Top 8 Most Useless One Piece Characters, Ranked

One of the most well-liked, lucrative, and lauded anime series is the One Piece series. 

Considering that One Piece has been published for more than 20 years, there are probably more distinctive and different characters in this anime than in almost any other. 

Useless One Piece Characters
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There are many strong characters and spectacular battles in One Piece. Of course, not everyone has the same fighting skills they did when they first started. 

Like every other anime show, One Piece also has a bunch of variations in terms of characters. So, today, we are here to point out the most useless One Piece characters.

Useless One Piece Characters 

Useless One Piece Characters
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Here are some of the most useless One Piece characters:

1. Mohji

Useless One Piece Characters
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During the Orange Town Arc, Luffy easily defeats Mohji, the Beast Tamer, the Buggy Pirates’ first mate. Mohji uses his enormous pet lion, Richie, to fight for him rather than taking on Luffy directly. After Luffy easily defeats the lion, Mohji attempts to flee to his captain but is only stopped by Luffy’s single attack. 

This pirate is not only incapable of fighting without his pet by his side, but he is also not very skilled at handling animals.

2. Foxy

In every sense of the term, Foxy the Silver Fox is a joke character. Even by One Piece standards, he has a rather silly appearance, and the only way he can defeat the Straw Hats Pirates is by placing them in very particular situations. 

With his devil fruit power, he can momentarily slow down people and things, but even with this disadvantage, he still lacks the strength to deal the finishing blow to an adversary. 

Although he is a lot of fun and his pranks are amusing, he is probably not the first person you would turn to if you were in danger. 

Foxy isn’t expected to make another appearance in One Piece, which is okay because he’s already had a significant impact and shouldn’t remain too long.

3. Higuma

Higuma was the first opponent to appear in the One Piece manga and, by early series standards, is a relatively weak character. He is an outright bully that commands a band of mountain bandits and terrorizes Luffy’s hometown until Shanks shows up. 

Higuma kidnaps a young Luffy and threatens to kill him if Shanks steps in because he believes he will lose against the mighty pirate quickly. 

However, when a Sea King monster stumbles across the two and tries to eat them, the frail mountain bandit passes away quickly. Shanks ultimately saves Luffy, but the bandit succumbs feebly to the serpentine sea monster after making a cowardly and futile effort to preserve his own pitiful life.

4. Buggy

Useless One Piece Characters
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Buggy is one of the most useless One Piece characters. Because of how weak Buggy the Clown is, the series frequently makes fun of his unexpected success as a pirate. Buggy was a small-time pirate in the East Blue at first, but after being defeated by Luffy, he was captured by the World Government and imprisoned. 

Due to Luffy’s assistance in helping him escape from prison, he unintentionally gains respect among the other, more strong escapees. 

As a result, the World Government designates Buggy as a Shichibukai or a sponsored pirate who maintains law and order in the pirate universe. 

Of course, Buggy doesn’t deserve such a prestigious position, and One Piece’s most okay comedy is how successful he is despite being so incompetent.

5. Charlos

In the anime series One Piece, a group of people known as the Celestial Dragons is descended from the men who established the World Government.

As a result, they are revered as being on par with gods and have a lot of power over whomever they like. Because of his opulent lifestyle and reputation as one of the Celestial Dragons’ worst members, Charlos can dominate and subjugate everybody he comes into contact with.

That is, until Carlos shoots one of the pirate’s companions, and Luffy uses a single punch to knock him through a brick wall. In addition to being a miserable guy incapable of taking care of himself, Charlos is also a wimp who crumbles in the face of pressure.

6. Spandam

One of the most potent and shrouded groups in one piece is Cipher Pol 9, or CP9. They essentially serve as a secret police for the World Government, and Spandam, its leader, is entirely useless. Spandam, who took the job after his father, lacks the diplomacy and combat skills that one might anticipate for his position. 

He is physically frail than the average Marine trooper, prone to irrational outbursts, and only has a basic understanding of military strategy. Spandam might be able to transform his blade into an elephant. 

Still, aside from that useless ability, he is one of the completely useless One Piece characters and only makes ends meet because of his privileged upbringing.

7. Morgan 

Useless One Piece Characters
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The primary antagonist in One Piece, Axe-Hand Morgan, is a vast, commanding figure. He is over nine feet tall, has a metal jaw, and his right hand is replaced with a large axe. He dominated Shells Town’s populace with an iron fist that was practically literal for years, terrorizing them.

By the criteria of the show right now, he is essentially useless. Most of the new characters in One Piece are now superhuman in some way, so a tremendously buff guy with a weapon bonded to his arm has no chance of keeping up. 

It’s challenging to imagine Morgan having any impact against any enemies in One Piece’s more recent plot arcs with merely his above-average size and strength working in his favor.

8. Patty

At the Baratie floating restaurant, Patty is a cook in his late 20s. However, most of his meals are terrible or simply unappealing, so he’s more of a cook in name only. 

He compensates for his lack of culinary skill with some fighting prowess, as seen by the fact that he successfully fought off the Don Krieg Pirates’ invasion of the restaurant by using a modified bazooka. 

However, the captain’s armor completely repels this attack, and Patty swiftly loses all usefulness in this circumstance. 

His antics may make parts of One Piece’s earliest chapters more entertaining, but he isn’t very successful at the two things he tries to do in the series and isn’t good for anything else.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1) Who is the weakest One Piece character? 

Ans – Usopp is the weakest One Piece character. 

Q2) Who is the most powerful One Piece character?

Ans – Pirate King is the most powerful One Piece character. 

Q3) Who is the weakest Straw Hat?

Ans – Nami is the weakest Straw Hat. 


So, this was our article on the most useless One Piece characters. Hope you liked it. Make sure to share your valuable comments and don’t forget to follow us. Happy reading!! 

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