We Can’t Believe These Are The Strongest Black Clover Characters 

Due to its rising popularity, Black Clover is now one of the most popular series to feature in Weekly Shonen Jump. 

It has a lot of strong characters because it is set in a magical realm, and most of them have gained a following since appearing in the series. 

In Black Clover, a lot of the wizards—and later devils—appear to use powerful support magic combinations to outnumber their foes.

These characters are known for their extraordinary magic skills, fighting prowess, and overall combat might. 

The stakes are stronger than ever as Black Clover’s manga enters its final arc. Its adored ensemble is nearing the conclusion of its character arcs, and as a result, their abilities have grown. 

The battle against the Dark Triad may have damaged the Clover Kingdom, but it also showed how many eager young wizards there are to show off their abilities.

So, with so many OP characters, it’s pretty hard to judge which among them are the strongest Black Clover characters? To clear all confusions, we are here with a list. 

Strongest Black Clover Characters 

Here is a list of the strongest Black Clover Characters:

1. Lucius Zogratis 

strongest black clover characters

The host of the Astaroth devil, Julius, or Lucius Zogratis, is one of the strongest Black Clover characters. He has been the driving force behind every incident thus far in the Black Clover series. The Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom’s 28th Magic Emperor is Julius. He excels at time magic, which gives him the ability to change the passage of time. He can stop, start, slow down, or even reverse time. 

He can also treat wounds this way. He also has the ability to use transformation and restraint magic. His incredible magic power, speed, and agility add to his strength. He has a coverless grimoire with several time-based spells in it. However, it was finally revealed in manga chapter 331 that Julius had been harbouring Astaroth all along. Lucius Zogratis’ divided personality is present in Julius. 

Time magic is also possessed by Astaroth, the King of the Underworld, which explains Julius’ abilities. It means that Julius is the strongest character in the entire story since he has the most potent demon and the most potent control over time.

2. Lucifero

The Clover Kingdom’s struggle with demons has dominated most of Black Clover and nowhere is their demonic danger more visibly manifested than in Lucifero, lord of the underworld. 

His real might isn’t fully revealed until he flees with half of his power to the world of the living, although he is initially introduced to the series as the devil occupying Dante. 

To have a chance against this nearly omniscient menace, all of the main characters in the story must work together. Without special characters like Asta, Nacht, and Yami, Lucifero may not have been able to be vanquished because of his use of gravity magic, which has the power to change the very nature of the planet.

3. Asta

strongest black clover characters
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Asta is an orphan who was raised by a Hage church. Asta acquired a five-leaf clover grimoire containing an Anti Magic devil when she became 15 years old. 

He is consequently linked to Liebe, who possesses Anti Magic, giving him the ability to access this energy. His anti-magic abilities are substantially increased when he joins Liebe, making him incredibly strong. This makes him one of the strongest Black Clover characters. 

After five minutes of partial demon union and five seconds of full devil union, Asta requires a cooling period. The Demon-Slayer Sword, Demon-Dweller Sword, Demon-Destroyer Sword, and Demon-Slasher Katana are some of the other Anti-Magic Swords he can call. Almost no characters can defeat him in his full union form.

4. Yuno

Ever since Black Clover first began, Yuno’s trajectory has been on par with Asta’s. 

There was a solid case to be made throughout the series that the four-leaf grimoire user was superior to his anti-magic partner in strength. Yuno was destined to be a powerful foe because he was endowed with mana itself. 

The immense amount of effort the vice-captain has put into his quest to become Wizard King has increased Yuno’s innate talent, which is out of this world. This makes Yuno one of the strongest characters in the entire programme, especially when combined with his recently found Star Magic.

5. Beelzebub

One of the three devil kings, Beelzebub, has a deal with Zenon Zogrates and lives in the depths of the underworld. The Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom includes Zenon. 

He makes use of Bone Magic, which enables him to create and control his bones. He unleashes enormous, spear-like bone entanglement that is impossible to avoid. 

Additionally, he has the ability to generate spatial cubes that negate the mana they contain by using spatial magic. He possesses tremendous magical power because he is a devil’s host. He is the fifth-most powerful character in Black Clover thanks to his dual mana attribute and amazing battle skills.

6. Yami 

strongest black clover characters
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Yami is the last person anyone wants to be their enemy when things become tough. He is one of the strongest captains in terms of magic and physical strength due to his capacity to go beyond his limitations. 

With the aid of his black magic, Yami can summon barriers of protection, absorb all kinds of mana, and send out waves of concentrated darkness with his katana. 

He can detect the presence of his adversaries and respond to their attacks with superhuman speed thanks to his mastery of Ki. Yami can cut through anything, including dimensions and spatial magic, when she is fully charged.

7. Lucifugus

To be perfectly honest, Lucifugus is among the most powerful and lethal devils in the Tree of Qliphoth. He also holds one of the highest ranks among them. His father gave Nacht the ring that connects to Lucifugus after he had defeated the four devils in the hopes that Nacht would compel him to sign a contract. 

strongest black clover characters
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Nacht’s family was easily murdered by Lucifugus when he first arrived, leaving him severely scarred and determined to exact retribution. Nevertheless, considering his all-encompassing dark mana, which can even compete with the likes of Lucifero and other powerful devils, Lucifugus is one of the greatest devils to have ever existed. He now occupies the eighth position on this list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Who is the strongest Black Clover character?

Ans – Lucius Zogratis is the strongest Black Clover character.

Q2) Who is stronger than Asta in Black Clover?

Ans – Julius Novachrono is more powerful than Asta in Black Clover.

Q3) Which is the most powerful spirit in Black Clover?

Ans – Spirit of Boreas is one of the most powerful spirits in Black Clover.


So, this was the article on the strongest Black Clover characters. Did we miss anyone? And also tell us, who is your favorite? Follow us for more interesting articles and updates.

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