9 Strongest One Punch Man Villains You Won’t Dare To Mess With!! 

Without its antagonists, the One-Punch Man anime would not exist. Yes, the majority are there for comic effect, and every one of them is easily dispatched with a single punch (obvious!). However, because of their superhuman talents and malicious motives, certain villains out there are very terrifying. 

Not all of them indeed receive the attention they deserve on film. As a result, many of their skills went untapped. 

The main antagonists from One Punch Man are listed here and are ranked by their strength and general aptitude. So, who are the strongest One Punch Man villains? Here is the list – 

Strongest One Punch Man Villains 

Strongest One Punch Man villains

1. Garou

The strongest One Punch Man villain in the anime’s history is unquestionably Cosmic Garou, also known as Awakened Garou. 

Garou is now equal to Saitama because God gave him Saitama’s power and skills. His primary ability is the copy, along with enhanced regeneration, durability, reflexes, speed, and strength. Any technique or maneuver in the universe can be duplicated by him. 

He is now imitating Gravity Knuckle and other moves from Blast. He can even mimic Saitama’s devastating punches, making him just as powerful. 

A planet can be readily destroyed by its powerful punch, gamma rays, and nuclear fission strikes. 

According to Blast, the Earth will be quickly defeated if Saitama and Garou both employ Serious Punch.

2. Boros

Strongest One Punch Man villains
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One of the strongest antagonists in the One Punch Man series is Boros. He was one of the few individuals who the Caped Baldy recognised as a capable opponent. 

Boros has such tremendous latent energy that he has the power to destroy worlds. He demonstrated how powerful he was by sending Saitama to the moon during this battle. 

He is a character who resisted Saitama’s torrent of blows. Not only that, but after Saitama delivered a powerful blow, he briefly regained consciousness. He spoke to Saitama just before he passed away, demonstrating his endurance and all-around strength.

Boros, who is rated as a Dragon-Level Threat on paper, is viewed as a God-Level Threat by the majority of fans. He will always be remembered as the antagonist who required three direct hits from Saitama and two special moves to defeat. 

Due to his Meteoric Burst (Kamehameha), which echoes elements of Dragon Ball Z, and his energy-based hairstyles, fans may have a special fondness for this character.

3. God

The strongest foe in One Punch Man right now is God. One Punch Man Chapter 153 showed this enigmatic being. 

He was the one who first granted the Homeless Emperor’s authority before eventually seizing it. He recently summoned Sage Centipede, another formidable One Punch Man bad guy. Garou was given cosmic talents by God, elevating him to Saitama-level power. 

The Threat Level of the series is unknown. However, a few fans claim that in One Punch Man, a deity is always labeled as a God Level Threat.

4. Monster King Orochi And Psykos

Strongest One Punch Man villains
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These two monsters—who together or alone constitute a powerful force—serve as the Monster Association’s commanders. 

Orochi, who Gouketsu claims to be the most powerful being in existence, has the capacity to take energy from other living things or directly from the Earth’s core. Psykos gives Orochi access to her enormous energy reserves in exchange for the King’s special powers enhancing her psychokinesis. 

Although the anime hasn’t shown their full might, the web manga has portrayed these two as ferocious rivals, giving a new meaning to the term “power couple.”

5. Platinum Sperm

During the Monsters Association arc of One Punch Man, Platinum Sperm demonstrated just how powerful it was.

He was faster than Flashy Flash, which is a bit of a statement, even after Garou had undergone the monsterization process, he was still able to keep up with him. He also had to face the Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist move used by Garou. 

Golden Sperm said that Darkshine Alloy’s power was quite modest and defeated it in one blow. In comparison to Golden Sperm, Platinum Sperm is significantly more potent, which puts things into perspective. This adversary is impressive and poses a formidable danger.

6. Elder Centipede

Elder Centipede was a Dragon-level danger and an executive member of the Monster Association. 

It was extremely strong and could easily move through an entire city. Its massive body was shielded by a super-strong carapace, which served as its primary line of defense and was incredibly durable. 

It had the ability to regenerate, and each time it lost its outer shell, it became stronger, and bigger, and added a new face. 

The energy spheres of the Homeless Emperor couldn’t compare to the hardness of the Elder Centipede’s shell.

7. Marugori

Strongest One Punch Man villains
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Marugori, commonly known as Beefcake, was classified as a Demon-level threat by the Hero Association. With a height of 270 m, he was the tallest figure in the One Punch Man series after the Centipede family.

He took the Biceps Brachii King and threw consecutive punches into a focused location, relying entirely on his physical power and enormous bulk. His heightened speed and strength were capable of destroying an entire city. Everyone miscalculated him.

8. Geryuganshoop

Due to the fact that several of the villains in One Punch Man fought Saitama, who could one-shot them, some of the villains may appear to be much weaker than they actually were.

One of Boros’ most physically powerful minions, Geryuganshoop also possessed strong psychic abilities. This figure was able to reduce particle friction to the point where it could shoot debris at speeds close to those of light without the particles being burned. Very few people possess this kind of strength, and some could even contend that this individual is perhaps even more powerful than Tatsumaki.

9. Melzargard

Strongest One Punch Man villains
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One of Boros’ goons, Melzargard, had been sent to destroy the planet he had just arrived on. He was a formidable foe with the ability to regenerate and change shapes. The only thing holding him back was a tiny spherical core that permitted regeneration but, if destroyed, would also kill him. 

Silver Fang, Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat, and Puri Puri Prisoner were S-class heroes that had to work together to complete the task. Some of the most powerful heroes have to band together to face this formidable foe.


So, these were the strongest One Punch Man villains. Who is the scariest for you? Tell us in the comment box. Also, make sure to stay tuned as we will keep bringing such amazing articles daily… Happy reading!! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)’

Q1) Who is the main villain in One Punch Man?

Ans – Garou is the main and strongest One Punch Man villain.

Q2) Who is the strongest One Punch Man villain?

Ans – Boros is no doubt one of the strongest One Punch Man villains.

Q3) Who is Saitama’s strongest enemy?

Ans – Boros is Saitama’s strongest enemy and one of the strongest One Punch Man villains.

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