Is Dragon Ball GT Canon?

Dragon Ball isn’t just one of the most adored shonen franchises of all time; it also has action-packed manga and anime. Its timeline can be somewhat perplexing fictionally.  Dragon Ball GT, which takes place five years after Dragon Ball Z, is the best illustration. The 1986 Japanese debut of the first Dragon Ball anime series was followed a few years later by the wildly popular program Dragon Ball Z.  The latter, which ran in Japan from 1989 to 1996, launched the Dragon Ball brand into global acclaim. Like the original Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z adapted the tale of lead character Goku from the original manga, illuminating his exploits while pursuing the titular Dragon Balls. While Dragon Ball GT followed Dragon Ball Z and popped out of the franchise’s bucket as a fan service, it got a rain of hate from the fans. Most of them did not like the story and illustration of the characters. However, many are confused about the fact that – is Dragon Ball GT canon or not? So, here is everything we know so far. 

Dragon Ball GT Sneak Peek

Is Dragon Ball GT Canon Dragon Ball GT, which stands for “Grand Tour,” is the Dragon Ball Z sequel series. Toei Animation produced the anime series, which aired on Fuji TV in Japan from February 2, 1996, to November 19, 1997.  No filler episodes were needed because Dragon Ball GT was not based on the manga. As a result, four entire sagas could be finished in only 64 episodes. Dragon Ball GT was solely an anime series at first, as opposed to Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super, which has always hampered its credibility as a Dragon Ball sequel.  The series featured Goku after his transformation into a toddler due to the evil Pilaf’s error when he miscalculated his wish upon the Dragon Balls. Even though he’s still a young child, Goku eventually discovers his most potent form: Super Saiyan 4, a more adamant and distinct variation on the Super Saiyan transformation that draws inspiration from the animalistic origins of Saiyan ancestry. Despite being strong and exceptional, the form was ignored and sent to the fictitious void of non-canon Dragon Ball stuff with Super Saiyan 5 and Krillin with a nose. However, one significant item from Super has the power to quickly alter.

Is Dragon Ball GT canon?

Is Dragon Ball GT Canon It is not canon, by definition to the manga. On the other hand, Akira Toriyama approved of the series and even provided some designs for it. The anime has a different argument. One could argue that it is canon to the anime because it is set in the Dragon Ball universe’s timeline. No matter how much its detractors complain, it is positioned about 7 years after the final Z episode, when Pan makes his debut. The Pilaf accidentally used the dragon balls to make themselves children again in Battle of the Gods, making it technically impossible for them to be old people in GT.  However, there is no denying that they could have recollected the dragon balls and wished to be returned to their original age. Dragon Ball GT can technically fit into the timeline, but so can future Trunk. It depends on how you look at it because it isn’t always about whether or not you have a manga. Because Dragon Ball Super follows the core cast after Dragon Ball Z and alters what will happen inside GT, some fans reject Dragon Ball GT from the overall Dragon Ball canon. Super continues right where the Buu Saga left off, with no mention of Dragon Ball Z’s ending. As a result, Super occurs before the epilogue introducing the Dragon Ball GT cast.

Why is Dragon Ball GT not canon?

Is Dragon Ball GT Canon The action-packed manga and anime series Dragon Ball is among the most popular shonen franchises. Canonically, its timeline can be befuddling. The best example is Dragon Ball GT, which takes place five years after Dragon Ball Z.  When Dragon Ball Z concluded in 1996, it was followed by Dragon Ball GT. This sequel anime recast Goku as a young child and followed him on his quest for the Black Star Dragon Balls. The series divided fans by introducing new characters, concepts, and storylines that diverged from the original manga. Most notably, even though Toriyama gave the anime his blessing, Dragon Ball GT was not written by him.  This raises the question: Is Dragon Ball GT a canon? Fans have been debating it for years and here is our response: Dragon Ball GT isn’t considered canon to the franchise’s manga because it wasn’t written by Akira Toriyama and thus isn’t a part of his original story.  However, the answer is more complicated in anime. Some fans exclude Dragon Ball GT from the Dragon Ball canon because Dragon Ball Super follows the main cast after Dragon Ball Z, altering what happens in GT.  However, Super picks up immediately after the events of the Buu Saga, with no mention of Dragon Ball Z’s epilogue. That means Super occurs before the epilogue that introduces the characters for Dragon Ball GT. Is Dragon Ball GT Canon It’s also possible that Dragon Ball GT is canon but takes place in a different universe or timeline. Because Dragon Ball Super introduces multiple universes and time manipulation to the franchise, Dragon Ball GT does not have to use the identical versions of Goku and Vegeta to be canon. The series could take place in an alternate universe similar to the one our main characters explore in Dragon Ball Z. Finally, Toei Animation has produced the Dragon Ball anime franchise since its inception, including Dragon Ball GT. The latter is canonical to Toei’s creative vision for the anime universe. Rather than dismissing GT entirely, Toriyama’s most recent addition to the series, Dragon Ball Super, provides an additional justification for Dragon Ball GT to be included in the anime’s canon.  So, even if the contentious anime series isn’t part of Toriyama’s manga plot, don’t rule it out entirely. It can still make sense in the larger anime story arc context. Also Read – How Many Episodes Of Dragon Ball GT Are There?

Is Dragon Ball GT worth watching?

Is Dragon Ball GT Canon If you like Dragon Ball, what is holding you back? Go get your hands on it right now. If you’re looking for Dragon Ball Z, you won’t find it here, at least not in the early episodes. They decided to pay homage to the first chapter of Dragon Ball by transforming Goku into a child and sending him on wild adventures in search of the Dragon Balls.  Strangely, the manga chapter was not well received, and the series was on the verge of being canceled until Akira Toriyama persuaded his editors to give it another shot. The series became a hit with the introduction of the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai. As a result, the first few episodes are filled with goofy antics rather than high-powered action.  Like anything else, Dragon Ball GT has its excellent and negative points. Yes, things do become very awful. Any Dragon Ball media, however, is watchable media. The anime juggernaut is as popular as ever and is the 14th most successful media franchise.


GT does the character credit in this regard for those Dragon Ball Super fans who recall the days when Goku was concerned about wrong and right or even his family.   Spending so much time with his granddaughter, Pan, it is evident that the Saiyan is desperate to reclaim her affection, especially since she detests him for departing to teach Uub.  In this series, Goku’s noble intentions, rather than his desire for fight, get the world in heated air. Dragon Ball GT, like any other, has both good and evil.  GT does Goku’s character credit in this regard for those Dragon Ball Super fans who long for the days when he cared about right and wrong or even his family.  The Saiyan values having his granddaughter, Pan, back since he spends a lot of time with her, and she resents him for leaving to train Uub. Strangely, Goku’s desire for the battle isn’t what gets the universe into trouble in this series; it’s his good intentions. So, in case, you were also wondering about – is Dragon Ball GT canon or not? We hope you got the answer. Make sure to follow Sassyweeb for more interesting articles… Happy reading!! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Does Dragon Ball GT Take Place?

GT picks up five years after the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z, when Goku left with the pure-hearted, mortal reincarnation of MajinBuu, Uub, to train him and bring forth his maximum capabilities. 
The anime begins with an epic sparring bout between the two at the Lookout, which is located high in the Earth’s atmosphere, with Goku stating that Uub has finally finished his training.

How does Dragon Ball fit into Dragon Ball Super? 

The major difference between Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT is in their power levels. Despite having occurred years previously, Goku and Vegeta achieve unprecedented heights of power and transformation in Super. 
This is due to the fact that the Super forms had not yet been invented, although their lack in GT raises issues regarding canonicity. This includes Frieza, who comes from beyond the grave in GT but is unable to morph into his more formidable golden form, which debuted in Super.

Is Dragon Ball GT canon?

The sweet and simple answer to this question is “No”. Read the article to find out why!! 

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