Is Frieza Good Now? Change Of A Villain Into An Anti-Hero Explained!! 

Dragon Ball Super has added a lot of new characters and villains, but one of the most well-known ones, Frieza, has also come back. The Galactic Emperor has been in the series more than once, and surprisingly, he hasn’t always been the bad guy. 

Frieza was one of the evilest people in the universe, and even though he looked weak, he was one of the most powerful beings in the universe. 

When we consider these qualities in a villain, Frieza is one of Toriyama’s finest creations. But, is Frieza good now? Let’s find out.

Will Frieza change his ways and become a hero? Is Frieza good now? 

Is Frieza Good Now
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Frieza has been one of the evilest and cruel villains in the Dragon Ball universe since he first appeared during the Namek saga. He occasionally returned after his fight with Goku and death at the hands of Future Trunks, but never as a main villain again. 

Nothing had changed in him since his defeat, both in character and evil behavior. When that didn’t work, he tried to destroy Goku with the same Hakai energy that Sidra of Universe 9 used to kill the Emperor. During the tournament, Frieza surprised everyone by helping and working with the people who used to be his enemies.

Though he maintained his identity as the same villain, he seemed to change subtly. So, is Frieza good now? In the years following their battle, Frieza and Goku had little opportunity to communicate, at least up until Dragon Ball Super. 

Goku seems to believe that Frieza is not quite the same tyrant we all know and hate. Even though Frieza is not a good guy, he has shown some improvement.

Yet another of Goku’s foes has turned friend

Is Frieza Good Now
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Throughout the history of Dragon Ball, there has been no shortage of villains who end up on the hero’s side after spending some time with Goku. At the beginning of the series, Yamcha was introduced as a bandit who despised Goku, and Piccolo vowed to kill the Saiyan in retaliation for his father’s death.

At the beginning of Z, even Vegeta was one of the main antagonists.

If they give Goku a chance, even his most vehement enemies will come to realize what a good person he is deep down inside. Some characters, like Vegeta, take longer than others to adjust to the new situation, but in the end, they all come to value him as a significant part of their lives. 

Frieza, who made a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, sought out the Dragon Balls so he could make a wish. As previously stated, everyone was sure he would achieve the immortality he had always sought. 

However, the fact that he merely desired to be a hair taller revealed the insecurities that lay dormant beneath his tough exterior. He was also probed about why he didn’t want to become immortal, even though his reasons had nothing to do with a change of heart. His response that he did not want things to get boring was characteristically Goku.

Frieza then kills Paragus to provoke Broly into attacking the Saiyans, demonstrating that he is not a good person. 

Frieza tried to kill Cheelai and Lemo when they left the planet to join Broly, but Gogeta intervened. Unexpectedly, he paid attention. Even though he was much less evil than Frieza, Vegeta’s change of heart was not instantaneous. 

Frieza’s transformation has started, and in future episodes of Dragon Ball Super, he may even prove to be an ally of the Z warriors.

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False hero Frieza

Is Frieza Good Now
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A different explanation suggests that, unlike the other crew members, Frieza could be an anti-hero. He could develop into someone like Vegeta in the Android saga, which is amenable to working with others to save the universe while still doing things their way. 

At the moment, that description fits Frieza like a glove. He is not close to or even friendly with the main characters, but he can work with them when necessary. It’s unlikely that Frieza will ever give up his empire or his lust for power, but his reign may be much less bloody. 

He would enjoy sparring with Goku and the rest, but killing or avenging himself on them would not be his primary motivation. His positive outlook on the experience would help him grow as a person and help him overcome any challenges he faced.

In conclusion

Is Frieza Good Now
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In the early episodes of the Dragon Ball franchise, Frieza was portrayed as the main antagonist, a tyrant, and a cruel man. His character is initially a villain, but he eventually proves his worth and becomes an ally to the show’s heroes. 

The manga and anime series Dragon Ball Super depict Frieza’s transformation into a formidable warrior who fights alongside the protagonists. Frieza is still a bad guy in Dragon Ball Super, but he’s not quite as evil as he used to be. It’s possible he’ll play the bad guy again in the future, but all indications point in the opposite direction. 

The villain Frieza is set to appear in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero arc. The film may shed light on the character’s development. Frieza will forever be one of the most recognizable figures in the Dragon Ball universe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Will Frieza become a god?

Ans – Frieza is quickly climbing the ladder of power and he will no doubt reach the throne of the God of Destruction soon, if he wants.

Q2) Is Frieza an anti-hero now?

Ans – Frieza is one of the most cunning and confusing characters. He helped Goku to escape from hell and with his appearance in his black form, he is twisting things. He can be an upcoming threat for the heroes.

Q3) Will Frieza always be evil?

Ans – Frieza’s evilness adds up spice to the plot. However, he may turn to Goku’s ally in the future.

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