Top 8 Strongest Sage Mode Users In Naruto

In the universe of Naruto, a rare state known as Sage Mode enables a user to absorb Senjutsu chakra from nature and transform it into their own power. By entering this enhanced condition, the user’s physical characteristics are all significantly enhanced, elevating them to a different level. 

Aside from the fact that Sage Mode is extremely difficult to master in the first place, it has limitations in that it cannot be maintained in an active state for endless periods of time. In Naruto, only a select few characters have actually mastered this power.

But, who are the strongest Sage mode users in Naruto? Here is the list.

Strongest Sage Mode Users In Naruto 

Strongest Sage Mode Users In Naruto
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Here is a the list of Strongest Sage Mode Users In Naruto:

1. Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Hagoromo Otsutsuki, also referred to as the Sage of Six Paths, was one of the most powerful figures in the Naruto universe. He had extremely strong chakra and had access to the Rinnegan because he was Kaguya’s son. 

Hagoromo studied under Gamamaru to gain Sage Mode at some point in the Naruto Shippuden anime. Although he isn’t depicted using this talent in the manga, he still has access to the Six Paths Senjutsu, which allows him to use an improved version of this skill. The fact that Hagoromo was able to confront Kaguya Otsutsuki for months suggests that he was an excellent user of this power.

2. Naruto Uzumaki 

Strongest Sage Mode Users In Naruto
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After Jiraiya’s passing, Naruto did need to study and practice using Sage Mode, but he quickly became an expert at it. He used it for the first time against Pain, which helped him win. Additionally, after merging it with Kurama’s chakra, he grew stronger. 

He was able to soar and break the deadly Truth-Seeking Balls thanks to Kurama. He was able to put on a new Nine-Tails Chakra cloak by entering Six Paths Senjutsu and then Six Paths Sage Mode (with the ability bestowed upon him by the Sage of Six Paths). He employed a Tailed Beast avatar that was as powerful as Sasuke’s full Susanoo and moved at the speed of light.

3. Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha, a very potent shinobi from the Warring States Period, was comparable to Hashirama Senju in strength. He founded Konohagakure with Hashirama but later abandoned the community. 

One of the key foes of the Fourth Great Ninja War was Madara, who displayed a whole new caliber of prowess there. He achieved Sage Mode power by absorbing Hashirama Senju’s Senjutsu chakra through the use of his Rinnegan. He eventually attained the status of Ten-Tails Jinchuriki and got access to Six Paths Senjutsu.

4. Hashirama Senju 

Strongest Sage Mode Users In Naruto
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The first Hokage of Konoha is renowned for his many accomplishments. He had a huge chakra reserve because he was a Senju Clan member. He was also able to develop his Wood Release abilities. Madara Uchiha was his sole rival at the time. This was advantageous because Madara wanted to eliminate him and the fledgling Konoha. 

He wasn’t the only one who had instant access to Sage Mode. It greatly improved his woodworking skills, enabling him to separate Susanoo from the Nine-Tails and create the Valley of the End. This also helped Harashima defeat Madara and the Nine-Tails.

5. Kabuto Yakushi

Orochimaru’s top operative and spy, Kabuto Yakushi, worked for numerous nations. He was able to absorb Orochimaru’s remains during the events of Naruto Shippuden and combine his genetics with those of Orochimaru. He was able to learn and use Sage Mode with the help of the White Snake Sage’s training, Orochiamru’s greater chakra reserves, and Jugo’s passive ability. 

He was able to employ it and exert its strength endlessly because of imitations of Jugo’s passive abilities. Near the end of the Shinobi World War, Itachi and Sasuke had to work together to defeat him. He had to be caught in a delusion even then.

6. Jūgo 

Strongest Sage Mode Users In Naruto
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Jūgo, the engine of Team Taka/Hawk, was an unnamed clan of shinobi held captive in Orochimaru’s lair for testing. Jgo consented to being taken in by Orochimaru in an effort to treat his temper outbursts because he was perceived as a threat to people around him because of his fury issues. 

Jugo’s Sage Mode comes at the expense of his mental state, which is a major downside. 

In his Sage Mode, he has the ability to transform his body at will, notably by developing arm axes and wings. He gains a tremendous overall advantage when he fully transforms, but he also transforms into a ferocious animal that attacks anything and everyone around him.

7. Minato Namikaze

The quickest ninja of his day was Yellow Flash, the Fourth Hokage, who belonged to Konoha. His greatest triumph was defending Konoha from Obito and the Nine-Tails onslaught, which required his selfless sacrifice. He had the ability to access and activate Sage Mode. 

Sage Mode’s downside, however, was that it required too much time and chakra to develop. He avoided utilizing it prior to his rebirth during the Fourth Shinobi World War. After all, he can’t sustain it for very long. This was evident during the combat because he could only keep it from being revived.

8. Jiraiya 

Strongest Sage Mode Users In Naruto
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Even though it may be controversial, Jiraiya was never able to master Sage Mode in Naruto. Not that he was weak with it exactly, only that it altered his physical features to make him look more like a toad. He also has a very tough time sustaining himself because he is unable to use natural energy and instead requires the fusion of two toads. 

It was more than enough to get him through numerous encounters, including his last showdown with Nagato/Pain, despite these restrictions. While Jiraiya was severely wounded by Pain, he was able to defeat three Paths and capture one for research. He engraved a secret message on one of the toads with the last of his remaining strength. In the end, this resulted in Pain’s defeat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1) Who is the best sage mode user?

Ans – Naruto is currently the best sage mode user.

Q2) Which sage mode is strongest?

Ans – The Six Paths Sage Mode is the strongest in Naruto.

Q3) What is Naruto’s strongest form?

Ans – Baryon Mode is Naruto’s strongest form.


So, this was our article on the strongest Sage mode users in Naruto. Who is your favorite? Comment down below. Also, follow us for more interest articles.

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