Gohan Beast Vs MUI Goku – Who Will Win?

gohan beast vs mui goku

Gohan’s transformation into Beast Gohan following his fight with Cell Max while partnered with Orange Piccolo has stunned the viewers.  While on the other hand, the “Ultra Instinct Sign” that Goku now possesses results from his training with Meerus, an Angel in disguise and an Elite Galactic Patrol agent. After Meerus was erased from existence … Read more

In Which Episode Does Goku Go Ultra Instinct For The First Time?

In Which Episode Does Goku Go Ultra Instinct For The First Time

Something that stunned every Dragon Ball anime viewer is Gooku’s oh-so-popular Ultra Instinct form. But if you are someone who has just read or heard stories about the form and want to witness it at its peak, we are here to tell you in which episode does Goku go ultra instinct for the first time… … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Goku Lost His Most Powerful Form!! Here’s Why? 

Dragon Ball Super Goku

Fans of the Dragon Ball Super series would be surprised to learn that True Ultra Instinct, Goku’s most potent form until that point in the series, was a significant mistake.  According to the manga’s creators, the transformation employed in the battle against Gas is an ancient form known as the Ultra Instinct Sign rather than … Read more

Ultra Ego vs Ultra Instinct – Which Form Is Stronger?

Ultra Ego vs Ultra Instinct

The most recent episodes of Dragon Ball Super have advanced Goku and Vegeta to their respective states of new power evolution.  Since the infamous Tournament of Power, Goku’s bouts have allowed him to perfect Ultra Instinct and unveil its almighty power.  Vegeta, meanwhile, has emerged from Goku’s shadow to travel in the direction of the … Read more

Goku New Form Is More Powerful Than You Think!! Here’s Why?

Goku New Form

Dragon Ball Super has given Goku and his fellow Z-Fighters numerous transformations throughout the series, but Goku’s newest and mysterious form has everyone wondering what it’s capable of.  Goku has outperformed Ultra Instinct Perfected by wrapping himself in a massive energy version. Let’s check out what exactly Goku new form is, how it works, and … Read more

Dragon Ball Goku Ultra Instinct: How Many Ultra Instinct Forms Are There?

Ultra Instinct Forms

If you are a hardcore Dragon Ball fan, then you are aware of Goku and his different Super Saiyan forms. Goku is the super strong protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, and no matter what opponent he faces he seems to defeat them ultimately.  As Goku grows older, his hard work and practice make him … Read more