Mob Psycho 100 Season 3: Is Dimple Dead?

Mob reaches 100% in Mob Psycho 100 Season 3, Episode 6 after Dimple offers his opinion on his monkey shirt. The mob doesn’t attack, though. Instead, he uses his telepathic power to address Dimple correctly. He expresses regret to Dimple and understands how he could have become “swept away.” 

Following his speech, Mob persuades Dimple to discontinue the “God” charade. At that point, Dimple understood the extent of his relationship with Mob. 

However, because Mob had already expended all of his psychic energy, he was left helpless and exhausted to the point where he could not walk. As they leave, Dimple lifts him, but they run into Psycho Helmet.

So, the question that is looming in every viewer’s mind is – Is Dimple dead? Here is all we know.

Dimple Appreciates the Value of His Relationship with the Mob 

 Is Dimple Dead
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Dimple understands that the energy of the Divine Tree produced a sentient Psycho Helmet. 

Attacks by Psycho Helmet start on Dimple and the sleeping Mob. Intense combat between Dimple and Psycho Helmet nearly renders Dimple helpless. 

Mob awakens amid the battle, but he is still utterly exhausted. Dimple makes Mob stand up and go by using his authority. 

Ritsu and Mob watch the news after getting home and notice the Divine Tree leaving the city. 

By the episode’s conclusion, Mob appears to have a hazy memory of Dimple’s sacrifice and is crying for him.

Is Dimple Dead?

 Is Dimple Dead

However, there is still some hope. The prospect of the ghost returning is still present. If Dimple reappears, it wouldn’t be the first time he did so after losing. 

Mob defeated Dimple during the episode with (LOL) in Season 1, and it appeared that was his end. He eventually makes a weaker and lesser spirit appear in front of Mob. 

Following the occurrence with the Divine Tree, it wouldn’t be unexpected if this were to occur again. Given his godlike abilities at the time, Dimple might have saved even the tiniest amount of energy for his eventual reappearance. 

 Is Dimple Dead
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After all, he was more potent in the (LOL) conflict than in the Divine Tree incident. This incident will have an impact on Mob either way. One of his dearest buddies was Dimple. 

He will miss him, as expected, but it’s unlikely he will lose control of it. In Season 3, Mob has matured and become more adept at managing his emotions. 

He might use this as a teaching moment and remember it afterward. Dimple’s end was more tragic than the normally upbeat atmosphere of Mob Psycho 100. 

Consequently, a character dying in such an anime seems strange. As a result, Dimple will likely make a comeback in the series.

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