Don’t Watch These Worst Anime Of All Time If You Value Your Time 

There are many well-liked and highly regarded anime series out there, but even the best of them can’t undo the sins committed by the worst anime of all time. 

Similar to Hollywood, the anime business frequently backs projects that not only fail but also embarrass animation to a level not seen since John Carter. 

The following horrible anime series has only themselves to blame for their failures, unlike poor anime dubs that can lay blame for their failures on poor translations. 

Knowing that they probably don’t appear in the worst anime series ever produced allows even the most despised anime characters to rest comfortably. 

Someone would have to be in an anime that people truly like watching in order to be on that list. Unfortunately, these anime are not the type that is “worth seeing.”

Worst Anime Of All Time

Worst Anime Of All Time
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Here is the list of the Worst Anime of all time:

1. Dark Cat

The riddle of a demon plague involving tentacles must be solved by two brothers who can change into cats. This is definitely an excuse to depict some suggestive material if that makes any sense. 

Dark Cats’ unique ability to change into a cat isn’t even fully utilized because the characters spend most of the story pursuing demons, which is a task best completed in human form. 

Because the actors continually hesitate in the middle of phrases for no apparent reason, the voice acting is terrible. 

Perhaps they share their disbelief that Dark Cat was actually turned into a television series.


Worst Anime Of All Time
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EX-ARM is one of the worst anime of all time. EX-ARM is a stand-alone cyberpunk anime with a plot that seems more like an OVA from the 1990s than anything that would air in 2021. But seeing it in motion is a very different thing. EX-ARM has been dubbed one of the ugliest anime series ever produced by viewers. 

However, EX-ARM also has additional issues. The bland plot of EX-ARM might have been salvaged if it had been entertaining, but viewing the anime was a challenge. 

EX-ARM ran its course after 12 episodes, which was a blessing for both the show’s creators and audience.

3. Wounded Man

Very few shows manage to have their protagonist commit a horrible deed while yet maintaining his sympathetic nature. 

Griffith is a complexly drawn character, and the anime gives him depth without justifying or downplaying his actions, which may be why Berserk succeeds. 

This is where the five-episode 1980s OVA Wounded Man totally fails. 

Not only is the main character Baraki a completely stereotypical “bad kid” with zero redeeming traits, but in the first episode he also assaults Ryuko, a reporter, and beats up her male crew members. 

They are apparently intended to take this as a warning that Japanese citizens should never travel to Brazil due to its extreme danger. Even worse, despite their complicated pasts, Ryuko and Baraki find themselves falling in love.

4. Vampire Holmes

Worst Anime Of All Time
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The horrible animation in the 2015 anime film Vampire Holmes shocked the anime community and will stay with you for years. 

The figurines stand there as if they were green-screened, giving the impression that it is a flash animation. 

They are technically non-expressive and devoid of emotion. If Pupa and Mars of Destruction are bad, Vampire Holmes is worse. 

If you want to experience immense suffering while watching an anime, I suggest watching this anime. There is no plot, the characters are uninteresting, and it is just a waste of time; it has no redeeming qualities.

5. Mars of Destruction

Some folks adore Mars of Destruction; these are likely the same individuals who delight in paper cuts and tripping over LEGOs. 

The conflict between humans and the “Ancients,” an alien race, is at the heart of the narrative. 

What are they attempting to accomplish and why are they here? You might be able to overlook the fact that those topics aren’t truly addressed if the animation astounded or came across as highly inventive. 

What about likable characters who develop and change over the course of the show? The characters are noteworthy, but more for their faults and stupidity than for their virtues. 

This anime rates as one of the worst available since it has nothing except laughably dumb humour to recommend it. 

As a result of how awful it is, viewers have started to recommend it, giving it something of The Room following.

6. My Sister, My Writer

Worst Anime Of All Time
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Production-wise, My Sister, My Writer is a total failure which makes it one of the worst anime of all time. 

You will cringe throughout the entire first episode due to the horrible animation. The characters, the plot, and every aspect of it are a total mess. 

If you’re looking for anime like Oreimo, look farther away. The cast and crew put in minimal effort on this low-budget cartoon. 

Yuu and Suzuka, two brothers, are the focus of the anime. Suzuka succeeds in winning the competition with her amateur romantic comedy entry while 

Yuu tries to win the light novel contest. She begs her brother to assume the identity of her pen name, Towano Chikai, since she is unfamiliar with the world of light novels.

7. Skelter Heaven

The reason Skelter Heaven is a well-known anime is because of its terrible reputation. 

It would have been more efficient to use the time on Skelter Heaven as a promotional advertisement rather than an OVA. 

It’s worth watching for the chuckles even if you’re only interested in viewing the anime because it’s been highly praised by many people. The 1.85 MAL rating for Skelter Heaven is a clear indication of how awful it is. 

Genetically modified female humanoids are sent to Tokyo to defend the planet from an unknown hovering object. Under the direction of Funagai Otoya, they are instructed to control mecha robots until the end.

8. Ice

Worst Anime Of All Time
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How would mankind endure in a world without men? Ice asks this query but never provides a response. Men disappear from the planet for reasons that are never made apparent, leaving only women. 

Various narratives on how men and women interact or the type of society that women create in the absence of the patriarchy are presented by this type of dystopian premise. 

It could address the mechanisms of reproduction from a sci-fi perspective. But instead, it merely carries superficial characters through stories about alien conflicts and bizarrely transforming flowers into birds. What a missed chance.


So, if you have leisure time, better take a good nap rather than watching the worst anime of all time. Which one did you hate the most from the list? Tell us in the comment box. Also, follow us for more interesting articles on anime. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1) What is the lowest-rated anime of all time?

Ans – Some of the lowest-rated anime of all time are – Hanoka, Pupa, Vampire Holmes and so on. 

Q2) What is the most disturbing anime?

Ans – Some of the most scary anime are – Another, Black Butler, Castlevania, and more. 

Q3) What anime should I avoid?

Ans – Some of the anime you should not watch or can avoid are – Himouto! Umaru-chan, Oreimo, Nanbaka – The Numbers, and Love & Lies. 

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