One Piece Spoilers: Did He Really Die?

One Piece is an unbeatable anime about friendship, adventure, mystery, action, and tragedy. The series’s strong point is its well-written characters. Even after more than a decade has passed since his passing, Portgas D. Ace remains a favorite. 

His untimely passing marked a dramatic arc in the show. According to One Piece spoilers, after Ace’s death, Luffy delays his crew’s reunion for two days so he can practice with Rayleigh and hone his haki and devil fruit skills. This character debuted in the “Alabasta” storyline and is Luffy’s sibling. 

Ace was a formidable fighter and the Whitebeard Pirates’ second division commander, for whom a bounty of 550,000,000 berries had been placed. As a result, we can only speculate on how shocking it must have been for him to die in such a way. 

Want to know some amazing One Piece spoilers? Here is all we know. 

One Piece Spoilers: What Makes Ace’s Death So Distinctive Afterwards, the Wano Arc? 

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If fans miss Ace during the “Wano” storyline, it’s because he’s only seen in flashbacks. Upon his arrival in Wano, Luffy finds out that Otama has been waiting for news of Ace but has yet to be aware of the reality. While Otama is initially enraged by Luffy’s simple statement that Ace died two years ago, she comes to regret her reaction as she learns from Nami that Ace is, in fact, Luffy’s brother. 

Yamato’s loss is compounded by the fact that she still has Ace’s Vivre card. She notes when his life is in jeopardy or he passes away. 

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However, her father, Kaido, holds her as an enslaved person. She is trapped and can only watch as Ace’s Vivre card vanishes in front of her eyes. One Piece spoilers depiction of the similarities between the two brothers also reintroduces the audience to the tragedy. 

The commitment Luffy makes to Otama is the same as the one Ace made all those years ago. Yamato reminisces about their time together and tells Luffy that he reminds her of Ace. She had been waiting for Luffy to arrive in Wano and help her battle Kaido since she learned about him. Luffy and Ace weren’t biological brothers, yet they grew up together. They were equally carefree and helpful. 

This was previously obvious to the audience, but the “Wano” storyline makes it stand out even more starkly. The spectator is reminded of how distraught Luffy was by Ace’s death by the way he hides his emotions whenever Ace is addressed. 

One Piece Spoilers Reveal Portgas D. Ace’s Tragic End

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Every formidable pirate knows they are always in danger while sailing the seven seas. This is especially true because Blackbeard was after his younger brother, Luffy. 

The Navy didn’t end up obtaining Luffy, but they did grab Ace. Given that the Navy had known for some time that Ace was the son of Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, this was a fortunate coincidence. The Navy considered it a top priority to eliminate his lineage, which is why they ordered Ace’s execution; this action set off the Paramount War. 

Although his allies came to his aid and even succeeded in saving him, Ace ultimately decided to give his life to shield Luffy from Akainu’s wrath, bringing an end to the magnificent career of the pirate known as Portgas D. Ace.

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