One Piece Spoilers 1067 Reddit – Lucci Gears Up To Kill Bonny!!

Finally, the wait seems to be over as One Piece spoilers 1067 are flooding out on the Internet. The creator, Eiichiro Oda has passed an insane sneak peek and a major plot twist coming up in the next chapter. The One Piece chapter 1067 raw scans will be available one or two days prior to the official release. So, till we get our hands on the official One Piece chapter 1067 raw scans, let’s check out some incredible spoilers for the next chapter. 

One Piece Chapter 1067 Is Titled “Punk Record” 

One Piece Spoilers 1067
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The upcoming chapter of One Piece is titled “Punk Record.” This refers to the upper portion of the egg at the top of the island. It is none other than a reference to Dr. Vegapunk’s brain. Dr. Vegapunk is not a normal One Piece character, in fact, no One Piece characters are normal. He was born with insane intelligence and a mastermind brain. Moreover, he leveled up things when he consumed the “Nomi Nomi No Mi.” It’s a type of fruit that allows Vegapunk’s brain to rack up unlimited information and with the feeding of more and more data his brain grows up. 

So, Punk Record or the data in Vegapunk’s oh-not-so-normal brain of Vegapunk gets updated each and every day. 

One Piece Manga 1067 Spoilers Reddit 

One Piece Spoilers 1067
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Redon, one of the trusted spoilers providers, has revealed a bunch of shocking updates about One Piece chapter 1067. As per the latest One Piece chapter 1067 spoilers popping out, Vegapunk consults with Jinbe about the development of Punk Records. 

As the story goes on we get to know the intention of Dr. Vegapunk. He wants to open up access to Punk Records to anyone and everyone. He wants that the Punk Record can be accessed by anyone and they can also update it with their data. However, Jinbe says that it’s just an awful idea as anyone can feed biased thoughts into it. 

One Piece Spoilers 1067 Twitter 

One Piece Spoilers 1067
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As per the One Piece spoilers 1067 coming out from Twitter, the new chapter will feature a new face of Vegapunk where Bonney will utilize her lightsaber to attack Dr. Vegapunk. 

However, as soon as Bonney starts to use her lightsaber, it starts to attract bugs and Bonney gets scared and she faints. 

Meanwhile, things get more diplomatic as Lucci gets the news that Bonney is near. He gears up to kill her as she is of no use to the World Government now. 

As per the latest spoilers, fans will also get hands-on several details about the present situation in Momoiro Island. The scene starts with the real Bartholomew Kuma, who is now with the Revolutionary Army and Monkey D. Dragon on Kamabakka Island. 

One Piece chapter 1067 is coming on Sunday 20, 2022. So, fans, are you ready to get the ultimate twist? 

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