7 Most Emotional Spy x Family Characters 

Despite the fact that Spy x Family is mostly about espionage, there are an unexpectedly large number of emotionally charged individuals. 

The cast members occasionally experience emotional outbursts for a variety of causes. 

Some people could struggle with parenting, while others fret about what will happen to the two rival nations. Others, though, become agitated just by the notion of a kiss. 

Here is a list of the top 7 most emotional Spy x Family characters- 

Most Emotional Spy x Family Characters

Emotional Spy x Family characters 

1. Yor Briar 

Yor Briar, who is now known as Yor Forger, is a cruel killer as well as a loving foster mother. Yor is a very kind and empathetic person despite her secret career. She frequently frets about her reputation and if she is a good mother to Anya. In addition, Yor is quite bashful around guys, especially Loid. Anytime the topic of romance is brought up, Yor gets tremendously agitated and loses his cool. While many fans are eagerly anticipating Yor and Loid’s union, others are pleased to watch Yor’s antics as she juggles her roles as a wife, a mother, and a hired killer.

Yor is highly gullible and is easily tricked by the ridiculous lies Loid tells her to hide his identity, which is a complete idiosyncrasy. Despite her education and skill, Yor shows a stunning lack of common sense when she asks Camilla if boogers made coffee taste better in response to her suggestion that they put one in their superior’s cup. Another time, mistaking completing [an exam] for dying away, she responded to Loid’s query on passing an exam by discussing causes of death.

2. Yuri Briar 

Emotional Spy x Family characters
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Yor Briar’s younger brother Yuri is a police officer with the Ostanian Secret Police. Yuri has a sister complex, thus even as a little child, he would be trying everything to win Yor’s approval and affection. Although it’s possible that his mother’s early death contributed to him becoming extremely close to Yor as a mother figure. When performing his duties, Yuri is seen to have a highly charming demeanor and to patiently elicits information from those he questions. However, in a peculiar way, Yuri loses all sense of reason when dealing with his sister and accepts Yor’s justifications for “forgetting” to inform him of her marriage to Loid for a year.

3. Damian Desmond

The second child of an illustrious family is Damian Desmond. To get closer to his father, Donovan Desmond, who has the key to ending the war, Loid needs Anya to become his friend. Damian, meanwhile, is a rather disagreeable youngster who cruelly teases anyone he thinks is undeserving. 

Damian’s loneliness is the cause of his actions, although he is nonetheless generally cruel. Damian is unsuccessful in stopping himself from falling in love with Anya. Damian bullies her more while secretly hoping to impress and protect her since he is unsure how to handle these new feelings. Damian’s inappropriate actions and his crush on Anya serve as evidence of his emotional complexity.

4. Bill Watkins

Emotional Spy x Family characters
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First-grader Bill Watkins was created to be dominant. Dodgeball is his specific area of expertise. Even at such a young age, Bill feels enormous pressure from his successful father to be successful in all facets of life. During the dodgeball game between Cecile and Wald Halls, Bill has one of his most dramatic meltdowns. 

He initially rules the situation, but Anya’s mind reading breaks his dominance. She easily avoids his tosses since she can anticipate them. Bill is so incensed by this that he loses faith in his life up to that moment. Even though he ultimately triumphs thanks to Anya’s oversight, Bill showed his true colors throughout the game.

5. Henry Henderson

One of the Eden College housemasters is Henry Henderson. Henry is a wise and decent individual who values “elegance” highly. He believes that elegance is the way one behaves oneself and the willingness to call out others’ impolite behavior.

Beyond this, Henry frequently reminds others of the importance of dignity and decorum. He was cool and collected during his interview with the Forger family, despite Loid smashing the table he was sitting at. Henry feels he must maintain his decorum and avoid being disrespectful, despite the fact that the violent deed lands him into problems. He evaluates the “elegance” of the students when they are in class, despite the fact that he is aware that kids periodically need to play and have fun too.

6. Anya Forger 

Emotional Spy x Family characters
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Loid Forger and Yor Briar’s six-year-old adoptive daughter is named Anya Forger. She has telepathy and is aware of her parents’ professions as assassins and spies, respectively. Anya always tries her best to further Loid’s cause, but she frequently errs when she lets her emotions get the better of her. This is especially clear when she first encounters Damian Desmond, her target. 

Damian’s insults prompt her to punch him in the face despite the fact that she is supposed to be making friends with him. In other cases, Anya’s mind is continuously racing with worry about the mission and whether or not she would be able to support her father.

Anya has been yearning for a loving family because she believes that her previous families abandoned her. She now has some abandonment concerns since she cried when she thought Loid would take her place and begged him not to go. She lied about her age in order to be adopted by Loid so he could complete his mission, which serves as further evidence of this.

7. Loid Forger

Emotional Spy x Family characters
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Loid Forger exhibits a remarkable amount of emotion for a Westphalian spy. When playing with Anya or engaging in specific interactions with Yor, Loid is easily embarrassed. Additionally, he has a very low threshold for irritation and loses control of his wrath easily. 

Even though Loid can typically control his emotions, there are still times when viewers are left wondering how his falsehoods go unnoticed. Fans can also see that Loid is growing closer to Anya, his foster daughter and that this emotional connection may compromise his mission.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Who are the main Spy x Family characters?

Ans – Some of Spy x Family characters are – Yor Forger, Anya Forger, Loid Forger, Yor Forger, Franky Franklin, and more. 

Q2) Who has a crush on Loid Forger?

Ans – Becky Blackbell has a crush on Loid Forger. 

Q3) Who is the most liked Spy x Family character?

Ans – Anya Forger is one of the most Spy x Family characters. 


So, this was our article on the most emotional Spy x Family characters. Hope you liked it. Make sure to stay tuned for more. Happy reading!! 

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