Ultra Ego Vegeta vs Beast Gohan – Who Is Stronger? 

Gohan’s transformation into “Beast Gohan” after his fight with Cell Max while collaborating with Piccolo’s transformation into “Orange Piccolo,” stunned every fan… 

This is also a callback to Dragon Ball fans who may make the comparison to Dragon Ball Z when Piccolo was severely hurt defending Gohan when Nappa attacked the little boy, which infuriated Gohan and temporarily increased his power. 

While on the other hand, “Ultra Ego Vegeta,” Vegeta’s new form, is the result of his training with Beerus, the God of Destruction. 

Goku’s “Ultra Instinct Sign” was developed during his training with Meerus, an Elite Galactic Patrol agent who was actually an Angel.

When Meerus had to make a sacrifice after using his Angel abilities against Moro, which broke the law of Angels that you shouldn’t use all of your power in fight, he learned how to access “Mastered Ultra Instinct” and as a result, he was obliterated from existence.

The Granolah the Survivor Saga comes to an end with the release of the most recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movies, which gave us a glimpse of Gohan’s Beast form and showed how fan-favorite Vegeta is continuing to grow in strength and experience.

Further in the article, we have given detailed information about Beast Gohan and Ultra Ego Gohan and which one is more powerful.

With all the new stars getting new forms, the fans are curious to know which form is stronger – Ultra Ego Vs Beast Gohan… So, here is all we know… 

How Powerful is Beast Gohan?

Ultra Ego Vegeta vs Beast Gohan

As a result of Gohan’s ongoing awakenings since he was a toddler, Gohan’s Potential Unleashed condition has evolved into Gohan Beast, which is now his most powerful transformation in contemporary literature. 

Prior to Gohan obtaining the form, Piccolo thought he would be the strongest. During the film’s advertising, Toriyama referred to Gohan as being stronger than everyone but having lately missed his moment to shine. 

Although Piccolo claims they couldn’t have won without Gamma 2’s sacrifice reducing Cell Max’s battle power, his power was such that he easily defeated the weaker Cell Max.

Similar to his first Super Saiyan 2 transformation against the original Cell, Gohan acquired the form in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero after seeing Piccolo appear to be defeated by Cell Max. In this form, he was able to annihilate Cell Max’s massive energy sphere and core with a Special Beam Cannon while Orange Piccolo restricted the giant’s movement. He also easily withstood and brutally retaliated against Cell Max’s full-power punch.


  • The most potent Gohan transformation is known as the Gohan Beast. 
  • He is fully realized in the Beast form, suggesting that with additional training, he has room to develop. 
  • Gohan is depicted as having a tonne of ki, which is closely related to the strength needed for the Saiyan race to transform. 


  • The duration for which Gohan can maintain his Beast form is yet unknown.
  • Every time Gohan gains a greater power, as was previously witnessed in Dragon Ball Z during the Buu arc, he becomes overconfident, which ultimately brings about his demise. This was also seen when Gohan faced Cell Max, giving him room to grow. 
  • Gohan has a tendency to skip workouts when he returns to his professional career, which may cause him to lose his competitive edge and status as a top fighter once more.

How Powerful is Ultra Ego Vegeta?

Ultra Ego Vegeta vs Beast Gohan
Credit – YouTube.com

The Ultra Ego transformation makes the user significantly more powerful than they were before and gives them complete access to Power of Destruction. 

The user’s aura can also take the form of an opaque, flame-like state that can instantly neutralize an opposing attack. In contrast to Ultra Instinct, which is based on the idea of dominating oneself, Vegeta labels the technique Ultra Ego since Ultra Ego appears to rely heavily on self-indulgence in combat. 

Unlike Ultra Instinct, which allows a user to become more effective and powerful as they continue to dodge and counterattack, Ultra Ego allows a user to become more powerful overall as they endure more damage and feed their hunger for conflict.

The ability to withstand and even relish the pain caused by enemy blows can also help the user hold their ground and launch an even more potent counterattack through gaps in the attacking opponent’s defense. 

The user must be careful not to let their battle lust completely take over since even if it could boost their strength to amazing heights, they risk taking excessive amounts of damage while engrossed in the heat of battle. 

Unlike Ultra Instinct, Ultra Ego can be summoned whenever it is attained, and unlike Goku, Vegeta has even demonstrated the ability to transform despite being severely injured and depleted.


  • Vegeta himself described Ultra Ego’s strength as “unbounded,” suggesting that there may be no upper bound to this power. 
  • It only needs Vegeta’s will and can be utilized repeatedly without any downtime. 
  • Gives his destructive strength a huge boost and uses all the harm he sustains as raw energy to increase his attacking power. 


  • Power that is still relatively young and needs more time in combat to get stronger is ineffective in brief, intense confrontations.
  • Vegeta eagerly takes damage, which may cause more harm than he expects. Until the technique is developed, taking significant damage will be a bad choice for long-term conflicts even though it might temporarily boost him in an Ultra Ego state.

Beast Gohan vs Ultra Ego Vegeta

Ultra Ego Vegeta vs Beast Gohan
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Based on Strength 

Since Vegeta’s power in this form is closest to that of the God of Destruction, Ultra Ego is the most potent form here. 

Beast Gohan can’t compete with Ultra Ego Vegeta despite having a high level of instantaneous destructive power.

Ultra Ego Vegeta vs Beast Gohan
Credit – Youtube.com

Considering Offensive Capabilities 

Here, Vegeta’s Ultra Ego and Gohan’s Beast form are tied. Fans who have seen Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 fight against Cell can estimate that his Beast form is the height of his attacking prowess, and even that is only a small portion of his new Beast form. 

As for Vegeta, he is tied with Gohan because he isn’t fully trained in his Ultra Ego state, which allows him to gain power every time he takes damage because all the damage he has received is converted into power for him.


So, this was our article on who will win in a battle of ULTRA Ego Vegeta vs Gohan Beast. What are your views? Comment down below. Also, follow us for more interesting articles like this!! Happy reading!!

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