One Piece Chapter 1067 Raw Scans Reveal The Dragon’s Next Move & Vegapunk’s Big Brain 

One Piece Chapter 1067 raw scans explain how Dr. Vegapunk, a naturally gifted genius, transformed into a massive data store after consuming the dragon fruit. He reveals to Jinbe his strategy. 

This could be a battle in disguise because the CP-0 is also at the entrance to Egghead Island. Read more about it in the part with spoilers. 

One Piece 1067 Raw Scans 

One Piece chapter 1067 raw scans
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We learned that the Germa has returned to the Germa Kingdom in the previous chapter, along with Caesar.

After the World Government’s invasion, Dragon and Real Dr. Vegapunk were spotted in Ohara. They were both seen to know Dr. Clover. 

We learned a little bit about the conflict that erupted in the Void Century between the Ancient Kingdom and the 20 Nations.

Dragon felt he needed to build an army after this attack by the World Government and asked Dr. Vegapunk to assist him in his endeavor. Dr. Vegapunk turned down the offer, saying his expertise would be more valuable elsewhere. 

The Marines were watching him and Vegapunk wanted to be close to them. Dragon warned him that his choice would make him the government’s pet. All the volumes were taken from Ohara by Jaguar D. Saul, who later gave them to Elbaf. 

After visiting Elbaf, Vegapunk read all of those books and committed to memory all of the information contained therein. Then, for the first time, we got to see the real Dr. Vegapunk, who resembled the late scientist Albert Einstein.

One Piece Chapter 1067 Release Date & Time

One Piece chapter 1067 raw scans
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On Sunday, November 20, 2022, the next issue of the WSJ as well as the official websites of Viz Media and Mangaplus will publish One Piece 1067.

The upcoming chapter’s spoilers and raw scans are already available and are included below. You can read each of them in the sections that follow.


One Piece Chapter 1067 Release Date20th November 2022
One Piece Chapter 1067 raw scans and spoilers release16th November 2022


One Piece Chapter 1067 Raw Scans & Leaks 

The raw scans and leaks for One Piece Chapter 1067 are now available. 

This chapter mainly explains Dr. Vegapunk’s abilities and his memory bank, known as the “Punk Records.” 

The struggle between Judge and Caesar is depicted on the cover page’s first raw scan. 

When Bonney uses her lightsaber to strike Dr. Vegapunk, it attracts insects, which terrify Bonney and cause her to faint. 

When CP-0 and Lucci arrived at Egghead island, they pleaded for permission to enter and stated that they intended to return Kuma’s seraphim.

Shaka, a Vegapunk, refused to let them in, warning that a fight might break out. Shaka also told the other Vegapunks the same thing.

In his injured state, Kuma begins to run on Momoiro Island. Dragon and Ivankov are unaware of Kuma’s situation. 

One Piece Chapter 1067 Spoilers 

One Piece chapter 1067 raw scans
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  • Title of Chapter: “Punk Records” 
  • Judge and Caesar are engaged in combat on the cover page. 
  • Although Dr. Vegapunk was a genius by nature, he also consumed “Nomu Nomu no Mi.” 
  • Vegapunk can store an infinite amount of information in his head because of this fruit, but the amount grows over time. 
  • Vegapunk’s brain is the material that makes up the top of the enormous egg on Egghead Island. 
  • The “Punk Records” portion of the egg is currently developing. 
  • This “Punk Records” is updated every day using information gathered from the sox Vegapunks and Real Dr. Vegapunk.
  • Dr. Vegapunk discusses with Jinbe his plans to create Punk Records in a way that everyone may use and edit. 
  • The idea, according to Jinbe, may backfire by spreading false information. 
  • Momonosuke’s pink dragon is viewed as a failure by Vegapunk. 
  • The 900-year-old robot that Luffy discovered was created. 
  • That robot assaulted Mary Geoise 200 years ago after scaling the Red Line, but it was apprehended. 
  • The robot ‘Vega Force 01’ was influenced by it. 
  • Due to the outdated nature of the energy source, Vegapunk was unable to discover it in the ancient robot. 
  • When Bonney tries to fight Vegapunk with her lightsaber, it draws bugs, and Bonney collapses. 
  • Vegapunk claims to have a gift for Bonney.
  • Then Vegapunk asks Luffy if he will assist him in removing him from Egghead island, claiming that their meeting must have been fate. 
  • We now see Lucci and CP-0 arriving at Egghead island as the scene changes. 
  • They want entry to the island so they can deliver Kuma’s Seraphim. 
  • Lucci was informed that Bonney had been detected in the vicinity and had been given the go-ahead to kill her if they came across her. 
  • They should follow the Seraphim and depart, Vegapunk Shaka advises while refusing to grant them admission. 
  • Shaka then issues commands for the other Vegapunks to get ready for combat. 
  • In a damaged state, Kuma gets to his feet on Momoiro island and begins to escape. 
  • Dragon queries Kuma about his destination. 
  • The chapter is over.

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