Ultra Ego Vs Ultra Instinct: Will Vegeta Dominate Against Goku Now?

Welcome back to our website, Dragon Ball fans! If you have been a fan of the Dragon Ball anime for a long time, you would know that the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta is one of the most talked about topics of the show. 

Over the years, Goku has gotten more powerful as a fighter with vigorous training and discipline. 

When Goku first met Vegeta, he was significantly weaker than him. But since then, a lot of change has happened and both of them have grown stronger in their own way. While Goku’s most powerful and iconic technique is the Ultra Instinct technique, Vegeta is a powerful fighter with his Ultra Ego technique. 

When Goku first switched to his Ultra Instinct form, everyone was shocked out of their minds. Even Lord Beerus said that he himself could never achieve Ultra Instinct like Goku, this is how significant Ultra Instinct is. 

Similarly, when Vegeta first used his Ultra Ego technique, he was able to put his opponent Granolah at a significant disadvantage, despite Granolah being an intensely powerful fighter.

It is of no surprise that both the Ultra Instinct and the Ultra Ego are two of the most lethal and powerful techniques in the whole show. But since both are very similar in terms of techniques, many fans have started several debates featuring Ultra Ego Vs Ultra Instinct. Which among these techniques are more efficient, what are the differences between Ultra Ego and Ultra Instinct – these are just a few of the several questions Dragon Ball fans wonder about. 

But in this article, we have brought to you the ultimate comparison of Ultra Ego Vs Ultra Instinct. So sit back tight and keep reading our article to learn a bit more about the Ultra Ego Vs Ultra Instinct techniques. 

Ultra Ego Vs Ultra Instinct: About Ultra Instinct

Ultra Ego Vs Ultra Instinct
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To define the Ultra Instinct technique, the Ultra Instinct is a supreme, ultimate technique that essentially separates one’s consciousness from their physical body, and allows the physical body to attack and evade without having the risk of one’s emotions or thoughts interfering during it. 

Ultra Instinct is a technique that is very well known among the Gods and Kais of Dragon Ball. As said by even the strongest and most capable characters of the show, Ultra Instinct is an extremely difficult technique to master. The only creatures who are known for having perfected Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball are the Angels, the angels of the Galactic Patrol. 

Although a good number of Gods in the show like Beerus have not been able to achieve the Ultra Instinct, the angel attendants of the Gods are all naturally born with the ability to perform perfected Ultra Instinct. 

When Ultra Instinct is performed by an angel, such as Whis (Angel attendant of Beerus) , they do not show any noticeable physical changes. Which can be explained from the fact that the angels are always born with an immense amount of power already. 

However, when certain very powerful individuals of the show obtain the Ultra Instinct by training vigorously for hundreds, or even thousands of decades, they undergo some notorious changes while performing the Ultra Instinct. 

We all know that a living organism, an alive body, has a number of limitations. For one to attack someone or to be in a combative situation, they have to process their actions beforehand in their minds, which definitely takes up quite a good amount of time. The Ultra Instinct form basically helps one to get rid of these limitations, and basically use their body remotely as their consciousness and body stays separated. 

As of now in Dragon Ball, Goku and Moro are known characters who have acquired the Ultra Instinct perfectly and can use it in battles. Although Beerus is a very capable and immensely powerful God Of Destruction, surprisingly enough Beerus still could not master the Ultra Instinct. When Goku first showed his Ultra Instinct form in battle, Beerus was taken aback, because he was astonished at Goku achieving the Ultra Instinct state which Beerus could not even after training and trying to achieve for hundreds of years. 

The first time we saw Goku transform into his Ultra Instinct form was in episode 110 of Dragon Ball Super, titled “Goku Enkindled! The Awakened One’s New Ultra Instinct!” In this episode, Goku was fighting against Jiren. Unlike many other people who were trying to achieve the Ultra Instinct, Goku’s feat of achieving this was quite different. 

Son Goku is a character who is known for his tremendous willpower. Everytime Goku has transformed into a higher power level, it came from his desperation or need for the power in a situation, not just will. Most people who wanted to achieve the Ultra Instinct state mostly tried to achieve it by their will. But in the case of Goku, he concentrated all his power on making himself more powerful only to protect the world against evil, which is a very needful situation. In the desperation of saving the world and his loved ones against Jiren, Goku knew he needed to become more powerful. 

The entire time Goku was fighting against Jiren up until that moment, he was in his x20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken state. But when that was proved to be insufficient for Jiren, Goku had to increase his power level, and thus achieved his Ultra Instinct state. 

When Goku transforms into his Ultra Instinct form, he goes through a very interesting change in his appearance. In his Ultra Instinct state, Goku’s hair changes colour to a distinct silver coloration, and so do his eyes. He grows a crystalline aura around himself, with a bit of blue and white and red and purple coloration. 

Another character who is known for having the Ultra Instinct form despite not being an angel is the “Planet- Eater” Moro. 

You might know Moro from being the powerful, wicked wizard who threatened Universe 7 ten million years ago from the timeline of the show. 

Ultra Ego Vs Ultra Instinct
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Ultra Ego Vs Ultra Instinct: About Ultra Ego

Now that we have had a detailed discussion of Ultra Instinct, it is only necessary that we also discuss Ultra Ego as well. 

Ultra Ego is the strongest technique used by Vegeta which he learned from Lord Beerus. The Ultra Ego harnesses the Ultra Ego Technique and the Power Of Destruction. 

The Ultra Ego is a technique that is highly associated with destructive activities. For one to be able to use the Ultra Ego technique, they have to have gone through the proper training of God Of Destruction. Not only that, the person trying to achieve the Ultra Ego state also needs to keep a very destructive mindset to have it work in their favor. When a user uses the Ultra Ego, they gain access to the power of Destruction. 

In terms of appearance, when one achieves the Ultra Ego state, their appearance becomes very similar to Super Saiyan 3. The person who is using the Ultra Ego has their eyebrows become ridge-like, with no visible facial hair. Similar to the Ultra Instinct form, the user’s hair becomes Tyrian purple in color, as well as their eyes, attain a magenta-like color as well and also retain the black pupils. 

The Ultra Ego state makes a user exponentially stronger than their previous state. They unlock the full ability to use the Power Of Destruction. The user grows a powerful opaque aura that destroys enemy attacks on contact.

Although Ultra instinct allows a user’s efficiency and power to increase as he continues to evade and counter-attack, Ultra Ego allows the user’s overall power to increase as they take more damage and delve more into their lust for battle. Basically, Ultra Ego is the polar opposite of Ultra instinct. 

Which is stronger: Ultra Ego Vs Ultra Instinct?

Ultra Ego Vs Ultra Instinct

Ultra Ego and Ultra Instinct are two techniques that are very heavily compared with each other. However, as Vegeta said in the show, Ultra instinct, and Ultra Ego are two very different techniques, almost the polar opposite of each other. While Ultra Instinct is mostly associated with good intentions and the need to separate one’s consciousness from their body,  Ultra Ego is based on pure rage.  

Ultra Instinct enables a user to attack, evade and counter-attack all at once, but Ultra Ego only uses the whole power of the user to become more and more destructive. Another notable difference in between these techniques is that Ultra Ego is mostly the powers of the Gods of Destruction, and it only focuses on insanely heightening the physical and visual prowess of the user. While Ultra Instinct helps a user become more efficient and strategic in a battle. 

So if there was to be an Ultra Ego vs Ultra Instinct comparison, then in terms of strength, undoubtedly Ultra Ego ranks higher. However, it is important to notice that in a battle, the strategic technique is also a very important element, and with good strategy and planning, a battle can inevitably be won. 

Ultra Ego Vs Ultra Instinct
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It is also noticeable that in the battle against Granolah, Ultra Ego Vegeta managed to cause more damage to Granolah than Ultra Instinct Goku. From this instance, we can conclude that in terms of damaging abilities, Ultra Ego is clearly superior. 

However, when it comes to defensive abilities, Ultra Instinct takes the crown of being the better technique. Since the body is severed from its consciousness and only focused on being efficient in the battle, Ultra Instinct enables the user to dodge and counter-attack their opponent more efficiently. Even against attacks that can be coming at blinding speeds and completely unannounced, the Mastered Ultra Instinct can efficiently protect a user from its damages. 

In summation, since Ultra Ego is the technique that has the most damage-causing traits, it wins over Ultra Instinct as the most powerful technique in the show. It is unfortunate that Ultra Ego is described so little in the show. 

And from the portrayal of the angels of Galactic Patrol being immensely powerful with their autonomous Ultra Instinct abilities, most fans naturally believe Ultra Instinct as the superior form. But considering the fact that Ultra Ego is used by the Gods of Destruction who can pretty much ruin an entire universe with Ultra Ego – we conclude that Ultra Ego is indeed the superior form in comparison with Ultra Instinct. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • In which episode did Goku first use Ultra Instinct?

In Dragon Ball Super episode 110, “Goku Enkindled! The Awakened One’s New Ultra Instinct!” Goku first uses Ultra Instinct.

  • Which episode did Vegeta first use Ultra Ego?

In the episode “Vegeta Vs. Granolah”, Vegeta first uses Ultra Ego. 

  • Can Goku use Ultra Ego?

Although Goku has learned Ultra Instinct, he cannot perform the Ultra Ego technique.

  • Can Ultra Ego Vegeta beat Jiren?

Considering that even Goku’s Ultra Instinct did not manage to defeat Jiren, it is seemingly impossible for Ultra Ego Vegeta to beat Jiren.

  • Can Beerus use Ultra Ego?

In the Vegeta vs Granolah fight, Beerus showed Vegeta how to achieve the Ultra Ego by doing it himself. So, yes Beerus can use Ultra Ego.

  • What is Goku’s newest form?

 Goku’s Ultra Instinct is his newest form.

  • Will Vegeta learn Ultra Instinct?

Since Vegeta has already made up his mind about never wanting to achieve Ultra Instinct, it seems like Vegeta would not be seen doing the Ultra Instinct technique ever. 


Thank you for visiting today’s article of the Ultra Ego Vs Ultra Instinct discussion! We really hope you enjoyed your time here. From our depiction of the matter, it seems that both Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego are the most powerful techniques in the show- but in different ways. But what are your opinions on this? Do not forget to let us know about your thoughts on Ultra Ego Vs Ultra Instinct in the comments below and check in again for great discussions like this!

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