One Piece Characters Naruto’s Madara Can Beat Single Handedly!! 

Naruto and One Piece: two of the most iconic anime series of all time. Both anime shows were aired sometime around the 2000s, and since then have gained a lot of popularity in the anime fandom. 

Among the most talked about characters of the anime Naruto, Madara Uchiha is a ninja that many fans find as one of their favorite characters from the show along with also being one of the most powerful characters of the show. 

Fans of both of the shows have often compared Madara’s abilities with other One Piece Characters for years. 

With One Piece introducing super powerful characters like Luffy, Shanks, Kaidou etc, the competition has definitely been tough. But did you know there are a number of One Piece Characters Madara can beat single-handedly?

That’s right, Madara Uchiha is definitely a prodigy rivaled by none of these One Piece characters. So grab a snack, and have a look at these One Piece Characters Madara can beat single handedly!

Here are the One Piece Characters Madara can beat single handedly with EASE! 

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If you are a true fan of Naruto, then you definitely don’t need to have Madara Uchiha be reintroduced to you. 

A prodigy of ninja fighters, Madara Uchiha is the strongest Ninja and has been equalled by no other Ninja of his age. With special powers like being able to use the Truth-seeking balls and combining multiple chakras, Madara is almost invincible. 

But what if One Piece and Naruto had a crossover? Wouldn’t that have been epic? 

It surely would! So imagining that a Naruto X One Piece crossover happens, here are some One Piece Characters Madara can beat single handedly without any problems, so you can enjoy some Naruto X One Piece action! 

One Piece Characters Madara Can Beat!! 

  • Mihawk is not a match for Madara Uchiha’s Sharingan

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The One Piece world’s greatest swordsman, who managed to outpower Zoro who has the highest amount of endurance in Straw Hats, is definitely one of the most prodigious characters in terms of power in One Piece.

However, he is still not a match for Madara Uchiha. Madara can easily predict his moves before he can even affect him, and thus Madara would definitely be the winner. 

  • King may be an intimidating opponent, but Madara still has the upper hand

King has the strongest Zoan-type devil fruit amongst the Animal Kingdom pirates. A tremendously intimidating warrior, King can turn himself into a Pteranodon covered in flames. However, his powers cannot put him at an advantage against Madara. Considering Madara possesses the power to control the Bijuu Monsters who are capable of destroying entire villages, King will definitely be of no match for him. 

  • Charlotte Katakuri’s Mochi powers will put him at a great disadvantage

Charlotte Katakuri has the unique power of turning himself and anything he touches into a special dessert named mochi. 

While he is a very prodigious fighter in the One Piece world with this power, his power will not be effective against Madara’s, because mochis certainly cannot withstand fire. 

Madara is the strongest fighter of the Uchiha clan, and his clan is known for their abilities in the fire-type jutsus. So definitely, Charlotte Katakuri does not stand a chance against Madara. 

  • Boa Hancock’s Devil Fruit is not effective on Madara

Boa Hancock has the incredible power of using all three forms of Haki. But her greatest power is the devil fruit. However, even though she is a pretty incredible fighter in One Piece, she cannot put up a fight against Madara Uchiha.  Her greatest power is to seduce her opponents and take advantage of them, but since Madara does not care about the looks of his opponents, he can easily win over Boa’s tricks. 

  • Sanji’s powers aren’t enough to put Madara at a disadvantage

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Sanji’s biggest power is his excellence at the Armament Haki along with the suit he inherited which granted him his family’s genetic enhancements. But with Madara’s Sharingan, Madara can easily dodge every attack that Sanji may be throwing at him, and if Sanji cannot even lay a hand on Madara, there is definitely no way Sanji would win against Madara. 

  • If Madara can win against the Tailed Beasts, he can definitely win against Queen

One of Kaido’s top executives, Queen has the power of turning into a brachiosaurus thanks to the Zoan type devil fruit. Queen also is a cyborg, and he is capable of throwing powerful blasts. 

However, no matter how big he is as a brachiosaurus, he is still minimalistic in comparison with a Tailed Beast in terms of size and power. And considering Madara had single-handedly been able to defeat nine of these Tailed Beasts all on his own, there is really no doubt that Queen would be easily defeated by Madara. 

  • Admiral Greenbull is no match for Madara’s fire powers 

Admiral Greenbull has the impressive ability to control trees and becoming a giant intimidating tree monster. While this is a very versatile and useful power, it still is susceptible to fire. See where we’re going with this? 

Once again, Madara being the prodigy fighter of his clan known for their Fire Jutsu, Admiral Greenbull’s planetary power wouldn’t be a match for Madara’s fire jutsu. Easily, Admiral Greenbull is one of the One Piece Characters Madara can beat single handedly. 

  • Big Mom Vs Madara? Madara is the definite winner

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Big Mom is one of the One Piece characters who have a very unique, useful and intimidating ability. 

Aside from being extremely resilient and endurance, Big Mom can also create sentient beings with human souls. Think this may shake Madara’s abilities? Nope. 

With Madara’s wood release he can easily trap the sentient beings causing Big Mom to fight against him herself. And in a one-on-one fight, Madara will definitely defeat Big Mom with ease. Clearly, an obvious addition to the list of One Piece Characters Madara can beat single handedly. 

  • Doflamingo may have the Devil Fruit, but that doesn’t necessarily give him the upper hand

Once a member of the Warlords of the Sea and the captain of the Donquixote Pirates, Doflamingo wields the most efficient powers of his devil fruit. A sadist who takes joy in hurting others, Doflamingo is a scary opponent for anyone. 

However his devil fruit is still not powerful enough to defeat Madara Uchiha. Although Doflamingo takes joy in fighting, he’s still weaker than many characters of this list, and thus weaker than Madara by default. So with no doubt, Madara will be the winner. 

  • Even Kaido is NOT a match for Madara’s Sharingan

Shocked? Yes, we can understand. But it is a fact. Kaido is the super intimidating, fear inducing, sadistic and villainous Emperor who is considered to be the strongest creature in the world of One Piece. Kaido is a prodigy capable in all forms of Haki along with the ability of using an advanced form of Conqueror’s Haki, which significantly boosts his destructive and aggressive traits. Yet, in front of Madara’s susanoo, Kaido is unable to hurt Madara. Even in his dragon form, Kaido cannot injure Madara through his insanely strong susanoo. 

  • Luffy can survive the Sharingan, but the Meteor impact will be the end for him 

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Monkey D. Luffy, who is arguably the strongest character of One Piece is a pirate king who earned his immense strength with tireless training and his willpower.  He is powerful in all forms of Haki, and has also unlocked the Conqueror’s Haki. In a fight, Luffy can release countless high speed attacks that even Madara’s Sharingan cannot withstand. 

But, with the Susanoo and Madara’s most powerful ability to use his rinnegan to cause a meteor shower is where Luffy will find himself at a great disadvantage. Luffy is albeit a super strong fighter and Madara will have an insanely difficult time trying to have Luffy in his control, but the moment Madara unleashes his meteor strike, victory inevitably would be his. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who among One Piece characters has the power of turning things into mochi?

This may sound silly, but Charlotte Katakuri’s ability to turn things into mochi is quite impressive when he’s in action!

  • Is Kaido stronger than Luffy?

Luffy’s significant increase in abilities has made him suitable enough to defeat Kaido, although it definitely is a tough battle for both of them.

  • Is Madara invincible in the One Piece universe?

Considering that Madara completely took out all of Sasuke, Naruto, 5 Kage, Kakashi, and his base from LIMBO all while being blindfolded, it is safe to say that no one in One Piece can ever compare with Madara’s abilities. 

  • Which ability of Madara will put Luffy at a disadvantage?

Although Luffy will survive Madara’s Sharingan, there’s no way he can get away with Madara’s Meteor impact. 

  • What are the Truth-seeking balls? 

Truth-seeking balls are a special ability of Madara Uchiha with which he can shoot at his targets from multiple directions while also defending himself. 


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So to conclude, although Naruto has many more powerful characters than Madara Uchiha, in the world of One Piece, Madara is pretty much invincible. 

However, it’s been nice to have you with us in this discussion! We hope you enjoyed our take on One Piece Characters Madara can beat single handedly. 

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know about your thoughts on which characters will win against Madara in the comments below!

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