How Old Is Ash Ketchum 2022? His Age Will Shock You!! 

Up until this point, Ash Ketchum has remained the same age in every installment of the franchise. He started his journey when he was 10 years old. 

Since the anime’s creators chose to portray him as 10 years old, he has been around for over 20 years, but he hasn’t changed.

So, how old is Ash Ketchum 2022? Here is all we know. 

How Come Ash Ketchum Doesn’t Age? 

How Old Is Ash Ketchum 2022
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The age of Ash Ketchum is 10. He began his trip when he was 10 years old, and more than 20 years later, he is still that age. 

In both the actual world and the Pokémon reality, years have passed, yet Ash’s age has not altered, which makes sense. 

As we’ve already established, Ash Ketchum won’t age regardless of how many seasons the anime will get.

Sure, some unofficial estimates put his age at around 17, but this is just a speculation as Ash’s age has been officially determined to be 10. 

Theory of Eternal Youth: How Old Is Ash Ketchum 2022? 

How Old Is Ash Ketchum 2022
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According to the hypothesis of eternal youth, characters in many animated series never grow up and remain at the age of their debut, in Ash’s case, which is 10 years old. 

Another recommendation provided by the theory is the use of a floating chronology as a story device to 

“explain or explain away differences in the way that events and characters occur within a reality.”

Though occasionally, the passage of time is explicitly addressed, without noting a character’s birthday, this theory appears especially strange. 

In The Shadow of Zekrom!, the dub referred to this and said that even though a lot of time has passed, Ash is still only ten years old. 

Ash and May are said to be the same age when May starts her journey, although Ash had already visited two regions and participated in three leagues before meeting May. 

This is one of the more frequently cited facts supporting this theory.

Theory of Slowed Time 

According to the so-called slowed time theory, time goes significantly more slowly in anime because only one episode is aired each week. 

This view is reinforced by the character’s obvious, albeit slight, development and the recognisable signs of time. 

However, the problems with this idea are the same as those with the theory of eternal youth. 

This theory might help to explain why characters age more slowly in much other anime series like Detective Conan, One Piece, or Bleach 

In these anime, a lot of time passes, but characters don’t seem to age or, if they do, only minimally develop.

How Old Is Ash Ketchum 2022
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Theory of Arbitrary Age 

The age designation may have a different significance in the Pokémon universe than it does in the real world, according to the arbitrary age theory. 

Their culture considers a person’s numerical “age” to reflect their marital status rather than their chronological age. 

A person is given the number “ten” when they reach legal adulthood and are prepared to enter the world of Pokémon. 

A person is said to be “twenty” when they have children. “Fifty” if they have grandkids. 

There may be different ages; however, the evidence is insufficient to determine these ages and life milestones. 

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