My Hero Academia Theory: Dabi Can’t Die!! Here’s Why? 

The My Hero Academia Theory considers Quirk Singularity theories heretical and taboo. 

Despite this, there have been signs throughout the series that the “prophecy of doom” may have some basis in reality. Several characters have let their Quirks run wild in the middle of the ultimate all-out fight between the Pro Heroes and baddies, displaying a strength well above what has come to be expected of Quirks.

Similarly, not all abilities are what they seem, and some characters develop the capacity to refine their abilities throughout the show.

Proof of MHA’s “Quirk Singularity” Hypothesis: The Todoroki Family

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The Todoroki family’s feuds may get as hot as their shared Flame Quirks. With their lives on the line, Endeavor, Dabi, and Shoto push the limits of their Quirks to face off against All For One, and all of MHA watches as the hellish Todoroki family’s shared character arc comes to a head. 

The fact that three different Quirks have reached the point where they can affect global weather patterns is unmistakable evidence of their increased potency and potential. Dabi’s body can’t take the heat of his Cremation Quirk much longer.

MHA fans fear for the worse when they consider what the genre could become after another generation or two of development.

My Hero Academia Spoilers: Dabi’s Powers and What They Do? 

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Dabi, like Endeavor himself, is shown to have an unusual ability to produce blue flames from his body. Dabi is like his father in another respect: the intense heat from his flames terrifies his physique. Dabi’s patchwork skin gradually changes throughout the series to reveal more burns and less healthy skin when his quirk is used. 

In the ongoing war arc of the manga, he has been reduced to a charred carcass consisting primarily of muscle and bone. Even though he was never meant to survive long enough to become a member of the League of Villains, he does so nevertheless, much to the surprise of those who know him. 

The “Real” Quirk that Dabi May Have

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Dabi’s peculiarity once thought to be a form of Endeavor’s Hellflame, is more akin to the phoenix’s rebirth. According to My Hero Academia Theory, Dabi may be reincarnated or revitalized when he destroys his entire existing self, as the name suggests. 

The existence of specific panels that hint at light emitted from Dabi’s heart while unconscious lends credence to this notion. Dabi’s story already contains the symbolism of a phoenix, as she perished as Toya and was resurrected as Dabi. By enabling Dabi to return to life as a child, the phoenix mythology can be taken at face value, which could further the development of Endeavor’s character arc as he strives to provide a better life for his loved ones. 

He knew he couldn’t count on Dabi’s forgiveness, but he could start again with his firstborn kid and try to make amends for any wrongs he’d done.

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