Grand Supreme Kai: How Much Do You Know About Grand Supreme Kai?

The world of Dragon Ball Z is very vast- and there are a lot of things to know in the show. 

Dragon Ball Z is one anime that has so many things to discuss and wonder about that one can never know enough about the DBZ universe. 

One of the things that are super interesting in the show is the Kais. 

The Kais are the “Kings Of Worlds” in the Dragon Ball Z universe, and there are five Kais in total. 

Who are the Kais- you may ask? As we all know, in every universe there are two kinds of Gods, one is the God Of Creation and one is the God Of Destruction. The Five Kais are the Gods Of Creation from each universe. 

However, among these Kais, there is one who is the most powerful among them all, and that powerful member among the Gods Of Creation is known as the Supreme Kai. 

However, not all Kais can become Supreme Kais, as the Supreme Kai has to have the strength and potential to become one. 

Supreme Kai DBZ: How are Supreme Kais born?

Grand Supreme Kai
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The Gods Of Creation, Kais are born from the magical Kaiju tree, the tree of Golden Fruits. 

These special Golden Fruits give birth to genderless, core people who are known as the Kais. And from these trees itself, the biggest and shiniest, dark fruit falls and gives birth to the first Supreme Kai. 

However, although the first Supreme Kai is born naturally, he has the power to choose who the next Kais will be.

The naturally born Supreme Kai chooses the fittest one within the core people to become the next Kais, and among the newly selected Kais the good Kai who is the strongest and the fittest one becomes the next Supreme Kai. 

Types Of Supreme Kai

Among the strongest of the Kais known as the Supreme Kai, there are different types of them, like the Grand Supreme Kai, Supreme Kai Of Time, etc. 

The Grand Supreme Kai

The Grand Supreme Kai or the Daikaioh (according to the anime) or the Dai Kaiōshin (according to the manga) is the Great God Of Kings Of Words. The Grand Supreme Kai is the ruler of the entire Universe 7 and is the Highest Of All Supreme Kais. 

The Grand Supreme Kai still exists through Good Buu, and briefly acted through him after being awakened to stop Moro. 

Powers of The Grand Supreme Kai – How strong is Grand Supreme Kai?

Grand Supreme Kai
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Grand Supreme Kai is the strongest among all the Supreme Kais. Throughout the timeline, the Grand Supreme Kai’s powers have gone through some significant changes. 

The Grand Supreme Kai was at the peak of his powers ten million years ago, when he was the only one to be able to fight against the dark wizard Moro. 

However, the battle against the dark wizard Moro was responsible for a major change in The Grand Supreme Kai’s powers.

Even with the assistance of the South Supreme Kai in the battle, Grand Supreme Kai had a great disadvantage against the dark wizard Moro. 

In order to completely defeat Moro and seal away his magical powers, Grand Supreme Kai had to sacrifice a great amount of his godlike powers, which made him significantly weaker than his previous self. 

Grand Supreme Kai became weaker than the South Supreme Kai following the battle with Moro, however even then the Grand Supreme Kai was stronger than anyone else in multiple universes.

Five million years ago from the current timeline, the Grand Supreme Kai was powerful enough to kill pre-training Frieza with a single blow. 

After this time, it was revealed that Grand Supreme Kai inherited his powers from Good Buu and thus was immune to Moro’s dark magic.

However, even though he was technically immune to Moro’s powers, after Moro resurfaced with all his magic fully stored and having absorbed a great amount of both Namek and Grand Supreme Kai’s powers from their attacks, Grand Supreme Kai once again found himself in great disadvantage against Moro. 

Grand Supreme Kai is able to do several fusions to make himself more powerful. 

By absorbing Kid Buu, Grand Supreme Kai becomes the more dominant version of Innocent Buu, and later becomes the Good Buu. 

Although the Grand Supreme Kai is usually known as the “good” god, there are also evil versions of him. 

After being absorbed by Evil Buu, the Good Buu became the dominant aspect of Super Buu, where Grand Supreme Kai’s goodness was suppressed. 

Supreme Kai Of Time

The Supreme Kai Of Time, also known as Chronoa, is a God who controls and watches over the time flow from the cosmos. 

Mentioned in Dragon Ball Online as “The Lord Of Time”, Chronoa AKA the Supreme Kai Of Time is one of the major characters in the Xenoverse series.

Although the Supreme Kai of time has a very crucial role to play in the whole multiverse, her personality is very good natured and light hearted, a friendly and somewhat sassy type. 

Having a pretty childlike appearance, her personality also resonates with her appearance as she’s known to have childlike anger outbursts or tantrums. 

Despite the childish personality, Supreme Kai Of Time is very considerate and benevolent in nature. Like the time when she allowed Future Trunk to alter the time as she knew that Trunk had a good intention of doing so and that will lead to a greater good in the future. 

Grand Supreme Kai
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Powers of Supreme Kai Of Time

The Supreme Kai of Time has the insane power of being able to manipulate the flow of time. Her powers are so special that she is able to freeze the time of someone as strong and powerful as Mira. 

However, even though she’s known for her great power of controlling time, she still has some limits, which was first introduced when she was unable to hold Mira with her powers after Mira turned into Super Mira. 

Supreme Kai of Time , when she transforms into her Power Of Time Unleashed version, she becomes so powerful that she can control the time itself. 

However, even after being in her Power Of Time Unleashed self, she is still not strong enough to defeat Mechikabura in his prime state, but she is able to banish him. 

When Chronoa was brainwashed by the Dark Empire, he was also able to freeze Demigra’s likes and Demon God Channel despite Demigra accumulating vast magic power at that point. 

When she was in her brainwashed berserk form, she was even able to overpower base Future Trunks. However, as he turned into Super Saiyan 3 he was quickly able to defeat Supreme Kai Of Time. 

Aside from controlling and manipulating the flow of time, the Supreme Kai Of Time is also able to perform a number of techniques. 

Chronoa AKA the Supreme Kai Of Time is capable of flight as shown in the Dragon Ball Heroes series and the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 series. 

As a Supreme Kai herself, Chronoa is also able to perform Ki Blast and Godly Ki – in which Chronoa can use her godly ki powers and is able to sense the Kis of other Supreme Kais. 

Along with this, Chronoa is also powerful in her magical abilities, which includes her ability to perform magically based techniques and also counter attack or dispel other forms of magic like Demigra’s dark magic. 

One unique power of Supreme Kai Of Time is that she can perform injury transfer- which means that she can transfer someone else’s injury to herself. She uses this ability to restore Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta to health. 

While in her Power Of Time Unleashed form, Chronoa can use a technique called the time labyrinth, with which she can seal herself and the entire Demon Realm outside the flow of time. 

Supreme Kai VS Goku: Can Goku Defeat A Supreme Kai?

Grand Supreme Kai

Throughout every season and every saga of Dragon Ball series, we have seen Goku become truly invincible in all of the 13 multiverses. 

With a power level that exceeds billions and trillions of amount, Goku has truly become one of the most powerful warriors in the whole Dragon Ball Z franchise. 

However, as Supreme Kais are pretty much invincible in many ways, the question of whether Goku can Defeat a Supreme Kai is a very hot topic in the DBZ universe. 

Over the years, Goku has become strong enough to be on the same level as many Gods of the DBZ universe. So in a Goku Vs Supreme Kai match, will Goku win?

Goku Vs Supreme Kai Shin

In the Buu Saga, Supreme Kai Shin was introduced into the show as a pretty powerful and popular character in the Dragon Ball Z universe. 

Being a God himself, Supreme Kai Shin works with the Gods of Destruction and the Gods of Creations. But yet, at the timeline when Supreme Kai Shin was introduced into the show, he was considerably weaker than many other heros of the universe who were even weaker than Goku himself. 

Keeping that in mind, it can safely be said that Goku can easily win over Supreme Kai Shin in a battle. 

Goku Vs Grand Supreme Kai

Given the fact that Grand Supreme Kai was able to defeat the dark wizard Moro ten million years ago, the powers of Grand Supreme Kai were outstanding and astronomical in range. 

However, after the loss of his powers in the battle, he has become significantly weaker than his past self, making him weaker than Goku himself . As surprising as it may sound, if Grand Supreme Kai of the present time and Goku were to have a battle against each other, chances are that Goku will be easily the winner. 

However, if Goku were to fight the Grand Supreme Kai of 10 million years ago, chances are Goku might not be able to defeat Grand Supreme Kai after all. 

Grand Kai VS Supreme Kai

Although Grand Kai is very powerful as a warrior himself, he ranks pretty lower than the Supreme Kais in levels of duties and power levels. 

About Grand Kai

Grand Kai is the Great King Of The Worlds, whose job is to oversee and manage the four kais, namely North Kai, West Kai, South Kai and East Kai, who are responsible for taking care and ruling over the four quadrants of Universe 7.

Out of all Dragon Ball Z characters, Grand Kai is probably the most fun character for the fans of Dragon Ball Z. His appearances are very different from everyone else, as he is always seen wearing jeans and a denim jacket, and constantly listening to rock music on his boombox radio.

A sweet and grandfatherly like character, Grand Kai treats everyone in universe 7 as his own grandchildren and lovingly cares about all of them. 

Grand Kai Powers

Grand Kai is significantly stronger than other Kais, as he rules over the entire Universe, Grand Kai is the strongest fighter in the entire universe. 

However, Grand Kai is inferior to the powers of Pikkon and other Supreme Kais due to his negligence towards training. Even Goku outpowers Grand Kai when he is in his Super Saiyan form.

Given all of this information about Grand Kai, it is evident that even though Grand Kai is a super strong being, he is inferior to other Supreme Kais. In the hierarchy of the show’s power levels, Supreme Kais rank further upwards than Grand Kai himself, and while Grand Kai has the responsibility to watch over the Universe, Supreme Kais are able to create whole new universes themselves. 

So theoretically, if a Grand Kai vs Supreme Kai fight were to happen, Grand Kai would not have been able to actually defeat a Supreme Kai, as they are many many times stronger than Grand Kai himself.


So, how many of these facts about the Grand Supreme Kai did you know? We hope you enjoyed today’s article! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Will Grand Kai be able to defeat Goku?

Even though Grand Kai is the protector of the whole universe, he would not be able to defeat Goku. 

  • Can Supreme Kais defeat Grand Supreme Kai?

Even though the Grand Supreme Kai had lost a huge amount of his powers in his battle with Moro, he is still stronger than most Supreme Kais. 

  • Who is stronger than Grand Supreme Kai?

After the battle with Moro, Grand Supreme Kai lost his powers and Supreme Kai Of The South became stronger than Grand Supreme Kai.

  • Who is the strongest Kai?

Grand Kai, the protector of the universe, is known as the strongest Kai. 

  • Who is the strongest Supreme Kai?

The strongest Supreme Kai known is the South Supreme Kai.

  • Who is the strongest mortal warrior in DBZ?

Goku, our main protagonist of the show, is the strongest known mortal warrior in DBZ. 

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