You Are Not A Anime Fan If You Don’t Know These Popular Anime Characters 

It’s difficult to acknowledge, but evaluating an anime doesn’t necessarily depend on how well it is written or animated. To choose the best characters, fans frequently run popularity competitions. 

Popular anime characters are fascinating and beautifully created. While some superbly personify the show’s best qualities, others are professionals at grabbing viewers’ attention. 

Its occasionally lovable characters help the series become enduring and popular. Only a small percentage of the various anime characters were able to leave an effect on most anime fans. They have remained popular for many years, and they most likely will continue to do so for a very long time.

While there is a heap of popular anime characters, we are here with a list of the characters every anime fan knows. 

8 Most Popular Anime Characters 

Popular Anime Characters
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Here is the list of Most Popular Anime Characters:

1. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass) 

Lelouch is a powerful and wise prince who has the ability to implant instructions into another person’s head through eye contact that they will immediately follow. He played the mysterious Zero in a parallel reality and led the Japanese freedom fighters to victory. 

His brilliance and charisma are his most well-known qualities. He may even be the most intelligent anime character ever created. Lelouch is fast to interpret subtle cues and has exceptional quickness and accuracy when carrying out strategies. His persuasive speeches instantly led to a surge in his popularity in Japan.

2. L Lawliet 

Popular Anime Characters
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One of the most popular anime characters of all time is L Lawliet. He distinguishes himself from the other anime characters with a lot of appealing qualities. 

Despite his intelligence, L does have some odd habits, such as his sweet appetite and renown seating position. 

It is obvious why L is one of the most well-known anime characters ever because of the mystery that surrounds him.  

L was able to see right through Light’s facade due to his awkward social behavior and mysterious vibe. L used logical reasoning to show off his exceptional investigation abilities.

3. Goku (Dragon Ball) 

Goku has been the main character in the Dragon Ball series for 32 years, and he has kept the show running with his wit, charisma, innocence, and strength. He is the greatest ally of many Gods and aliens, and he defends Earth. 

Due to his attractiveness and kind nature, even the original antagonist of the show, Vegeta, changed his mind and the two now have one of the best frenemy relationships. 

Since he was a little child, Goku has been featured in the Dragon Ball series. Many various story armors, including resurrections from the dead, have caused some fans to believe that Goku is impervious to harm. His best qualities—pure heart, altruism, devotion, and dedication—are what make him an enduringly popular anime character.

4. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) 

Popular Anime Characters
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Many people consider Luffy to be the “big three’s” leader in Shonen Jump. He is the Straw Hat Pirates’ captain and the beloved main character of One Piece. From humble beginnings, he eventually aspired to become the Pirate King. 

Luffy has a memorable personality that is charming. 

As he completes these incredible feats, he has made his admirers laugh, cry, and stand in awe. Simply simply, it’s challenging to dislike Luffy and even more challenging to downplay any of the things he has accomplished in the series.

5. Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

Every time anime is brought up, Naruto comes up. The show’s main character, Naruto Uzumaki, is adored by viewers for his charm and sharp wit. Despite having no family as a child and being outcast by his people, Naruto grew up to be an honorable man. 

One of the most well-known Shounen heroes, Naruto, started out as an amateur ninja and failed the Academy three times. He did, however, train hard and use pure willpower to become the best shinobi. He is a cherished figure because he is educated, engaging, and a loyal friend.

6. Kilua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)

Popular Anime Characters
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Despite Gon being the primary character, Hunter x Hunter’s Kilua stole the show and had a substantial amount of character development. 

Despite hailing from a family of murderers, Kilua exceeded expectations as a young kid and a shonen character by displaying good emotional development. He had to grow in his appreciation for and knowledge of friendship. 

Kilua had to acknowledge the genuine value of a human life. Throughout the Hunter Exam narrative, he killed people with no regret. However, near the end of the story, Kilua understood the seriousness of taking another person’s life. Kilua has a likable, enduring personality, which appeals to fans.

7. Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Gojo Satoru is a special-grade jujutsu sorcerer who teaches at the Tokyo Jujutsu high school. He is renowned for his unrivaled style, abilities, personality, and appearance. Gojo, who is the strongest man in the world and is tall and slim, scores well on the appeal scale. 

Gojo’s appearance is enough to make everyone envious, but he also possesses incredible cursed energies that make him an unstoppable magician. He is Yuji Itadori’s mentor and the series’ lead character in Jujutsu Kaisen. Gojo has a sweet taste and was a fan of Digimon in high school, which further adds to his endearing relatability.

8. Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

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Ken Kaneki underwent the most radical personality change in all of anime. He was once a regular person studying Japanese literature at Kamii University. the protagonist of the anime program Tokyo Ghoul. 

One of the most well-known anti-heroes in anime history, Ken underwent kagune, or ghoul organ transfer, and became a one-eyed ghoul. 

In a world full of horror and dystopia, his cheery and positive appeal did not endure long, and after going through numerous tragedies, he evolved into an anti-hero. 

Ken acknowledges the anguish faced by both people and ghouls and seeks to forge a fresh, cynical way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Who is the most popular anime character?

Ans – Some of the most popular anime characters are – Goku, Naruto Uzumaki, Saitama, Luffy, and more.

Q2) Who is the big 4 of anime?

Ans – The four biggest anime franchises are – Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Bleach. 

Q3) Who is the prettiest anime girl?

Ans – Some of the prettiest anime girls are – Hinata Hyuga, Boa Hancock, Asuna Yuuki, and more. 


So, this was our article on the most popular anime characters. Did we miss anyone? And who is your favorite from the list? Tell us in the comment box. Make sure to stay tuned and follow us for more interesting articles!! 

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