Who Is Famine Devil In Chainsaw Man?

Finally, Chainsaw Man introduces Famine as a fresh face to the Four Horsemen. This team comprises the four formidable Devils, Control, War, Famine, and Death, each of whom has unique abilities. 

But who is Famine devil in Chainsaw Man, actually? Here is all we know. 

Who Is Famine Devil In Chainsaw Man? 

who is famine devil in chainsaw man
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Chainsaw Man’s life will be even more complicated by the third member, Famine, who identifies as the “older sister” of War and reveals her name in chapter #113. 

The Control Devil in her form as Makima served as the primary adversary of Chainsaw Man Part 1, while Yoru, a villain in Part 2, represented the War Devil. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from Christian mythology served as a model for the group, but they have a particular function in Chainsaw Man.

Why Is The Famine Devil Unique?

These Horsemen also exist in the Chainsaw Man universe, but in a different guise. The Famine Devil, the War Devil, the Conquest Devil, and the Death Devil are called The Four Horsemen. 

These demons are among the strongest ever created, rivaling even the devils of Primal Fear like the Darkness Devil. The Four Horsemen have appeared in various ways, but they frequently take the shape of young women with golden eyes, Makima being one of them. 

Similar in stature to a tall high school student with light-colored hair and golden eyes, the Famine Devil has a similar appearance. She goes by the charming nickname “Fami.”

who is famine devil in chainsaw man
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The Devil Of Famine/Hunger

During the War Devil arc, the Famine Devil makes its debut appearance in the manga. 

So, who is Famine devil in Chainsaw Man? It presents itself as Fami, a high school student. After Yoru argues with her classmate, she arrives and offers to revive the latter. She then emerges as the Famine Devil and claims to be the War Devil’s elder sister. 

Fami currently has a relatively limited number of manga appearances, so not much is known about her. 

So far, she intends to use Yoru’s strength to turn Denji into a weapon, but it’s unclear what she plans to do with that. Fami appears to have healing skills because she can resuscitate humans or Devils and give them superhuman strength and size. 

She can telepathically communicate with others, imprison Denji and Asa in an aquarium, and starve them to death.

The Famine Devil Might Be Chainsaw Man’s Greatest Foe

who is famine devil in chainsaw man
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The Four Horsemen have a vendetta against Chainsaw Man because, in Makima’s version of events, they all engaged in combat with him multiple times in hell, ultimately hurting Pochita to the point where he was forced to flee to Earth, where he met Denji. 

Yoru wants to make Chainsaw Man throw up the Nuclear Weapons Devil and resurrect him to increase people’s fear of War and the fact that only the Horsemen can recall the names of the Devils he swallowed. Yoru appears to be genuinely afraid of Famine. 

Therefore it still needs to be determined what her objectives are. Chainsaw Man’s desire to kill the other Horsemen on behalf of the Control Devil indicates that the band as a whole is not coherent, although occasionally cooperating. Famine might be the main antagonist of Chainsaw Man Part 2, given that the War Devil is currently vulnerable.

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