Rimuru vs Goku – Who is stronger?

You are likely well aware of Son Goku’s status as one of the most formidable fictional characters ever created. Although he is at the top, he is not the most powerful person. 

However, as Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is essentially a deity as well, Rimuru is a very potent character. 

This situation made us consider whether Rimiru could defeat the Dragon Ball protagonist, and that is what this post will be about.

So, who will win in a Rimuru vs Goku battle? Read on to know who is stronger.

Who is Rimuru Tempest in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime?

Rimuru vs Goku
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Rimuru Tempest, originally Mikami Satoru, the main character of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, is also the founder and king of the monster state known as the “Great Jura Forest.” One of the most powerful demons among the Eight Star Demon Lords, Tempest is the only Great Demon Lord that is currently recognised. He is also Veldora Tempest, the “True Dragon,closest “‘s friend and ally.

Rimuru Tempest’s Powers

Satoru Mikami was stabbed by a thief while attempting to protect his younger coworker Tamura, and after his demise, he was resurrected as Rimuru Tempest, a slime, in a magical realm. He went out to master a variety of new skills, make friends, and eventually rule the creatures after being given incredible healing abilities. 

Before he becomes upset, he acts perfectly nice and compassionate. Given that he is a slime and has access to Hammerspace, his appetite can rival Goku’s. 

Multiple reports claim that the slime/human hybrid possesses a wide range of magic spells at his disposal, as well as a Black Sword that cannot be broken, bent, or overloaded. 

He becomes a god at the end of the series, with no discernible flaws or vulnerabilities. To ensure his execution, an attack must completely destroy him on a bodily and spiritual level. 

Tempest is also capable of atomic and spiritual destruction. His acute, analytical abilities enable him to absorb attacks and make better use of them than their original users. He recovers swiftly, so he can resume combat right away. 

Rimuru has the ability to negate pain, negate spirits, create healing potions, negate physical attacks, and change reality perception. He is too strong and under divine protection to actually have any weaknesses.

Who is Goku in Dragon Ball?

Rimuru vs Goku
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Son Goku, a member of the Saiyans, a nearly extinct race, was sent to Earth in order to improve his lot in life, and he did so. He became friends with Bulma, defeated King Piccolo, and has since defeated all opponents—though not without assistance. 

The Saiyan from Earth enjoys eating, fighting, and playing around. Goku’s hunger rivals that of Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, which is impressive. He demonstrates courage and compassion by promising to protect the Earth and everyone who lives on it.

Goku and his Powers

Rimuru vs Goku
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When it comes to strength, Son’s first battle with Beerus in Super Saiyain God form sent shockwaves across the cosmos with each punch that connected. He was able to use the Spirit bomb to defeat Kid Buu, and although being worn out, he managed to survive everyone else to become one of the final survivors in the Tournament of Power. 

He has only just started to fully develop both his Ultra Instinct and new Zen forms, but already he can defeat the majority of fighters from both his own universe and those from other universes.

In the Dragon Ball Super anime, he defeats Hit by transforming into the blue Super Saiyan Kaiohken, which combines the destructive power of the Kaiohken with the blue Super Saiyan’s transformation. 

In the Dragon Ball Super manga, Goku also succeeds in moving up to the final blue Super Saiyan stage so he may fight the molten Zamasu.

The Sayian’s naivete, however, is his main flaw. Son has always been eager to give villains a fair chance to defeat him, whether it be by allowing them to charge in their full form (as Frieza did) or by offering them a senzu bean (Moro). 

This has failed numerous times, particularly when dealing with Moro, who got so strong that Vegeta had to show up and assist Goku in defeating him. While in Golden form, Frieza attempted to shoot him in the back and was successful. 

Additionally, he has frequently needed assistance to complete the task. For instance, he needed Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission to defeat Moro, Android 17 and Frieza to defeat Jiren, Vegeta and him to defeat Broly, Cell to defeat Kid Buu, and Vegeta and him to defeat Vegeta.

Rimuru Vs Son Goku Who Will Win? 

Rimuru vs Goku
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Due to the fact that Goku actually outperforms most characters, comparing them to him is usually pointless. 

Even though Rimuru Tempest may be the greatest character in the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime universe, it is still considerably weaker than Goku’s universe, and as a result, Goku’s weaker forms are essentially on par with the strongest characters from the Slime universe. 

We can only say with certainty that Son Goku would defeat Rimuru and wouldn’t even have to give it his all because Goku has battled aliens, monsters, martial artists, and even deities in his own universe who are all much stronger than anything the world of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime has to offer. 

Goku is a multi-versed fighter who can move as quickly as light. Although the narrative has largely followed one path, it is uncertain whether Rimuru’s abilities can match that level of power. Goku also possesses a Zen form and the capacity to perceive the dimensional energy of other universes. 

Compared to Rimuru, Goku is a better fighter, has a lot more experience, and possesses powers and skills that Rimuru simply does not possess. Son Goku wins this one because of this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1) Does Goku beat Rimuru?

Ans – Rimuru may overshadow the basic transformations of Goku. However, ultimately Goku nay beat Rimuru with his Ultra Instinct form.

Q2) Who will win Rimuru or xeno Goku?

Ans – Xeno Goku is one of the most powerful entities in the complete anime world. So, Rimuru will stand no chance against him. 

Q3) Can Zeno erase Rimuru?

Ans – Omni King Zeno can erase anything and everything within a blink of an eye. 


So, this was a detailed comparison between Rimuru and Goku. So, who do you think will win in a Rimuru vs Goku battle? Tell us in the comment box. Also, follow us for more interesting articles. 

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