Gohan Beast Vs MUI Goku – Who Will Win?

gohan beast vs mui goku

Gohan’s transformation into Beast Gohan following his fight with Cell Max while partnered with Orange Piccolo has stunned the viewers.  While on the other hand, the “Ultra Instinct Sign” that Goku now possesses results from his training with Meerus, an Angel in disguise and an Elite Galactic Patrol agent. After Meerus was erased from existence … Read more

Everything We Know About Gohan Beast Form!! This Will Shock You!! 

Gohan Beast Form

The latest movie of the infamous Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has introduced a number of great character developments and new beginnings for the series. The movie diverted the focus from the traditional protagonists AKA Goku and Vegeta and greatly focused on the characters of Gohan, Piccolo, and more.  From the days … Read more