9 Dragon Ball Fusions That Stunned The Fans!!

It’s simple to understand why the Dragon Ball series is among the most well-known franchises of all time. 

When Dragon Ball Z first came out, power fantasies were all the rage, and a whole generation was exposed to the amazing adventures of Goku and his allies as they wiped off threat after threat. 

With well-known names like Frieza, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, and — obviously — Goku becoming fan favorites, the Dragon Ball Z characters have become a mainstay of popular culture.

All of these characters have grown to be very powerful through extreme transformations, but in the series, characters can also become more powerful through fusions. 

Dragon Ball Fusions have boosted the power of both our heroes and villains, enabling them to defeat their enemies in the most spectacular ways.

Though the franchise has shown a handful of Dragon Ball fusions, there are some characters the fans love the most. So, today, we are here to sum up all the Dragon Ball fusions. 

Incredible Dragon Ball Fusions 

Here is a list of Dragon Ball Fusions:

1. Vegito 

Dragon Ball Fusion
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While Gogeta is a formidable combatant in his own right, the Potara Earrings enable a cleaner fusion, as described in the Dragon Ball canon. 

By that reasoning, it is obvious that Vegito has more potential than his opponent. A fight between this fighter and Gogeta would be an absolute pleasure, but because that is not possible in this situation, the only way to compare the might of these two fused fighters is to look at their prowess.

He can manipulate energy to fly and launch energy blasts, sense life energy, and teleport. He also has incredible strength, speed, endurance, and durability. Each of Vegito’s transformations gives him a boost to a higher level.

2. Gogeta

Dragon Ball Fusion

Goku and Vegeta have used their combined powers in two different ways to annihilate their enemies. The Fusion Dance, which manifests Gogeta, enables the first one. Gogeta has made one cameo in the Dragon Ball Z movies, going up against Super Janemba, but Dragon Ball Super: Broly is where he makes his first canon debut. 

When both fighters realize they won’t be able to defeat Gogeta as individual opponents, Vegeta and Goku decide to perform the Fusion Dance and reveal Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, who destroys Broly.

Because he is a hybrid of the two most potent Saiyans ever, Gogeta is extraordinarily strong. He can harness energy to create blasts and flight, and he possesses superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and durability.

3. Kefla

Dragon Ball Fusion
Credit – deviantart.com

Kefla demonstrates why the Saiyans of the Sixth Universe aren’t amateurs when it comes to developing high power levels. 

Kefla is a Potara Fusion of Caulifla and Kale, and she possesses a power so great that Super Saiyan Blue Goku cannot compare to it. 

Goku said that he cannot perceive a limit to Kefla’s power when she is firstborn since she claims to feel endless power bubbling within her.

Goku can only finally defeat Kefla with what is unquestionably one of the greatest Kamehamehas in Dragon Ball history once he awakens his Ultra Instinct form. 

4. Fused Zamasu

Many strong characters with fusion abilities were introduced in Dragon Ball Super, with Zamasu and Goku Black’s fusion being one of the most prominent fusions in the entire series. 

However, because Zamasu’s immortality clashes with Goku Black’s mortal body, it also turns out to be a deadly error of judgment. 

Thus, after tense and intense combat, Future Trunks can channel the Spirit Bomb’s strength into a lethal sword slice that breaks Fused Zamasu in half, causing the fused adversary’s body to spasm and swell horribly.

This causes Goku to call up Future Xeno to finally defeat Fused Zamasu. It possesses several abilities including superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and energy blasts, utilized by the use of ki. 

5. Super Android 17

Super Android 17 is another standout enemy from Dragon Ball GT. The hybrid fighter, created by fusing Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17, is quite strong and compares favorably with the Z Fighters. 

After absorbing Goku’s 10X Kamehameha, his power increases, even more, making him much more difficult to defeat. Super 17’s weakness—that he cannot protect himself while absorbing energy—was fortunately exploited by Goku. Goku takes advantage of this opportunity to attack Super 17 with a Dragon Fist and then a Kamehameha.

6. Gotenks 

Dragon Ball Fusion
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When Goten and Trunks managed to fuse into the potent Gotenks to finally defeat Majin Buu, it seemed that the show had finally devised a purpose for them. This fusion became quite relevant during the Buu Saga. 

But Gotenks’ arrogance was what ultimately brought him to ruin. He never really took conflicts seriously, and instead of doing anything significant with the little time he had, he played around. 

It’s understandable why the dependable team of Goku and Vegeta took center stage in this arc’s conclusion.

7. Super Buu’s Absorption 

Though not a real Dragon Ball fusion, Buu’s absorption also merged him with different characters. 

It was during the Buu Saga that Toriyama first began to get weary of drawing Dragon Ball Z, and it was evident in the caliber of the last arc. That doesn’t detract from the fact that the antagonist of this storyline was also rather captivating. 

It was difficult to watch Super Buu absorb countless strong fighters. But it did enable Goku and Vegeta to become Vegito, leading to one of the most thrilling scenes in the entire series.

8. Perfect Cell

Dragon Ball Fusion
Credit – deviantart.com

Naturally, it would be impossible to discuss the Androids without mentioning the organic creature that was intended to consume both Android 17 and 18 to have access to enormous power reserves. 

Semi-Perfect Cell demonstrated the villainous potential of Imperfect Cell, who appeared to be little more than a leech. 

However, Perfect Cell’s power at the moment exceeded that of everyone else. It was clear that Perfect Cell was going to be a big hassle to deal with after seeing this intimidating villain dispatch mighty fighters like Vegeta and Trunks so easily.

9. Piccolo’s Namekian Fusions

Even though Piccolo is one of the most formidable Z Warriors currently in existence, everyone could see that his power had a relatively high ceiling. His repeated Namekian fusions, however, let him raise his power levels. 

He merged for the first time with Nail during the Frieza Saga, gaining access to enormous power reserves. 

His second fusion was with Kami, who put all of his power into Piccolo’s body so that he could take on the strong Androids head-on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) What is the strongest fusion in Dragon Ball?

Ans – Some of the strongest Dragon Ball fusions are – Vegito, Gogeta, Fused Zamasu, and more. 

Q2) How many Dragon Ball fusions are there?

Ans – Though Dragon Ball has just shown a few fusions, there are over 50,000 possible combinations. 

Q3) Who is stronger, Vegito or Gogeta?

Ans – Gogeta is the stronger of the two. However, there is no official confirmation. 


So, this was our article on the super popular Dragon ball fusions. Which is your favorite and which Dragon Ball fusion do you want to happen in the future? Tell us in the comment box. Also, follow us for more interesting articles. Happy reading!! 

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