What If Dragon Ball Super Introduces Vegeta Black? Meet The Most Badass Saiyan!!

Just imagine what would have happened if Dragon Ball Super had introduced Vegeta Black in place of Goku Black. Though the character would not have been so potent, its introduction would have given the audience a clear picture of how Vegeta would be, in case he never turns good. A minor adversary who goes by the name Vegeta, Vegeta Black (Bejta Burakku) is a character in the anime. In the alternate temporal version of Fused Zamasu: Heroes, Vegeta Black’s fusion was made official by Towa. So, today SassyWeeb is here to highlight what Vegeta Black’s appearance in Dragon Ball Super will look like. So, make sure to read the complete article.

Vegeta Black – The Wrath Within 

Vegeta Black
When it comes to the personality of the character, we know Vegeta is known for his pride and powers. Vegeta frequently uses sarcasm and insults toward others, and he also shows a great deal of disloyalty toward his own puppets, using them as nothing more than tools for achieving his own objectives. His impatience is well known, and he frequently attacks opponents without thinking. Future Zamasu frequently refers to him as a psychopath or a gutless git (gutless mortal) for treating Vegito Black as a tool to achieve his objectives. In addition to never using honorifics—which can be seen as being extremely disrespectful—even while referring to Beerus, Vegeta Black also uses watakushi rather than ore. But he uses more when he becomes a Super Saiyan or a Super Saiyan Rosé. Like Vegeta, he still exhibits haughty arrogance and a propensity for overthinking. Contrary to Vegeta, though, he is prepared to devise plans centered on wearing down the opposition while staying on the defensive until he is able to make his move.

Black Vegeta Appearance

He is still fundamentally the same as Goku Black, but has slightly darker skin, sterner eyes, and a little bit leaner build. His Saiyan armor is dark grey (similar to his Whis armor without the insignia), with red straps, patches, and sides in place of yellow ones. His gloves and boots are the same color as his costume, which is black.

A Quick Sneak Peek Of The Character’s History

Vegeta Black
In order to retrieve Vegeta’s body from Goku Black’s deleted timeline, Android 9 employs Dark Shenron. When he was fighting Super Buu, Piccolo (who was under his control) was forced to take Vegito’s body before obtaining Time Paradox immunity and erasing their prior lives. The Time Patrol was then promptly attacked, and after a difficult battle, he fused with Vegito Black to become V. To save the Future Dragon Team, they were both awakened and enlisted, joining forces with Goku Black and Future Zamasu. After a brief confrontation, they are imprisoned but manage to flee, whereupon Black allies up with Goku Black to defeat Demigra, and the two unite into Vegito God to defeat him.

Last Conflict or Final Battle

Later on, he helps Vegito Black defeat Salsa, who is easily vanquished and then fused back into V. Vegeta Black’s personality, however, quickly vanishes as his false soul spiritually fused with Vegeta Black’s. Together with Vegito Black and Salsa, he gets slain as a result of V’s Red Raw Explosion ability.

Vegeta Black’s Powers Explained

Vegeta Black
Black Vegeta owns a wide arsenal of techniques and transformations. Some of the major ones are as follows –
  • Flight: Using Ki Blast, he can fly.
  • Black Galick Gun: Vegeta Black uses a black Galick Gun.
  • Black Galick Gun Super and Black Galick Gun Combined.
  •  Big Bang Attack
  • Big Bang Crash
  • Black Power Ball as played by Vegeta Black is known as Big Bang Smash.
  • Big Bang Smash‘s energy-wave variant is known as Big Bang Wave.
  • A team attack that combines Goku Black’s Divine Retribution and the Big Bang Wave is known as the Divine Light Grenade.
  • Big Bang Pulse, which he uses when in Super Saiyan Rosé form, is a more potent version of Big Bang Smash.
  • Time paradox immunity is the capacity to both prevent and survive time paradoxes. the Dark Dragon Balls used to obtain.
  • Obtaining regeneration with Mr. Poko.
  • Godly Ki: Through New Future Super Shenron, he and Vegito Black acquired godly ki.
  • Machine Soul – Despite being a Mechanical-Type Android, Towa employed the Dragon Balls to endow Android 9 with a soul. This soul is still present in Vegeta Black. Due to his mechanical soul, he can lose stamina more quickly and is frequently compelled to transform into weaker forms in order to regain lost endurance.
  • Heavy Finish – The most frequently employed physical attack in a series is the heavy finish.
  • Dragonthrow – a method of contention that Vegeta Black employs.
  • Final Explosion – Vegeta Black can use the Final Explosion technique, just like Vegeta, but he is able to survive it because of his enormous energy reserve.
  • Ultra Instinct and Telekinesis.
  • Illusion Smash–Has the ability to open portals.
  • A more potent variation of the Black Power Ball that Vegeta Black uses is the Holy Light Grenade.
  • Vegeta Black uses a more potent kind called Holy Wrath.
  • Vegeta Black used a more potent variation of Impure Rage when he was a Dark Dragon Ball Fighter.
  • Majestic Wrath is a more potent variation in which the player summons at least 10 energy spheres, all of which are launched towards the enemy.
  • Vegeta Black’s energy sword, the God Split Cut.
  • Violent Fierce God Slicer: Vegeta Black’s improved version.
  • Vegeta Black’s Azure Dragon Sword Model Energy Blade is an improved, portable version.
The fact that Vegeta Black and Vegito Black were able to defeat Goku and Vegeta after they had grown more powerful shows how strong they were. Vegeta Black eventually experiences agony as a result of the strain his artificial soul is putting on him. Also Read – Goku New Form Is More Powerful Than You Think!! Here’s Why?

Vegeta Black Transformations 

Vegeta Black

Bergamo’s Body

Bergamo from the Heroes World is locked in Fused Zamasu’s now mortal body after Towa originally has them switch bodies. Later, however, she decides that Vegeta would be a better choice and switches their bodies once more.

Vegeta’s Body

Vegeta Black acquired Vegeta’s body and its power by making a wish with one of the Dark Dragon Balls.

Super Saiyan

He was able to fully utilize Super Saiyan, and Future Trunks was taken aback by its strength.

Super Saiyan Second Grade

After demonstrating his ability to use Super Saiyan 2nd Grade, Vegeta Black used it on Vegeta to taunt him for the transformation, calling it a waste of time and effort. Even in this phase, Vegeta Black was able to compete favorably with Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta before changing back into Super Saiyan Rosé.

Super Saiyan Rosé

Vegeta Black was able to acquire and master Super Saiyan Rosé using the Dark Dragon Balls. Vegeta is now strong enough to defeat Super Saiyan Blue Future Trunks. Vegeta Black also had the strength to defeat Vegeta and Goku.

 Super Saiyan Rosé Powered-Up

Vegeta Black reaches a similar stage as Super Saiyan Blue Powered-Up, where he develops a yellow glow that surrounds his body, somewhat more muscle mass, and light pink hair.

 Super Saiyan Rosé Pompadour

Vegeta Black’s upgraded Super Saiyan Rosé stage and his ultimate form. He can fight Demigra fairly in this form for a brief period of time before Demigra is able to overwhelm him.

 Majin Vegeta Black

Black assumes the enhanced form of Majin Vegeta Black. Vegeta Black assumes this form when Babidi uses the evil residing in Vegeta Black’s heart to seize possession of him, greatly enhancing his strength and allowing him to retain his Super Saiyan Rosé form. Vegeta Black’s torso and face are covered with veins due to the Demon mark on his forehead, deep black lines around his eyes, and increased muscle bulk. The Manipulation Sorcery gives Vegeta Black other unique characteristics, including a seemingly endless supply of stamina and the capacity to survive and heal from wounds in an almost zombie-like manner. Black’s dark nature is reawakened, and he becomes more impactful than he was earlier (thanks to Babidi’s magic unleashing his potential).

 Dark Dragon Ball Fighter

The One-Star Dark Dragon Ball fused with Vegeta Black to end the hypnosis over the unofficial Supreme Kai while he was in the Super Saiyan God SS Evolved stage as Majin Vegeta Black. His eyes flash crimson, and there are dark red lines emanating from the Dark Dragon Ball that is lodged in his chest.

Royal Super Saiyan Rosé

Vegeta Black was able to advance Super Saiyan Rosé because of the several possible power enhancements that could be unlocked. He has royal pink hair, conspicuous black pupils, fluffier hair, and greater muscles in this form.

 Ultra Instinct -Sign

While fighting Salsa in his angry condition, Vegeta Black is able to unleash Ultra Instinct and is able to block all of his blows, despite the fact that his own blows are considered as clumsy. He mainly maintains silence throughout the employment of the form, similar to Goku, and lets out double-voiced roars.


Vegeta Black


The potent union of Vegeta Black and Vegito Black through the use of Potara earrings gives rise to Vevegeta (also known as Mega Vegeta Black or, more recently, V).

 Vegito God

Vegeta Black and Goku Black combined to become Vegito God.

 Gogeta God

The fusion dance between Vegeta Black and Goku Black is known as Gogeta God.

 EX Gogeta God

Goku Black and Vegeta Black have fused to form EX Gogeta God.


Thanks to the Dragon Balls, Vegeta and Vegito Black are both as strong as Vegito Blue. Super Saiyan Blue Trunks could not match him in strength. On the rival scale, they are both candidates for 11/12. Vegeta Black’s power surpasses Gravoom’s when Naraku boosts everyone’s power in Rola’s jail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Vegeta’s dark blue form?

Vegeta’s dark blue form is titled Evolved Super Saiyan Blue form. It is the extended Super Saiyan Blue form Vegeta achieved after breaking his own limits.

Who went Super Saiyan Blue first?

Goku and Vegeta went Super Saiyan Blue first. 

Can Gohan go Super Saiyan Blue?

No, Gohan decided not to follow the typical Saiyan path to climb the ladder of power. He focused on the Ultimate form. 

Will Vegeta Black appear in Dragon Ball Super ever?

Though the creators have the option to introduce the character, there are low chances of Vegeta Black’s introduction after we have already seen Goku Black. 

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