Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters Who Can Shake The Whole Anime World

Manga fans can’t wait to see their favorite characters and the best fights they have ever seen animated in the first season of The Chainsaw Man anime, which promises to bring some real blood, gore, action, sorrow, and humor. 

The main character Denji and his sidekick Power step in to help with that. They both learn that they are just two fish in a sea of distinct devils, most of which mimic humanity’s deepest fears, despite using devil abilities to battle these creatures, but they are frequently outmatched and must concede defeat. Some of these formidable foes were formerly Denji’s closest pals. They now want him to be erased.

While the anime is loaded with some super strong characters, the fans often wonder who are the strongest Chainsaw man characters. Are you curious to know? Here is the complete list. 

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters
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Here is a list of the strongest Chainsaw Man Characters:

1. Chainsaw Man 

Several times, Chainsaw Man was able to overcome opponents that were much more powerful than himself. Due to his agreement with Pochita, Denji now possesses the best talents. But a user’s level of sanity also affects how powerful they are. 

According to one of the manga chapters, Devil Hunters who are sane have a larger risk of dying. The users can, however, simply survive this game of life and death if they have a few “loose screws.” 

Denji is the most potent member of the Devil Hunters and Chainsaw Man cast since he has the loosest screws of any character in the entire series. 

When Denji is transformed into Chainsaw Man, his hands and head transform into a real chainsaw, which he uses to cut down his adversaries. 

The Chainsaw Devil user has the ability to remove a Devil from a person’s conscious memory. The chainsaw’s broken chains could likewise be used by the devil to draw the adversary in.

2. Darkness Devil

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters
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The Darkness Devil is a Primal Devil, one that represents fears that are established in the human psyche on a subconscious level. 

The Darkness Devil is an unbeatable symbol of the fear of darkness, so strong that even Makima can slay it. 

The Darkness Devil can instantly dismember several humans, demonstrating its incredible strength and speed. True to its name, it can make an area completely dark, and its gaze has the power to erase opponents. 

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3. Makima

Denji had a crush on Makima for a while because he believed that the soft-spoken, slightly intimidating woman was on his side. 

But Makima is much stronger than Denji had anticipated, a fiend with dreadful combat skills. She has powerful force-based assaults that can even casually butcher Power. 

Makima has the power to dominate others, whether they are human or not, and utilize that power to make them do her bidding. 

Makima, on the other hand, can quickly and easily behead multiple opponents at close range with a sword.

4. Gun Devil

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters
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Despite being aware of Denji’s perversion, Makima wants him to slay Gun Devil because of its terrifying reputation. Makima mentions that the Gun Devil was able to erase over 1.2 million people in just five minutes while introducing it. 

Furthermore, a number of countries tightened their firearms rules following the occurrence. 

Its head bears the barrel of a M1911 while its body is made up of some of the deadliest assault rifles, including the AK-47, M16A1, MK18, and M4 Carbines. 

The Gun Devil blasts its foes with unparalleled accuracy. The Gun Devil’s metallic body makes it more resilient, yet because it runs so quickly, some areas of its body burn.

5. Santa Claus

The main antagonist of the Santa Claus arc was an enigmatic figure known as Santa Claus, and it took Denji and his allies and foes some time to figure out who they were up against. 

Santa Claus has agreements with a few devils, one of which enables him to transform masses of people into doll warriors wielding swords. 

Santa has agreements with the devils of the curse and hell, which is impressive, but there’s more. 

Denji really struggled to combat Santa after she made some sacrifices to the darkness devil and became into a genuinely hideous, almost unstoppable juggernaut of battle.

6. Quanxi 

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters
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Intriguingly, Quanxi is from China and is the first Devil Hunter in the Chainsaw Man universe. Despite the fact that we didn’t get to see much of Quanxi, what we did see was sufficient to establish her prowess as a fighter. 

Because of her tolerance and the fact that she frequently sports an eye patch, Quanxi poses a mysterious threat to her competitors. Some people think she might even be stronger than Kishibe physically. 

When Quanxi uses her sword, she may continue to cut thousands of foes without stopping. In her hybrid form, she has the ability to produce several arrows from her limbs and head at once.

7. Hell Devil

In the Chainsaw Man manga, the Hell Devil only makes a few brief appearances. It has many different appearances, but its actual form is that of a flaming centaur with a largely featureless head. 

As soon as someone uses its power, its second form appears. The targets are carried to hell by the Hell Devil, who appears as a massive hand with six fingers. 

Being in hell means sharing space with some of the most powerful devils in existence, and that fact alone is terrible. Even while the Devil isn’t particularly strong, it has a truly terrifying ability.

8. Aki Hayakawa

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters
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Although Aki has been a significant character in the series from the beginning, we didn’t often see him taking part in actual combat. But that doesn’t make him helpless. 

Because of his agreements with the Fox, Curse, and Future Devil, Aki is strong and skillful, and as a result, he has some unique powers. 

He has the power to summon a sword that resembles a nail and can deal a tonne of damage to opponents thanks to the curse devil. 

However, the trade-off is that utilizing it shortens his life. As the name implies, Future Devil enables him to plan his actions by allowing him to glimpse a few seconds into the future. The Fox Devil can also be called to consume or rip opponents to pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Who is the strongest character in Chainsaw Man?

Ans – Quanxi is one of the strongest Chainsaw Man characters. 

Q2) Who is Denji’s girlfriend? 

Ans – Denji and Makima share an asymmetrical relationship. 

Q3) Is Makima the strongest in Chainsaw Man?

Ans – Makima is no doubt one of the strongest Chainsaw Man characters, but she is not the strongest. 

Q4) Who is the strongest devil hunter in Chainsaw Man?

Ans – Kishibe is the strongest devil hunter in Chainsaw Man. 


So, this was our article on the strongest Chainsaw Man characters. Did we miss anyone? Add your favorites in the comment section. Also, follow us for more interesting information on the latest anime shows and movies. 

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