Is One Piece Leaving Hulu 2023? Where To Watch It Now? 

Many people think Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is one of the best Japanese anime shows ever. One Piece, an anime adaptation of the best-selling manga of all time, has been airing since October 20, 1999, and it has already aired over a thousand episodes. 

If you are a new anime lover you must know where to watch One Piece because the series is still popular and will likely remain for some time. 

One Piece has been available on Hulu alongside other anime for a long time, but there have been rumors that it will be removed. 

So, is One Piece leaving Hulu 2023 or not?

Is One Piece leaving Hulu 2023?

Is One Piece Leaving Hulu 2023
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Hulu’s ever-growing catalog of TV shows and movies is always getting fresh content. Is One Piece leaving Hulu 2023? This is the million-dollar question plaguing the web at the moment. Many people are curious. 

Sadly, all the One Piece episodes on will soon be removed from the site. All of Hulu’s upcoming content for February was announced at the beginning of the month. 

Three seasons of Impractical Jokers, eleven dubbed episodes of Naruto Shippuden, Animaniacs season three, and more are just a few of the highlights. Hulu has decided to stop streaming movies and television shows. Hulu has many licenses that will soon expire because it works with many studios, production companies, and broadcasters.

However, many users leave whenever a new movie or TV show is added to the discussion. That means many popular TV series and films will be removed from Hulu.

Why is One Piece leaving Hulu? 

Is One Piece Leaving Hulu 2023
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Even though Hulu has never been the biggest player in the streaming video market, it is still a key player. One Piece has been a fan favorite among the site’s many great anime series for years. 

Even though Hulu only gave us a small taste of Oda’s anime, it was enough to satisfy many viewers, especially those who have been watching the show since the beginning and have good memories of how it was first shown. But if you’ve been on Hulu recently, you may have seen that One Piece’s status is “Expiring.” 

One Piece will no longer be available on Hulu after a certain time. The fact that this has happened several times before and One Piece is still around helps ease your mind.

The duration of Hulu’s licenses is known to be finite, and while we know that they are renewed periodically, we have no idea how often. It’s not the first time One Piece’s status has been changed to “Expired;” if memory serves, a few years ago, the show went dark on Hulu for a while, only to return after a brief hiatus.

Is One Piece Leaving Hulu 2023
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With Funimation titles now available on Crunchyroll and Crunchyroll canceling its free with-ads service, this could signal a larger shift in how anime is streamed in the United States. 

Unfortunately, we have no official word from Hulu either way. The truth is that all we can do is wait it out. If the anime series is successful enough for Hulu to renew its license, the status may go away without any action from the streaming service; if not, One Piece will leave Hulu. 

After all, Hulu never carried the complete collection of episodes to begin with, so you won’t be missing out on much; moreover, we have compiled a list of alternate places you can watch One Piece online and include it in the following section.

Where to watch One Piece all episodes now?

Is One Piece Leaving Hulu 2023
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You should look elsewhere now as you know there’s a chance One Piece will soon be leaving Hulu. 

We’re aware that Hulu didn’t stock every episode, but maybe you enjoyed what they did have and would like to watch it again.

  • While you can watch One Piece on Netflix, not all countries have access to it, and you shouldn’t count on it being available in the Asian market for movies either. 
  • A Prime Membership on Amazon Unfortunately, we discovered that not all One Piece episodes are available. About 11 of the 20 seasons are available, with the most recent episodes airing in 2014. There have been no new episodes released as of yet.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t watch One Piece on HBO Max.
  • We know there is not a single episode of One Piece on Disney+.
  • We suggest using Crunchyroll as your primary source for watching One Piece online because, among other things, it is the only service of its kind that consistently adds new episodes and has them all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Is One Piece removed from Hulu?

Ans – As per leaks, all One Piece episodes will be out of Hulu within 2 days.

Q2) Where is One Piece going from Hulu?

Ans – There is no news about where One Piece is going from Hulu.

Q3) Will Netflix get One Piece?

Ans – Sources suggest that One Piece may join Netflix’s library of anime and live-action adaptations.

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