What Was The Naruto Announcement? Big News Coming From Jump Festa 2023

At the center of a lengthy panel packed with announcements on the first day of Jump Festa 2023 were Naruto and Boruto. 

Even if the news differed from what fans hoped to hear, many exciting things are planned for Naruto and Boruto in 2023.

Three of the most recognizable Japanese voice actors from the Naruto and Boruto anime joined the stage on the first day of Jump Festa 2023 to update the audience on the most recent developments in the adored series. 

What was the Naruto announcement all about? Let’s find out.

What Was The Naruto Announcement? 

what was the Naruto announcement
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Since the anime version of Naruto will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2022, there was a lot of anticipation for this panel. 

Following the stunning anniversary tribute film that Studio Pierrot produced, which features some of the most classic series scenes recreated using modern techniques and technology, some fans thought that an anime adaptation would be revealed. 

What was the Naruto announcement? The announcements, though, were somewhat underwhelming. The Naruto official website will be used for the popularity competition through January 31st, 2023. This is the first popularity contest available to everyone in the world, and fans can vote once every day.

what was the Naruto announcement
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There are no more specifics available. Most significantly, Masashi Kishimoto, who also produced a unique image for the occasion, will portray the winning character in a brand-new manga. Although the news that Kishimoto would be creating a new manga is thrilling, there is currently no other information available.

The Boruto anime was given the honor of making the last announcements. The introduction of the Code Attack Arc is news, even though information about the Sasuke’s Story adaption had been leaked a few days before Jump Festa. 

In the most recent Boruto manga story arc, new, contentious characters like Eida and Daemon were introduced. After several filler episodes, fans have been waiting for the Boruto anime to catch up with the manga, and now they have a date: February 2023. 

Even though the announcement that fans were waiting for was not made at Jump Festa, there will still be a lot of interesting new projects for Naruto and Boruto in 2023.

Other reveals at Jump Festa 2023 include Narutop99

what was the Naruto announcement
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The first announcement, chosen to be revealed in scrolls, included Narutop99. A global popularity survey will be conducted in this case. The series’ inaugural global scaling voting poll will be this one. 

The hashtag #Narutop99 was urged to trend on Twitter by fans. Fans can vote for their top picks among more than 450 characters in the poll. They will be able to vote once per day until the end of January 2023, thanks to Narutop99.

Masashi Kishimoto, the creator, will specifically illustrate a maximum of 20 characters. The person who earns the most votes will appear in a brand-new, short manga published in 2023.

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