Most Beautiful Dragon Ball Female Characters You Will Fall In Love With!!

The most gorgeous Dragon Ball female characters are examples of the beauty found in the amazing world of anime characters. But they are not just beauties without brains.

While Saiyan and human males form the majority of the warriors throughout the Dragon Ball universe, plenty of women have left their imprint on the series.

Girls have progressively played a larger role in the series, demonstrating that action isn’t just for us boys. 

Examples include Bulma’s inventions and Android 18’s skill in combat. 

But which women rule supreme after being presented in hundreds of different anime (including the original, Z, GT, Kai, and now Super)?

So helping you out here is a list of the most beautiful Dragon Ball female characters.

Most Beautiful Dragon Ball Female Characters 

1. Bulma 

Dragon Ball Female Characters
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There was probably never any question that Bulma was the most attractive or one of the most beautiful Dragon Ball female characters. 

One of the series’ earliest characters to emerge as entertaining and lively is Bulma. She has a fantastic sense of style and is an adventurous woman. She shared her mother’s bushy, blue hair that varied during the course of the episode.

Her brains (and money) are constantly protecting the world, whether she’s using her specialized radar to seek Dragon Balls, assisting her husband Vegeta in becoming Super Saiyan 4, or using a time machine to send Trunks back in time. 

Bulma is determined but not as obnoxious as Chi Chi, much like Videl, and her distinctive blue hair makes her one of the most recognizable characters in the series. 

Whether you’ve been watching Dragon Ball since the beginning or you’re only now getting into Super, Bulma is always there to help out her Saiyan pals.

2. Android 18

Krillin’s wife Android 18 is one of the most attractive Dragon Ball female characters by far. 

She first appeared to us in the series as an enemy, but she quickly won the hearts of the viewers. 18 has held the title of Dragon Ball’s strongest woman for a long time—until Super came along—and she continues to be a fierce fighter who keeps up with the Saiyans despite their frequent transformations.

She has a fiery personality and a matchless attitude. She also prioritizes financial gain over all other considerations and can do any assignment if paid well. 

In addition to her attractive appearance, which was obvious in the inter-universe competition, she is also a very powerful android.

3. Maron 

Dragon Ball Female Characters
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Maron was Krillin’s ex-girlfriend, and like the other youthful characters on the programme, she has grown into a stunning woman. 

She has a strong body and a slim form. Her typical uniform is an exquisite red dress, while she is flaunting the yellow suit she wears while swimming. 

She is also cute and blind to the things that other people take for granted. She is a sweet and giving young lady, and one can respect her innocence.

4. Videl 

Videl is one of the strongest humans alive and, being the daughter of Hercule and the wife of Gohan, both accomplished martial artists, is nothing near the level of her Saiyan friends.

Although Videl doesn’t appear on screen until much later in the series, she is fierce, caring, and brilliant, and she and Gohan rapidly establish themselves as a powerful couple. 

Videl is similar to a more compassionate Chi Chi because she is vivacious but less impatient and more sensitive to her husband’s feelings. Even Goku’s transformation into a Super Saiyan God, which required a total of six Saiyans, reportedly counting those still in the womb, depends on her pregnancy with Pan.

5. Mai

Dragon Ball Female Characters

Mai is one of the Dragon Ball ladies who we have seen develop into a stunning and self-assured woman thanks to Dragon Ball Super. 

She is quite tall, has dark black hair, and is unwaveringly resolved to face every threat head-on. 

She possesses the kind of endearing attitude that caused the most gorgeous male Dragon Ball character to fall in love with her, and her relationship with Trunks is sweet. 

Mai is also quite intelligent and capable of maintaining composure under pressure.

6. Caulifla

Caulifla also comes from Universe 6 like Kale. She only wields standard Super Saiyan transformations, but there’s something about her confidence that you can’t help but adore.

Caulifla, in contrast to Kale and Gine, presents a female Saiyan who enjoys combat but isn’t as obsessed as the older Saiyans from Universe 7. 

In the Tournament of Power, her fundamental abilities are insufficient to compete with Goku and Vegeta, but when she combines with Kale to become Kefla, the two are able to outclass even Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken Goku, although he ultimately prevails after recovering his Ultra Instinct form.

7. Chi Chi

Some fans think Chi Chi and Goku don’t really get along, while others think they just have different perspectives on love. Chi Chi and Goku have an odd relationship. 

Besides being among the most beautiful female characters in the anime. She is also quite well-known among fans. Chi Chi is distinguished from the other male characters most obviously by the way she wears her hair, which is bunned. 

The character has a lovely attitude and is really gorgeous. She can also make the most powerful person on the earth in her position defenseless, which is both terrifying and endearing.

8. Launch

Dragon Ball Female Characters
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Launch may not be well-known to more recent viewers, but she had a significant role in the first Dragon Ball anime and made only sporadic appearances in Z.

Launch has an odd disease that causes her demeanor and appearance to change anytime she sneezes; her blond self is agitated and trigger-happy, while her dark-haired self is compassionate and meek. 

Was this a cunning allusion to Super Saiyan Blue or to the ferocity of blonde Super Saiyans in contrast to their relative peace in their base states?

Maybe, maybe not, but in any case, Launch had a significant role in the first season and, despite her popularity waning, is still viewed as a potential love interest for Tien.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Who is the prettiest girl in Dragon Ball Super?

Ans – Some of the most beautiful girls in Dragon Ball Super are – Chi-Chi, Kale, Vados, Android 18, and more. 

Q2) Who is the coolest Dragon Ball character?

Ans – Some of the coolest Dragon Ball characters are – Future Trunks, Vegeta, Hit, Jiren, and more. 

Q3) Who is the strongest girl in Dragon Ball?

Ans – Some of the strongest girls in Dragon Ball are – Vados, Helles, Arale, and more. 


So, this was our article on the most beautiful Dragon Ball female characters. Who is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section. Make sure to stay tuned and follow us for more interesting articles!! 

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