Sailor Moon VS Goku: Can Sailor Moon Beat Goku?

Sailor Moon and Goku are the two iconic 90s anime heroes who are known for being exceptionally powerful in their separate shows. With Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon being two of the most trending 90s anime shows of all time, there are so many fans who love Goku and Sailor Moon equally.

Both of these shows are based upon martial arts mastery and star comedy yet they have insanely powerful protagonists – which is why a comparison between these superheroes.  The talks about a crossover battle between Sailor Moon VS Goku have always been a thing in the Dragon Ball / Sailor Moon fandom. 

Naturally, as the anime shows came out roughly at the same time, the long-term fans have long shipped Sailor Moon and Goku and gossiped about the imaginary battle between Sailor Moon vs Goku.  But can Sailor Moon beat Goku? Keep reading our article to find out which among these superheroes is arguably stronger than the other. 

Who is Goku?

Sailor Moon vs Goku In case you are new to the Dragon Ball discussion, then here is brief information about the main protagonist of the famous 90s anime: Son Goku Son Goku or Goku is the most powerful “Saiyan” superhero in the Dragon Ball universe. 

With each continuing series, Goku’s powers keep increasing until they reach an astronomical amount.  Goku has been training to be the strongest individual since his teenage days – in the Pilaf era. 14-year-old Goku was training under Grandpa Gohan with such determination that he was the strongest fighter of his age. 

As he fights stronger and more powerful enemies in the future, his powers increase, along with his training in the Other World.  Goku is also somewhat immortal, as he still comes back to life in another world where he practices his martial art skills under different and way more gravities- which makes him more powerful every time he dies and comes back to life in his universe. Although it took Goku a long time to become a Super Saiyan, his Super Saiyan self is one of the most insanely powerful individuals in multiple universes in the Dragon Ball series. 

So truly, given Goku’s such powerful strength, he is a reasonable opponent to Sailor Moon.

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Who is Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon VS Goku
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As we have discussed the character of Goku in our last segment, in case you are new to the Sailor Moon series, then here are some things you should know about one of the strongest characters in the Anime world: Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon, whose real name is Usagi Tsukino is the main protagonist of the 90s famous anime show titled Sailor Moon. Being an insanely strong hero along with terrific skills in weapons and magic, Sailor Moon is simply insane. 

Along with being the powerful superhero who saves the world on multiple occasions, Usagi lives the double life of being a carefree, cheerful school student who is secretly the reincarnation of Princess of the Moon Kingdom and is born with magical power. 

Usagi’s superhero life begins unbeknownst to her, as she finds out later in her teenage life that she is actually Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom. As she meets a talking cat named Luna who tells her that she is responsible for saving the world from evil entities. Usagi is able to turn into Sailor Moon by wearing a special brooch and shouting a special chant to activate her magic brooch – which when translated means “Moon Prism Power, make up!”. She can also transform into the Eternal Sailor Moon with the Silver Moon Crystal Power. 

Sailor Moon’s fighting style is pretty unique, as she can use pretty much any unusual object into a weapon. 

For example, during her fights she occasionally even uses her hairpins as projectile weapons. She also possesses the most powerful artifact in the world named the Silver Crystal- which is able to focus the energy of whoever is using it for them to be able to perform magnificent feats. Judging by all these things, it is evident that Sailor Moon is a reasonable opponent for Goku, which is why the Sailor Moon VS Goku battle is a very intriguing and interesting topic in the Anime world. 

Although these two superheroes are from different universes, a universe where they are each other’s opponent is a pretty fair thing to imagine.

Sailor Moon VS Goku Who Will Win? 

Sailor Moon VS Goku Given the powers of the two superheroes, it is clear that there are pretty many differences between them as well. 

While Goku is a master at martial arts and is physically unbeatable, he lacks the skills of using different weapons. On the other hand, while Sailor Moon is a skilled fighter in using weapons or even using random stuff (like her hairpins) as weapons, she lacks in physical power.

Another difference between Usagi and Goku is the trigger of power. Usagi can only become her powerful Sailor Moon version when she is wearing her magical brooch. However, Goku is naturally powerful and does not need any artifact or a secret item to become powerful. 

Thus, the Sailor Moon Vs Goku battle may be a battle between two completely differently powerful superheroes.

Can Sailor Moon Beat Goku?

Sailor Moon VS Goku Like mentioned before, a battle of Sailor Moon Vs Goku will be in between two very differently powerful superheroes.  When it comes to Sailor Moon’s powers, naturally she is physically weaker than Goku. 

However, one thing in which Sailor Moon may be able to beat Goku will be her intelligence.  Although Goku has never had to use his intelligence much in fighting enemies, one of Sailor’s plus points is that she’s incredibly smart and is able to get into her villain’s psyche – and outsmart the strongest of villains. 

Sailor Moon is also known for her magical abilities – which is her main power. She has used her magical abilities to defeat her enemies multiple times, and if there was to be a Sailor Moon Vs Goku battle, she can pretty well give Goku a hard time with her magical abilities. Aside from being skilled in magic and being extremely smart, Sailor is also skilled with weapons. She can use pretty much everything in her favor and turn it into a weapon – which is also another instance of Sailor being really smart. 

Sailor Moon also keeps the power of destroying an entire planet. The primary antagonist of the Sailor Moon series – Wiseman, who is a sentient living planet that is able to eradicate an entire world with its aura. 

However, even a living planet like Wiseman was up to no match for Sailor as she along with her daughter Chibiusa destroyed the whole planet.  Given the differences in fighting styles and mentalities, Sailor Moon can pretty well win a battle with Goku, despite Goku being physically stronger than her. 

How Can Sailor Moon Beat Goku?

Sailor Moon VS Goku We have discussed enough on Sailor Moon and Goku’s powers in this article – now the real question is in a battle of Sailor Moon vs Goku – how can Sailor Moon Beat Goku?

  • Usagi exceeds Goku in her Magical abilities

We all know by now that Goku is unbeatable in a one-on-one physical battle and that when it comes to physical strength, Sailor Moon is no match for Goku. However, Sailor Moon is incredibly powerful when it comes to her magical abilities. 

Usagi rarely ever goes into physical combat with her enemies, she mostly outpowers them with her magical spells. 

Another thing about Usagi is that even though she is not physically strong enough to seriously hurt her enemy, she’s surprisingly durable.  As seen in the Sailor Moon R, when Usagi combats with Rubeus and tosses her around in his Gravity Alteration device where she goes through extreme gravitational fluctuations which are comparable with the ones under which Goku had his training, she makes it out unharmed- which is a proof that she can endure Goku’s super strength in a battle and still win thanks to her magical abilities.

  • Usagi is powerful enough to destroy planets

Usagi’s spells and magical powers are capable enough to destroy planets. As said before, Usagi and her daughter Chibiusa were capable of destroying the evil sentient living planet “Wiseman” with their powers who had evil intentions. Judging by this, it can easily be said that Usagi is way more powerful than Goku as the Saiyan has never been this powerful to destroy an entire planet. 

So definitely in a battle with Goku, Sailor would definitely own him.

  • Usagi’s fighting style is more calculated than Goku’s

Goku has always been physically the strongest and most powerful in martial arts in his universe.  There are only a few who can actually beat Goku in a physical battle. 

However, Sailor Moon’s fighting style is quite different from Goku’s – as she is super smart and is able to get into her villain’s mind and calculate their next move so she can prevent it.  Plus she is also very skilled in using weapons. With such sixth sense and skills to turn random objects into weapons, Usagi can definitely beat Goku in a fight.

  • Sailor Cosmos

Sailor Moon’s final form – the Sailor Cosmos is basically a goddess. 

In a lot of ways, she is way more powerful than even the Super Saiyan Goku. Why? Because Sailor Cosmos is so powerful that she is capable of bending the laws of reality and warping space and time – which means she can very much set up the whole universe in the way that she favors. 

Even stars- which are balls of giant energy sources – are subjects of Sailor Cosmos’s powers – surely Super Saiyan Goku will be no match for Sailor Cosmos.


Sailor Moon vs Goku – a battle that can exceed universal levels. With Sailor Moon being the most powerful out of the two, it is our theory that in a battle of Sailor Moon Vs Goku, Sailor Moon will be the one to win.  But what are your opinions on this? Do you know any aspect in which Goku may be the stronger one? 

Then let us know about your wildest battle theories that may say a lot more about the superhero duo. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How many seasons of Sailor Moon are there?

There are five seasons of the Sailor Moon series.

What is Sailor Moon’s strongest form?

Sailor Cosmos is the universal Goddess form of Sailor Moon, which is her strongest, most powerful, and invincible form.

What is the strongest weapon in Sailor Moon?

The strongest weapon in Sailor Moon is the Eternal tiara, which can transform Usagi into Eternal Sailor Moon.

What is Goku’s strongest form?

The Mastered Ultra Instinct form of Goku with a power level of 4.8 quadrillions is Goku’s strongest form.

Can Sailor Moon warp space and time?

The Sailor Cosmos version of Sailor Moon can warp space and time.

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