My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Spoilers: Present Mic & Spinner’s Fight Over Kurogiri Ends With A Glimpse Of Shirakumo

After a short vacation, My Hero Academia chapter 373 has returned with a dramatic chapter that could mark the conclusion of the Mutant Discrimination sub-arc. 

The chapter’s spoilers state that when the demonstrators were put down, the main conflict between Kurogiri and the heroes would now start. 

My Hero Academia chapter 373 spoilers also hint that Spinner and Present Mic’s perspectives on Kurogiri differ from what readers would have first surmised. In addition, a greater comprehension of the league members’ motivations expands on their stance toward Tomura Shigaraki.

Want more My Hero Academia 373 spoilers? Read on to know more. 

My Hero Academia chapter 373 spoilers 

My Hero Academia chapter 373 spoilers
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Shoji is posted in charge of manning the hospital door as Present Mic directs in My Hero Academia chapter 373. The mutant from chapter 372 defends Shoji as someone prepares to kill him. 

The man claims that because he has experienced discrimination throughout his life, he has always felt justified in supporting Spinner’s cause. 

However, Shoji’s speech has made him realize that there are good people who will suffer as a result of this mutant Uprising. 

According to Shoji, this revolt has united everyone around a common cause, and they can now decide to use it for the greater good. 

The mutant forces gradually give up the fight after realizing the meaning behind Shoji’s words, despite the PLF general’s best efforts to stop them. The demonstrators finally give up after the cops apologize for using force to repress them. 

More My Hero Academia 373 Spoilers 

My Hero Academia chapter 373 spoilers
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Present Mic disables the gadget inside the medical facility using the voices of AFO and Shigaraki. Spinner, who has grown back to his original size and is now exhausted beyond belief, is knocked to the ground. 

Spinner, however, learns that while he got lost in the confusion of leading the mutants, he just intended to save Tomura as one of Shigaraki’s family members’ hands fell out of his garment. 

Present Mic considers how much Aizawa has endured and that, if Shirakumo was not going to revert to his former nature, it would be better if he simply vanished and became a pleasant memory. 

As he is contemplating this, Spinner gets to his feet and asks Kurogiri to help Tomura by placing a palm on his face. Shirakumo’s features can be seen on Kurogiri’s face when he first wakes up. He escapes the bonds and claims that Tomura Shigaraki can only be saved by him. 

Final Thoughts 

My Hero Academia chapter 373 spoilers
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According to My Hero Academia chapter 373 spoilers, Kurogiri will be fighting alongside the villains. 

It’s remarkable to see how many people, even though Tomura Shigaraki is in the care of AFO, actually care about him and want to help him. This suggests that individuals like Spinner and Kurogiri are aware that the AFO’s plans do not serve Tomura’s interests.

Do not forget that Tomura is a very young person who needs protection from the members of the Eth League because he has been wronged all his life. 

On the other hand, Present Mic’s position on Kurogiri is clarified in My Hero Academia chapter 373. Although it is obvious that Mic cares for Shirakumo and genuinely wants to bring him back to the light, he puts Aizawa’s mental health ahead of it. He does not share Aizawa’s optimism or his unwavering faith in their late friend. Present Mic fully intends to get rid of Kurogiri if he completely rejects Shirakumo. Kurogiri has now sided with AFO, so it will be interesting to see if the voice hero can follow through on his promise. 

Mangaka Horikoshi’s assertion that every evil can be made good through empathy and understanding is emphasized by Shoji’s impact on the mutants in My Hero Academia chapter 373. 

Readers wonder if such umbrella forgiveness is possible given that Deku intends to save Shigaraki despite the crimes he has committed. Many readers think that the bad guys should be made to suffer the full repercussions of their conduct. What direction mangaka Horikoshi chooses to go in is still unknown.

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