New Dragon Ball Super Arc Will Change Goku & Vegeta’s Story! Here’s How? 

Goku and Vegeta’s roles in the plot will be altered in a way that has never happened before in Dragon Ball Super history. 

It’s officially time to shift the eyeballs of the can’t to some other characters in the new Dragon Ball Super arc. The two formidable Saiyan warriors will for the first time hand over the spotlight on their sons.

Goten and Trunks, who will serve as the series’ main characters while Goku and Vegeta train on a distant planet. But how will this shift impact the story? Here is all we know. 

New Dragon Ball Super Arc Is Changing Directions

New Dragon Ball Arc

The two major protagonists of the tale of Dragon Ball Super have been Goku and Vegeta from the beginning. 

The focus of the following plot arc will be on Goten and Trunks, two characters that did not even make an appearance during the Tournament of Power. 

Goku and Vegeta are away from Earth, training on the planet of the God of Destruction Beerus.

Goten and Trunks will be the main characters of this new arc, according to a teaser preview. 

It appeared in the February 2023 issue of the magazine V-Jump (published in December 2022) and was shared on Twitter by @DbsHype. 

Leaving the most well-known members of the franchise out of the narrative is a hazardous move, but Dragon Ball Super isn’t afraid to make it.

Goten And Trunks Taking Spotlight

New Dragon Ball Arc

The new Dragon Ball Super arc, which premieres on December 20, will feature Goten and Trunks as the main characters.

It will serve as a prologue to the events depicted in the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. 

When the two Saiyan children first appeared in Dragon Ball Z’s Majin Buu arc, they quickly became very well-liked by viewers. 

In Dragon Ball Super, they sadly received absolutely no attention, but this is about to change. 

New Dragon Ball Arc
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Given that the promotional artwork depicts Goten and Trunks as adults, it seems certain that the new story arc takes place after the Granolah story a few years ago. Goku and Vegeta are most likely practicing revenge moves after being humiliated by Frieza in the final chapter before the series took a pause. 

The attire worn by Goten and Trunks indicates that they are following in Gohan’s footsteps as Great Saiyaman and assuming secret identities. In their absence, new heroes must step up to protect Earth. 

This confirmation that Goten and Trunks will be the main characters indicates that Goku and Vegeta will not actively participate in the tale for the first time. It also demonstrates that Dragon Ball Super is not scared to alter its formula.

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