Is Makima Dead In Chainsaw Man Episode 8?

Fans are still enthralled by Chainsaw Man’s flawless tale and animation. Due to the smoothness of the animation and the rapid-fire nature of the action, episode eight, dubbed “Gunfire,” had some of the best fighting scenes of the entire season. 

Every episode adds something fresh, whether a formidable adversary or a fresh perspective on one or more characters. 

Of course, shock factor and gore are also essential elements of the show, and studio MAPPA outdid itself in that regard in the most recent episode. 

Many questions remained unanswered at the episode’s conclusion, particularly those related to the characters’ vital circumstances. 

So, the main question is Makima dead in Chainsaw Man episode 8?

How did Makima end up in Chainsaw Man episode 8? 

Is Makima dead in Chainsaw Man episode 8
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Makima is traveling by train to Kyoto in Chainsaw Man episode 8 to meet with some “bigwigs,” who, oddly, she finds terrifying. 

She tells a different Public Safety officer that while she is sufficiently hungry to purchase food at Kyoto Station, she will ensure that she is also hungry enough for a lunch meeting at One. 

The two men behind Makima and the two men in the carriage in front of her pull out firearms and start shooting as the train approaches a tunnel. Makima receives a headshot to the back. 

So, is Makima dead in Chainsaw Man episode 8? Makima is slumped over in her seat with blood pouring from a nasty gunshot wound in her head as the camera slowly pans to her.

Is Makima dead in Chainsaw Man episode 8?

Is Makima dead in Chainsaw Man episode 8
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Makima is already deceased in the manga, although she is not in the anime. Despite receiving a gunshot wound to the head in Chainsaw Man episode eight and first looking to be dead, Makima makes a miraculous recovery or, depending on how you look at it, a sinister one. 

Makima makes a strange comeback after being shot and assumed dead by other Devil hunters, telling others about the occurrence. She protests not having been injured in the crossfire on the train when it is pointed out that she is stained with blood.

After all of it, Makima dies in the manga’s Control Devil arc, chapter 96. Her objectives are fully disclosed in this tale, and she is exposed as a devil. She admits to admiring the Chainsaw Devil and plans to take control of it so she can utilize its exceptional hidden power. 

Is Makima dead in Chainsaw Man episode 8
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As a result, Makima begins a murder rampage, disregarding anybody who is in her way. Denji eventually accepts that he must kill her as reality sets in, and he cannot forgive her for all the killings and deceit. And so he does, severing his love for Pochita. 

That wasn’t enough to kill her, so the youngster used her body to cook dinner before swallowing her. Unfortunately, Makima’s death won’t be animated anytime soon because the first season of Chainsaw Man won’t have enough episodes to cover that part of the plot. 

If there is a second season, perhaps the “Control Devil” events will play out near the end. For the time being, new episodes will continue to air every Tuesday on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

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