7 Anime Powers That Are Really Useless In Real Life!! 

Anime powers

Popular anime, especially those classified as shonen, is built on a foundation of an infinite range of superhuman abilities. Hundreds of different types of powers are available to characters, from alchemy and pyromancy to magic and music and psionics and strength.  Several commands exist that, at first glance, seem like they would be useful but … Read more

You Are Not A Anime Fan If You Don’t Know These Popular Anime Characters 

Popular Anime Characters

It’s difficult to acknowledge, but evaluating an anime doesn’t necessarily depend on how well it is written or animated. To choose the best characters, fans frequently run popularity competitions.  Popular anime characters are fascinating and beautifully created. While some superbly personify the show’s best qualities, others are professionals at grabbing viewers’ attention.  Its occasionally lovable … Read more