army’s highest-ranking general, while Raditz is ranked on par with him. There are around ten mid-class fighters. There are just King Vegeta and Prince Vegeta left among the elite warriors.

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