This Character Will Be The Main Focus Of One Piece Christmas Special Anime

Uta will undoubtedly appear in the One Piece Christmas special anime, which will air on December 25. Thus, One Piece is offering fans a special present to celebrate the holiday season. 

In specific areas in Japan, a special broadcast notice also included information about Uta’s appearance. The original character from the movie Uta will appear in the upcoming One Piece Christmas special anime episode, which will show on Christmas Day, according to a statement made on the anime’s official website on Sunday. 

In the episode’s animated end card sequence, Uta will appear dressed as Santa Claus. From December 19 to 25, the animation will also be shown on large public screens in Tokyo and Osaka.

Uta Celebrates the New Year

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Uta plans to observe other holidays in addition to Christmas. On New Year’s Eve, Ado, who provides Uta with her singing voice, will participate in NHK’s 73rd Khaku Uta Gassen (“Red and White Song Contest”) as a 3D avatar of her One Piece character. 

There will be “several announcements” at the concert, Uta also revealed. Uta is a brand-new character created especially for the August release of One Piece Film: Red in Japan. She is the Red-Haired Shanks’ daughter and is widely regarded as the best singer on the entire planet. 

one piece christmas special anime
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One Piece movies are typically regarded as being outside of canon. Uta is an exception, even if One Piece Red is also not canon. Uta was officially acknowledged as canon before the film’s debut. When she appeared in the manga, this was further supported. 

According to the One Piece Film: Red official website, the following episode of the television anime series, which will premiere on Christmas, will feature Uta, a character created specifically for the most recent One Piece film. 

In the end-card sequence of the episode, the famous singer will be dressed as an adorable Santa. From December 19 to December 25, the remarkable conclusion will also be shown on several public screens in Tokyo and Osaka.

One Piece Christmas Special Anime 

one piece christmas special anime
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Uta will return to One Piece Christmas special anime this weekend, but not in the way some may anticipate. Uta won’t appear in the narrative; instead, he’ll appear in the episode’s animated end-card scene. 

This makes it reasonable because Uta cannot suddenly enter the Wano Country arc. Uta will be dressed as Santa Claus when she makes her final card appearance. 

In addition to the anime’s broadcast, the particular segment will be shown from December 19 to December 25, 2023, in Shibuya in Tokyo and Dotonbori in Osaka. 

Following the program’s airing, Uta will perform an exceptional performance during NHK’s New Year special broadcast, continuing her TV live tour. She will perform there alongside some of Asia’s top musicians.

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