Top 8 Strongest Dragon Ball Villains Who Overpowered The Mightiest Heroes

One of the most popular anime franchises ever is the Dragon Ball series. The groundbreaking Shonen manga series set the standards and provided a platform for other contemporary shonen series. This series solidifies its widespread appeal with its exceptional characters and battles.

Without a question, the villains play a significant role in making the series more captivating and noteworthy. Each antagonist in this series has a unique personality and offers something fresh. Each villain has a distinct purpose as well as a certain talent or ability that makes them likable and, of course, unforgettable. The most challenging enemies for Goku and his squad to defeat are a number of strong villains.

So, today, Sassyweeb is here with a list of the strongest Dragon Ball villains of all time…

Strongest Dragon Ball Villains 

Strongest Dragon Ball Villains

Here is the list of the top 8 strongest Dragon Ball villains –  

1. Beerus

Strongest Dragon Ball Villains
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The fact that Beerus is advertised as a God of Destruction immediately makes him an intriguing character, and once Dragon Ball Super started, he didn’t let fans down. 

He is a really terrible villain thanks to his passion for devastation and the carelessness with which he performs his duty, yet this is more than offset by his desire for Bulma’s delectable pastries. 

When compared to villains like Frieza and Cell, Beerus isn’t all that terrible, but his immense strength more than makes up for it. In order to ensure that the revival series began with the kind of bang that fans have come to anticipate from Dragon Ball, he pushed Goku to learn about both the Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue forms.

2. Frieza

The main antagonist in the Dragon Ball series is Frieza. He wants to rule Universe 7 and is in charge of his own imperialist army. He is feared all over the cosmos for his ferocity and power. He is Kuriza’s grandfather, the second son of King Cold, Cooler’s younger brother, and Chilled. Goku’s arch nemesis and greatest adversary is Frieza. 

Since his battle with Goku on Namek, he has made a number of comebacks, including numerous invasions of Earth. He was just chosen as the tenth member of Team Universe 7 to represent Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power as Good Buu’s replacement.

Moreover, he is again back in the race of being the strongest Dragon Ball villains as Frieza is back with his Black form. 

3. Fused Zamasu 

The strength of Fused Zamasu was so tremendous that it threatened not just one reality but also other dimensions and timelines, posing a threat to destroy them as well. Zamasu and Goku Black fused after Zamasu and Goku Black realized they couldn’t continue to underestimate Goku and Vegeta. They assumed the identity of Fused Zamasu after revealing their secret weapon to be a pair of Potara earrings.

He still possesses the arrogance and entitlement of Future Zamasu and Goku Black as a person. This fusion regards himself as the symbol of justice. Upon his appearance, Zamasu boldly proclaimed himself the supreme god, frequently and consistently extolling his heavenly brilliance and unquestionable authority. With the combined abilities of Goku Black and Future Zamasu, Fused Zamasu is one of the strongest fusions in the series, ranking alongside Vegito, Kefla, and Gogeta.

4. Goku Black

Strongest Dragon Ball Villains
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While Super’s storylines haven’t quite reached the level of Dragon Ball Z, many of the new characters that the show has introduced have been amazing. Goku Black, who is essentially an immortal god hiding out in a different form of Goku’s body, has to be one of the most intriguing. Goku Black, also known as Black, is an alternate form of Zamasu and a former North Kai and Supreme Kai trainee working for his former master Gowasu from the primary timeline of Universe 10 that has not been altered.

In the unaltered main timeline of Universe 6, Black visited the Super Dragon Balls and summoned Super Shenron. In the unaltered main timeline of Universe 7, Goku Black wished to switch bodies with Black, and Super Shenron granted his wish. Together with his parallel counterpart Future Zamasu, Goku Black sought to exterminate all mortals.

5. Cell

Strongest Dragon Ball Villains
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Cell is the ultimate and ideal android created by Dr. Gero. He was created using a supercomputer and the most potent fighter on Earth’s genetic material. DNA from King Cold, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, and Goku is present in his genetic makeup. In the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z, he served as the main adversary. 

Cell can appear and act in a variety of ways depending on his shape. He has the appearance of a grasshopper in its larval stage, with four legs and two horns. He appeared to be humanoid and had wings in his ideal form. 

He has a very unique personality due to the combination of features he has inherited from different people. He received intelligence from Piccolo, pride from Vegeta, psychopathy from Frieza, and a desire to fight from Saiyan. He is therefore a cool, smart, and haughty guy.

6. Majin Buu

Majin Buu, a malevolent djinn created by the evil wizard Bibidi, was the most potent antagonist in the entire Dragon Ball Z series. After being revived by Bibidi’s son Babidi, Buu goes on the attack, destroying the Earth’s guardians. Buu’s power is so enormous that he destroys Earth, kills Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta, and forces Goku to become Super Saiyan 3 for the first time. 

Although viewers have seen previous villains with the same ability before, Buu’s transformation ability was particularly exceptional. He would absorb warriors, increasing his power and transforming his physical and mental characteristics. Each Buu was deadlier than the one before it. Buu outmatched Super Saiyan 3 Goku in strength, causing Vegeta and Goku to combine to form Vegeto. Despite all of that, Goku had to charge the largest Spirit Bomb he had ever created to end the evil being.

7. Broly

Strongest Dragon Ball Villains
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In the first Dragon Ball Super movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the titular Broly serves as both the major adversary and the idiot anti-hero. He is a legendary Saiyan warrior who serves the Frieza Force while being used as a weapon by his father, Paragus, to exact revenge on King Vegeta for imprisoning them on a far-off planet due to the latter’s son possessing even greater talent. He is modeled after the Dragon Ball Z character Broly, who Akira Toriyama elected to induct into Super due to his popularity in the movie Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan.


So, this was our list of the top 8 strongest Dragon Ball villains. Who is your favorite? Tell us in the comment box. Make sure to stay tuned and follow us for more… Happy watching!! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Who is the main villain in Dragon Ball?

Ans – While there are a bunch of Dragon Ball villains, the one who got the most screentime is Lord Frieza. 

Q2) Who is Goku’s first villain?

Ans – Pilaf is the first villain of Goku in the Dragon Ball series. 

Q3) Who is Goku’s greatest villain?

Ans – The most powerful or greatest villain Goku has faced is Beerus, the God of Destruction. 

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