Top Anime Bands Who Produce Insane Music 

When it comes to the realm of anime, science fiction and fantasy appear to be the preferred genres. The anime industry is far varied because it also includes other components like romance, drama, and even music. 

In reality, there is no shortage of “rock band-centric” anime in Japan due to the country’s infatuation with rock. 

Even though they feature a variety of genres, these shows frequently feature timeless themes like love and friendship. The fact that these anime also have incredible soundtracks should go without saying.

So, when it comes to incredible soundtracks, how can we underestimate the supremely talented anime bands? Here are all the top anime brands…

Top Anime Bands 

Top anime bands

Here is the list of Top Anime Bands:

1. Black Stones (NANA)

Nana is a shoujo anime that, as the title suggests, centers on a young girl named Nana Osaki. The show examines her sexual escapades as well as her conflicts with other bands as she performs for the Dirty Pistols-inspired punk band Blast. 

Overall, Nana is a coming-of-age story with equal parts romance and rock. The music played by the members of Blast is astounding, but so is their punk-influenced look.

2. Beck (BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad)

Top anime bands
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When creating Beck, manga artist Harold Sakuishi drew inspiration from a wide range of musical groups. The story of Beck centers on the protagonist Yukio learning to play the guitar and how this leads to both more excitement in life and, of course, a lot of drama.

Although the band produced a tonne of its own original music, “I’ve Got a Feeling” by The Beatles, whose lyrics were changed for the North American DVD release due to rights issues, is perhaps the song for which the band is most known.

3. The Pillows (FLCL)

A 12-year-old runs across a menacing but lively woman who always has a bass guitar with her. 

The guitar isn’t just a guitar; it’s also a buzzsaw, which she uses to butcher the weird creatures sprouting from the young protagonist’s head. 

The over-the-top adventure FLCL has a lot going on at once, and the Japanese band The Pillows’ strong 2000s alternative rock is a nice touch. It’s undoubtedly a fantastic choice for anyone eager to explore some unusual anime.

4. Fire Bomber (Macross 7) 

Of course, music plays a big part in the Macross series, but Fire Bomber from Macross 7 might be one of the most successful fictional bands ever. 

A new alien foe is encountered alongside the crew of the Macross 7 fleet, with guitarist/lead vocalist Nekki, bassist and backup singer Mylene, keytarist Ray, and drummer Veffidas taking center stage throughout the series. 

While the band’s music plays a significant role in the conflict, Nekki also directly participates in it by piloting a Valkyrie mech.

5. Detroit Metal City

Top Anime Bands
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In the world of this anime, Detroit Metal City is a well-known heavy metal band. Each musician, however, has their own unique dreams hidden behind the vulgar and sinister aspect of their music. 

For instance, while his peers are fascinated with glam rock, the lead singer truly wants to sing upbeat pop songs inspired by Swedish pop stars. 

Detroit Metal City is an intriguing entry in the pantheon of rock band anime because of the dualism of the metal rockers. The play is accompanied by a multi-genre soundtrack as a result of its many musical influences.

6. Bad Luck (Gravitation)

Contrary to the majority of anime that is heavily focused on music, Gravitation takes a more realistic approach with a setting that is based on reality. 

The anime essentially tells the underdog tale of pink-haired singer Shuichi Shindo, who works tirelessly to make his band Japan’s next major musical act. His attempts to win over a romance novelist who detests his music are also a subplot. 

While the teenage protagonist in the majority of the best shounen anime series must fight his way to the top, Shindo’s goal sees him practically singing his way to the top.

7. ENOZ (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Top Anime Bands
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The majority of people have at least a passing fantasy of being a rock star, and true to Haruhi’s subconscious world-altering form, she gets her chance in exactly the way you’d expect a schoolgirl to: she fills in as the lead singer and guitarist of ENOZ, an all-girl band at her school, plays a couple of songs for an increasingly crowded gym, and receives all the attention and praise… 

Without having to attend lengthy rehearsals or compose music or any of the other In actuality, ENOZ has some outstanding talent—as long as they stay healthy.

8. Tatooine Rhapsody (Star Wars: Visions)

The Star Wars anime series is primarily a collection of short stories, with each episode featuring a distinct anime aesthetic and plot. 

The second episode, “Tatooine Rhapsody,” will be the ideal choice for anyone seeking a lighthearted musical twist because it centers on a band playing for the franchise’s very own secondary adversary Jabba the Hutt. 

One of the Star Wars: Visions episodes is a great choice for people looking for a quick viewing because it features upbeat pop-rock music and a nice change from the often serious tone of the series.

9. Egoist (Guilty Crown)

Top Anime Bands
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Egoist and its lead singer Inori have grown to enormous Internet fame in a world where Japan has given up freedom in favor of martial law after a virus creates chaos. 

However, as the main character, Shu learns when he runs into her and attempts to save her from the GHQ—the foreign organization that has assumed control of Japan in these trying times—the band is merely a front for a resistance movement known as “Funeral Parlor.” 

Shu, who didn’t realize he had more strength within him than he thought, naturally joins the group but not the band.

10. Black Heaven (Legend of Black Heaven)

Legend of Black Heaven establishes the tedium of a normal man’s existence before revealing that the protagonist was previously a gifted guitarist for a short-lived metal band with the same name. 

But as a cosmic war breaks out, Black Heaven must come back together, and 40-year-old Oji Tanaka must pick up his electric guitar once more to power a weapon that may be the only hope for Earth. 

Legend of Black Heaven is a fun attempt that combines social satire, metal music, and sci-fi thriller anime cliches.


So, these were the top anime bands who produce insane music. Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comment box… Also, follow us for more interesting anime articles!! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1) What anime has a girl in a band?

Ans – BanG Dream! is one of the most popular anime that has a girl in a band… 

Q2) What anime is about a band?

Ans – Macross 7 is an anime about a band…

Q3) What genre of music is anime?

Ans – Japanese pop music is a popular anime music genre.

Q4) What is the best musical anime?

Ans – Some of the best musical anime are – Nodame Cantabile, Detroit Metal City, Carole & Tuesday, and K-On… 

Q5) What is the best anime op?

Ans – The best anime op are – Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, and more… 

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