Strongest One-Punch Man Characters Who Can Defeat Any Anime Hero!!

Fans enjoyed the superhero genre with a twist when the first episode of One Punch Man’s first season aired back in 2015. 

As the series title suggests, our protagonist Saitama is so powerful that he can obliterate everything in his path with a single blow. 

The universe in which the anime is situated is one in which heroes must often deal with threats posed by monsters or natural calamities. One-Punch Man doesn’t conceal the fact of its overpowering protagonist, able to beat the majority of enemies with a single hit, unlike many anime where protagonists progressively increase in power to become elite fighters.

The anime is regarded as a parody of the conventional hero concept, frequently overusing clichés in relation to all the supporting players, such as Genos, Saitama’s apprentice, who plays the gorgeous hero with a troubled past seeking retribution. 

Such a past or a drive for power does not exist for Saitama. He is a hero for fun, as he makes abundantly obvious during the show. Funny enough, despite Saitama continually defeating enormous enemies, his exploits are usually credited to other heroes, thus nobody truly knows who he is. 

Strongest One-Punch Man Characters

One of the show’s biggest draws has been this topic, which offers viewers of anime a new perspective on the medium.

One-Punch Man is a parody that uses delightfully stunning hyperbole to completely destroy shonen clichés. There are a lot of frighteningly strong characters in the story—some more so than others, of course—but does this mean that they should all be given the same respect and esteem?

In addition to the fact, it might be claimed that there aren’t many members of the Superhero Association who are actually tremendously powerful because a number of adversaries have repeatedly shown that they aren’t who they claim to be. Is it possible to compare the characters in this situation using a clear power ranking system? Most importantly: Is it even possible for someone to surpass Saitama in strength?

The strongest One-Punch Man characters will be the topic of this article, which will include a ranking of the top 15 characters. 

They will be ranked from weakest to strongest according to their total strengths and prowess. You can conclude why we ranked them in the order we did from the descriptions given in the article.

Strongest One-Punch Man Characters


Strongest One-Punch Man Characters
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The monster known as Vaccine Man despises humanity for polluting Mother Earth. He sees him as the manifestation of Mother Nature’s fury. 

He is a terrible monster who will ruin buildings and obliterate people to accomplish his goals. He says he has the authority to do this because he is the chosen one of nature, and since humans harm the entire planet, he must destroy them In the most terrible way. 

When Saitama shows up and tries to thwart his purpose, he becomes enraged. 

It results in enormous explosions that obliterate structures, bridges, and highways and leave a massive crater in the center of the metropolis. It then ascends into the clouds and launches a number of devastating energy balls in all directions. Max and Smile Man, two strong characters from the anime, were easily defeated by him.


Genus developed the mutant insect known as Carnage Kabuto. He is the beast with the strongest strength in the House of Evolution. He is an evil, cunning individual. 

Because he believes he is the ideal creature destined to replace humans, he even hates Genus, his creator. He fiercely cherishes his freedom and, during his outbursts, destroys anything that moves. 

The fighters who are said to be particularly strong are of great interest to him. He demonstrates that he is terrified by someone with a power far greater than his during his conflict with Saitama.

But since Saitama proved to be a fool, he started to underestimate him and eventually lost the fear he felt earlier. His master, Professor Genus, makes the initial reference of Carnage Kabuto. This one confronts Saitama using its most recent emergence.

Scaravageur ignores a strafing clone’s pleas for him not to approach and obliterates him along with all the other clones who came before him. When he has finished venting, the actual Genus approaches him and inquires. 

As the most potent offspring of the House of Evolution, Carnage Kabuto turns to him and screams his displeasure at being imprisoned. He is acting this way because he’s out of control, according to Professor Genus. 

The bug laughs hysterically because it doesn’t want to be examined. As he is a perfect creature, nothing can surpass him.


This hero’s name is a fantastic fit for both his character and his skills. One of the strongest One-Punch characters in the S class, Flashy Flash has incredible strength and amazing sword skills. He is incredibly swift and accurate. 

In fact, he moves so quickly that every time he moves, shock waves are left behind; these shock waves resemble the sonic booms made by jets when they outrun the speed of sound! 

He can use his sword to precisely cleave rocks and is faster than Speed-o-sonic. If he hadn’t also possessed superhuman reflexes, his rapid speed would have been meaningless.

He is extremely haughty and despises Tatsumaki for constantly calling him names and being one of the few individuals who challenge him. 

He is quite attractive and well-liked, disregards social standing, and favors overt acts of valor.


Strongest One-Punch Man
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The 11th Hero in the Heroes Association’s S-Class is SuperAlloy Darkshine. He belongs to the basement assault squad. He is regarded by many as one of the top melee fighters in the Silver Fang alliance.

Super-Alloy Darkshine has a calm disposition. Additionally, he is sure that his impressive physique is always the object of admiration. SuperAlloy can deflect practically everything you hurl at him because of his extremely thick muscles.

Because of his strong self-esteem, he takes seriously his assertions that he is among the heroes who should never be angry, along with the illustrious King and Tornado. However, he runs the risk of losing his cool if one of his adversaries exceeds his own capabilities and disappoints him in his sight. 

At his core, Super-Alloy Darkshine is a vain hero who prefers glory to a task. His main goal is to prevail in a challenging match that will make him feel accomplished for having outperformed himself. 


Genos, a student of Saitama, is a cyborg with an incredible collection of weapons that can deal out a lot of serious damage. He is one of the strongest One-Punch Man characters. His fighting prowess makes him even deadlier, and his superhuman strength, endurance, and stamina rank among the best in the whole series. 

He was once a regular human, but after his entire family was eliminated by an unknown cyborg, he was adopted by Professor Kidos, who turned him into a cyborg.

Genos is a cyborg, therefore if he sustains serious injuries or loses the use of his limbs, he can always repair them.

Due to this, he has an advantage over other heroes in combat because he can fight without caring about hurting himself, thus making him immortal. Genos can only be eliminated by being vaporized into atoms.


Black Sperm is one of the most terrifying antagonists to ever emerge in the franchise and is listed under Dragon. Monster Black Sperm dislikes being treated as a subordinate. 

He eventually wants to take on Orochi, who dared to declare himself King of the Monsters. He is skilled enough to defeat Atomic Samurai with ease, putting the formidable S-Class Hero in danger of losing.

The most hazardous feature of his personality is his capacity to change into Golden Sperm, a monster that, according to Amai Mask, would require all of the power of S-Classes to restrain, and even that would be insufficient. Tatsumaki is defeated by Black Sperm, though it should be noted that she’s quite fatigued at the moment, and he also demonstrates his superior agility over Genos.


He is an elderly man with incredible wisdom and strength. Silver Fang has very quick reflexes and conceals a very muscular body underneath his attire. He is one of the strongest One-Punch Man characters. 

At the peak of a mountain, where he teaches his technique, the “Rockbreaker Water Fist,” he operates an old dojo that he cherishes more than his life. The world’s most skilled martial artist, Silver Fang is so powerful that he is partly to blame for Garou’s overwhelming might.

In fact, the latter even acknowledges that while in human form, his sensei is beyond his capabilities. Imagine how great he would have been in his youth given all of this plus the fact that the man is old.


Strongest One-Punch Man Characters
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Elder Centipede is a lieutenant in the Association of Monsters and a dragon-level insect monster. He is fearless and self-assured. 

Because he is so strong, he frequently views his opponents as harmless insects. Even though Elder Centipede can communicate, he is not so talkative. Only defeat can cause his pride to fall, which is what happened the day he fell to Blast.


A young woman with exceptional telekinetic abilities who occasionally acts unappreciative toward her peers. She is 28 years old, but due to her talents, which are supposed to have slowed her growth, she appears younger. Her abilities are so potent that they could easily obliterate an entire city, stop shelling, rain meteorites or cause natural disasters. 

Silver Fang claims that she possesses numerous supernatural abilities that we have not yet seen, including the ability to build force fields around herself for protection. Her close call triumph over Psykos, who had already started combining with Orochi, is one of the most amazing performances in her resume. Superalloy Darkshine makes the most essential point when he says that if Garou ever tried to fight Tatsumaki, he would be destroyed.


Garou is a pupil that was expelled by his teacher Bang from the Rockbreaker Water Fist Dojo. He believes that the villains should also have the chance to triumph since it is unfair that heroes are always successful, attractive, and well-liked by the public. 

He made the decision to be the biggest monster and to defeat all heroes, especially S-class heroes, for this reason. Following that, he sought out the heroes to battle them and grew louder with each victory.

Garou summons three of his monster forms to battle Saitama, the second of which is incredibly powerful and resilient. His opponent notices the transformation, but he is unfazed by it.

Garou can destroy large portions of the city with just one attack, and, most startlingly, he doesn’t perish right away when hit by Saitama’s standard punch. In fact, it hardly even scratches him. The third level is definitely more potent, but we don’t yet know how powerful it is.


Psykos permits Orochi to infiltrate her body with his gooey flesh. Psykos, however, is startled when she quickly realizes Orochi has grown far more strong than she had anticipated. She fights to maintain consciousness as he starts to absorb her. Orochi informs her that it is now her turn to offer sacrifices on the altar after many others have done so in order for her to advance. In order to make him aware that she’s the mistress in their relationship, Psykos becomes enraged. Psykos and Orochi notice a peculiar apparition during the planned merger. Psykos has suddenly manifested as a massive ball of brain cells with unimaginable power, enabling her to combine. This object served as God to Psykos. As the union process comes to a close, she is able to defeat Orochi thanks to her telepathic abilities. They fused into an insect-like creature.

Additionally, it has the ability to control gravity and construct other shapes and forms. Psykos’ telekinesis is also amplified to the point where it can force Tatsumaki to give up control of her specialized methods.


Strongest One-Punch Man Characters
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Boros, who has the distinction of being the first person to ever repel an attack from the Caped Baldy, has been endowed with an endless supply of internal energy that enables him to spawn blasts that can destroy an entire world and heal any injuries he sustains during combat.

A prophecy that promised Boros that he would one day face an opponent of his size has led to him roaming the universe as a sort of indestructible galactic ruler. His giant battleship launched a barrage at city A as soon as he touched down on Earth, razing it in a split second.

He engaged in a brutal fight with Saitama, losing the battle and his life. Boros is a single-eyed, raven-blue creature, but when he’s serious, he turns white and gains strength that surpasses Saitama’s when he’s calm.


References to Blast are limited to flashback stories that are portrayed from the viewpoints of Tatsumaki and Fubuki. He disregards smaller foes as being beneath his level of expertise because his skills are so highly valued.

Sytch and Little Emperor say that he is the most potent hero in the entire Association. His cape resembles Superman’s, and he is a man with short hair. Little Emperor claims that he only shows up when it sings to him and that he rarely answers the Association of Heroes’ calls.

The Phoenix man claimed that despite the centipede’s terrifying abilities, he battled the senior of the species and severely beat him. As a result, the centipede had no choice but to flee in order to survive. He hasn’t really featured in the webcomics, but in chapter 194 of the manga, he actually does show up.


Strongest One-Punch Man Characters
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Saitama is a youthful, energetic, lifeless adolescent who constantly engages in combat with enigmatic beings in order to develop into a powerful hero. Every day, he trains by jogging ten kilometers and performing 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 squats. Saitama observes two changes after a rigorous training regimen. He has completely lost all of his hair and has become incredibly strong to the point where he can defeat all of his adversaries at once. 

Its signature move is the renowned “One Punch,” a straight-forward blow that can defeat a variety of formidable opponents, including the King of the Seas, King of the Underworld, Ashura Rhino, a massive meteorite, and many others.

Genos finds his punches so frightening that they serve as a symbol for impending catastrophe, and he effortlessly neutralizes Boros’ most powerful move. Saitama tolerates the harsh conditions of space; all he allegedly needs to do is hold his nose to hold his breath. If Saitama’s power has boundaries, they are undoubtedly unknown at this time.

1. GOD

God is an enigmatic figure with the capacity to grant and take away enormous amounts of power from people. The Homeless Emperor is apparently given a particular talent by it, allowing him to practically generate little duplicates of the sun. Oddly, it lacks a formal shape at all. God is an idea of divinity that some people hold to be true. In accordance with Emperor Vanupieds, this entity exists.

It is stated that during the conflict, while Psykos tries to join with Orochi without being entirely absorbed, God appears to them in the form of a massive brain mass. 

The ability to take control of Orochi and complete his fusion would then have been given to Psykos by God as a result of the immense energy power he would have received.

The blessings of this entity have significantly enhanced the Psykos-Orochi combination. From where did it originate? What’s the point of it? Does Saitama’s irrational power actually come from God?

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