Top 8 Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations

How to make an anime series like Dragon Ball? First, take some insane characters, then add some heartwarming storyline to it, then add some incredible action scenes rolled in some mind-boggling transformations, that’s it, it’s ready to be served…. 

Dragon Ball is an anime loaded with some super transformations. But among the pile of super powerful transformations, which are the strongest Dragon Ball transformations? 

Many concepts in contemporary shonen anime have gained popularity thanks to the Dragon Ball franchise. Individuals committed themselves to becoming stronger through intense physical and mental training, battles in which characters express their own philosophy before punching someone through a mountain, and, most importantly, changes that significantly boost a warrior’s strength. 

Although the concept of heroes and villains having various forms wasn’t created by Dragon Ball, it did popularize it. 

The series introduces innumerable alternate forms for its primary heroes and antagonists, beginning with the Great Ape transformation in the very early episodes of the original Dragon Ball. 

Super Saiyan has undergone a number of various versions, some of which are currently non-canonical, transformations that vary depending on the character who utilizes them, and both temporary and permanent transformations. 

Of course, fusion, another technique for characters in the Dragon Ball universe to gain power, differs greatly from these transformations. 

Different Dragon Ball transformations do have a general strength relative to one another, even though a change isn’t always going to make one character stronger than another.

But which are the strongest Dragon Ball transformations? Here is the complete list. 

Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations 

Here is the list of the Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations – 

1. Ultra Instinct

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Goku, the main character in Dragon Ball, may have no stronger form than this one. 

The fact that Goku has been able to use it for brief periods of time testifies to his degree of expertise and power. 

Goku seems to be mastering this more and more every day, whether it’s utilizing it to push Jiren around or combine it with Vegeta’s Spirit Fission to take on a Zen-like form to battle Moro. 

Additionally, Angels always have access to Ultra Instinct, an angelic-level skill that renders the majority of mortal attacks worthless against them. Ultra Instinct elevates users above the gods of devastation and makes them incredibly quick and serene. 

It emphasizes the lack of consideration when moving and has the potential to knock someone to the ground if they aren’t careful.

2. Ultra Instinct -Sign

The Ultra Instinct transformation Goku receives around the start of the Tournament of Power is called Ultra Instinct -Sign-. 

Only the defensive qualities of the actual form are retained throughout this transition, allowing Goku to easily deflect the majority of strikes. However, Goku must take his time charging attacks in order for them to be effective against opponents. 

Goku was still able to beat the fused-Saiyan warrior Kefla because of Ultra Instinct -Sign-, which enabled him to hold his own against Jiren for a bit.

3. Ultra Ego

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In the Dragon Ball Super manga, Vegeta’s ultimate form is comparable in power to Goku. 

Users with Ultra Ego may draw strength from just fighting and have exceptional Hakai use. Even though Vegeta’s initial Hakai could only demolish smaller rocks, later on when facing Granolah, he was able to summon enough of them to destroy an entire planet. 

Users’ energy is absorbed, damaged, and increased. Users punch harder and engage in greater combat as more of them succumb to the struggle. The desire for combat is the sole true disadvantage, and the ego boost causes users to act hastily and horribly violently. That description makes it understandable why Vegeta adapted to it so well.

4. Legendary Super Saiyan  

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Featuring an intriguing, misunderstood opponent with one of the most potent transformations ever, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is arguably the best Dragon Ball film of all time. 

Dragon Ball Super undoubtedly experimented with the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation, with Kale serving as the best illustration. Broly, who ultimately attained a level of power so great that Goku and Vegeta had to use the Fusion Dance to even the playing field, demonstrated the actual potential of this transformation.

5. Super Saiyan Blue

Vegeta came to the realization that he had to depart from Kakarot’s path in order to achieve a higher degree of power during the Tournament of Power. With the Super Saiyan Blue transformation, the Prince of all Saiyans increased his physical strength and attained a new level of power. 

Super Saiyan Blue Evolved is a tremendously potent transformation that gave Vegeta the advantage over Top and helped him lose the battle. The role that this transformation will play in Dragon Ball Super 2 will have to be patiently anticipated.

6. Gohan Beast 

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Throughout the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan neglected his training yet again. Piccolo chose to deceive Gohan into believing that his daughter was taken by the Red Ribbon Army in order to allow this Saiyan to regain his full potential. 

This set off a series of events that required the Z Warriors to engage in combat with Cell Max’s creation. This kaiju caused unimaginable destruction and brought Piccolo dangerously close to death. 

As a result, Gohan unlocked a new form that allowed him to completely eliminate Cell Max with his very own Special Beam Cannon.

7. God Of Destruction Form

Only those who are God of Destruction candidates, like Toppo from Universe 11, can access the God of Destruction Mode. 

Even still, Toppo cannot begin this change until he has given up his mortal aspirations and fully committed to living out eternity as a destroyer. In addition to giving Toppo a stylish tribal tattoo, this form increases his physical prowess and enables him to use a destroyer god’s annihilating abilities. 

Toppo must abandon his morals in order for this change to occur, and Vegeta could only overcome him by being even more steadfast in his own principles.

8. Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken

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One of Dragon Ball’s newest and oldest transformations, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Kaioken, or simply Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken, combines the two. 

Once Goku has exhausted his potential as a Super Saiyan Blue, he undergoes this transformation to increase his strength. 

Even though this metamorphosis only lasts a short time and puts a lot of strain on Goku, it does allow him to quickly close the power disparity with any foe.

When this transformation first appeared in Dragon Ball Super, it was instantly a fan favorite because of its destructive power and recognizable blue and red aura.


So, this was our article on the strongest Dragon Ball transformations. Which is your favorite one? Tell us in the comment box and also follow us for more interesting articles and updates. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1) Which is Goku’s strongest Dragon Ball transformation?

Ans – Currently, the true Ultra Instinct form is one of the strongest Dragon Ball transformations of Goku.

Q2) Which Saiyan transformation is the strongest?

Ans – Super Saiyan Blue is the strongest Saiyan transformation as of now. 

Q3) Is Super Saiyan 4 stronger than Ultra Instinct?

Ans – No, Ultra Instinct being the form of the Angels is stronger than Super Saiyan 4. 

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