Dragon Ball Goku Ultra Instinct: How Many Ultra Instinct Forms Are There?

If you are a hardcore Dragon Ball fan, then you are aware of Goku and his different Super Saiyan forms. Goku is the super strong protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, and no matter what opponent he faces he seems to defeat them ultimately. 

As Goku grows older, his hard work and practice make him stronger each time. We all know that Goku has the drive to become a better defender of the Earth every day, and his powers increase every time he fights an opponent stronger than him. 

Until now, Goku’s most powerful form that we know of is known as the Ultra Instinct form. With this, Goku has defeated many dangerous opponents and has shown his true potential. 

However, this Ultra Instinct form of Goku exists in a number of different forms, and how many Ultra Instinct Forms are there is a question that many fans have been wondering about. 

But if you have the same question, then you are at the right place. Today in our article we will talk about how many Ultra Instinct forms are there of Goku in detail, so sit tight and keep reading our article to the end!

Goku Ultra Instinct Form: What Is Ultra Instinct?

Ultra Instinct Forms
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The Ultra Instinct technique was first introduced in episode 109 of the Dragon Ball Super anime. When Goku was fighting against Jiren, he underwent a power level up and unlocked his Ultra Instinct Form. Goku’s Ultra Instinct form is said to be his most powerful version in the Dragon Ball Super series. Over the years, Goku has only gotten better at using it. But what is Ultra Instinct really, you may ask. So before we talk about how many Ultra Instinct forms are there, let us learn a little about the technique itself. 

Ultra Instinct is actually a special technique that includes separating the user’s body from their consciousness. By doing this, the user of the Ultra Instinct can fight without having any of their emotions and thoughts affect their performance.

Ultra Instinct is an exceptionally difficult technique to master. Even for someone as strong as Hakaishin or Gods Of Destruction. 

As the show reveals, Ultra Instinct is not only Goku’s special ability. Angels like Whis (Lord Beerus’s attendant) are known to have access to Ultra Instinct as well. But due to its remarkable power and difficulty to be mastered, Ultra Instinct is always associated with the Gods of Dragon Ball. So when Goku unlocked his Ultra Instinct form, it basically made him be on par with the strongest Gods of the universe. 

Goku’s Ultra Instinct form is remarkably stronger than his Super Saiyan Blue form. Although Gods like Whis do not show any special change in appearance when performing this technique, Goku has shown quite the difference in appearance while performing this. 

When Goku switches to his Ultra Instinct form, his eyes and hair change colours into a distinct silver colour. His aura becomes crystalline and his hair stays slightly raised. In addition to this, the Ultra Instinct also sports purple and red colours along with Blue and white and becomes noticeably brighter. 

According to the manga, any God can understand when a fighter is using his Ultra Instinct form, as said by Beerus. This seems to be similar to the case in the Anime as well. Because when Goku comes in his Ultra Instinct form, Whis and Beerus immediately recognise that technique. 

Ultra Instinct Forms
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In order to be in his Ultra Instinct form, Goku had to completely focus on his battle with Jiren. This means that Goku built up the heat between him and Jiren during the fight and relinquished any emotions or thoughts that may be interfering in the fight. This resulted in Goku achieving the “Perfect Ultra Instinct” which shocked every fan of the Dragon Ball series. Goku focused on keeping his heart calm during the transformation and releasing the heat into a galaxy-like disc of energy. Afterward, he absorbed all the energy back in him and manifested the perfect Ultra Instinct form. This made him become more powerful than a Hakaishin. 

Ultra Instinct has a number of disadvantages. But the biggest disadvantage of this technique is its difficulty. Even someone as powerful as Lord Beerus could not unlock his Ultra Instinct form, despite spending millions of years in training to achieve so. Ultra Instinct is also a very draining process. It requires so much of a fighter’s stamina that novice users of the Ultra Instinct process cannot maintain it for a long time.

Which Characters Have Unlocked Ultra Instinct Form In Dragon Ball?

Ultra Instinct Forms
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When Lord Beerus and Whis immediately recognized Goku’s Ultra Instinct technique, it was clear that the Ultra Instinct technique was not only Goku’s special ability. This gives rise to the question of which other characters other than Goku have the Ultra Instinct form. So before we learn about How many Ultra Instinct forms are there, we will take a look at characters other than Goku who have mastered the Ultra Instinct.

As we have mentioned before, Ultra instinct is an astonishingly difficult technique to master, and it is always associated with Gods. Most martial artists who have trained for years and have a potent Ki are known to own the Ultra Instinct form. As of now, only Whis is known to have completely mastered the Ultra Instinct form. Even though Lord Beerus is very powerful of a being, his grasp on the Ultra Instinct is still not strong enough. 


Lord Beerus’s attendant, Whis is the only known character who has the strongest grasp on the Ultra Instinct technique. He is known for using his abilities on Vegeta and others in the training battles in which he can automatically dodge every attack that is coming near him. Whis has trained for millions of years and is even more capable of Lord Beerus in some ways, which is why his grasp on the Ultra Instinct is very strong and he can use it efficiently.


Aside from Goku, Moro is an antagonist of the Dragon Ball series who has mastered the Ultra Instinct technique. Moro is known for threatening Universe 7 about ten million years ago. He is one of the most powerful antagonists of the show who have also mastered the Ultra Instinct form. When Moro transforms to his Ultra Instinct form, his mane turns from brown to silver and the markings under his eyes become pale, which signifies the use of his Ultra Instinct form. Moro had achieved the Ultra Instinct form by copying the abilities of Angel Merus and adopting its completed form.

Angel Merus

An elite member of the Galactic Patrol, Merus or Angel Merusu is a trainee angel who is the strongest member in the Galactic Patrol. A prodigy of combat, Angel Merus’s powers were even acknowledged by Vegeta himself. In addition to this, Merus has the unique trait of having undetectable Ki. The true limits of Merus’s powers are basically unknown, and he is often not allowed to use them to keep him hidden. However, Angel Merus seems to have mastered the Ultra Instinct technique.

How Many Ultra Instinct Forms Are There?

Ultra Instinct Forms
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As you have read by now, Ultra Instinct is a very complex technique that takes years to be mastered. As of now, Son Goku is one of the very few Saiyans who have managed to get a grasp on this extremely difficult and powerful technique. However, the way Goku uses his Ultra Instinct technique has changed a lot over the series and the years of him using it. 

As Goku trains himself and tries to further get a better grasp at his Ultra Instinct form, he has unlocked various versions of the Ultra Instinct form. From the very first time he use the Ultra Instinct form to his latest version of the form, known as the “True Ultra Instinct” form, Goku has undergone at least six versions of the form itself. These six forms do not consist of the undefined versions in between each version in which Goku taps into his Super Saiyan form along with the Ultra Instinct itself. So how many Ultra Instinct forms are there of Goku? 

Even though Ultra Instinct Goku is seemingly invincible, he is still a beginner at it. Goku still has a long way to go in order to completely get a grasp on the Ultra Instinct form. 

Breaking down the different stages of Goku’s Ultra Instinct form, the first stage of this technique dates back to the time when Goku fought in the Tournament Of Power. In the survival Battle held by Zeno and Future Zeno, Goku along with Frieza and Android 17 together battled against Jiren, and it was the first time where he turned into his Ultra Instinct form. 

At the end of the anime, Goku achieved the mastered Ultra Instinct form with Silver hair and eyes in his fight against Jiren, and showed his true potential that has never been seen before in a fight. Since then, the process of Goku’s achievement of the Ultra Instinct form has only gotten more complicated.

The growth of Goku’s Ultra Instinct technique was taken into two different arcs in the manga beyond the anime. In the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc, Goku unlocked a “Sign” variant of the Mastered Ultra Instinct form. This form was unlocked right after his intense training with Angel Merus of the Galactic Patrol. 

Subsequently to this achievement, Goku unlocked a Perfected Ultra Instinct technique in the final fight with the ultra-powerful wizard Moro in chapter 85 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga series.

Ultra Instinct Forms
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In the Granolah The Survivor arc, it was revealed that Goku has learned a new version of the Ultra Instinct form. This new version of the powerful Ultra Instinct form was dubbed as the “Completed” Ultra Instinct form. To give it an edge, Goku uses his second most powerful form, the Super Saiyan Blue along with the Completed Ultra Instinct form. All during the same fight, Goku also unlocked another form of the Ultra Instinct. This new form of the ultra instinct technique was named as the “True Ultra Instinct form”. Goku used this True Ultra Instinct form to bring the battle against Gas to an end. 

So to bring it on to full terms, Goku has had a total of six Ultra Instinct forms which he has mastered as of now. But it is for sure that his Ultra Instinct form is definitely evolving for the stronger and it’s more like two or three versions that Goku can switch to, with the other ones being the result of Goku’s hard work and tireless practising. Along with this, it is also the same Goku who used the base Super Saiyan when needed to battle someone dangerously stronger.

While it is true that Goku has not yet mastered his control of the Ultra Instinct form like Whis, it is staggering to see his growth in using the Ultra instinct better over the years. It is very much likely that Goku will unlock many other higher power levels of the Ultra Instinct forms, and who knows, maybe someday he will manage to surpass Whis with his abilities to control the Ultra Instinct Mastered technique. Given the fact that Goku uses his Ultra Instinct form mostly depending on the situation’s need and not his own free will like many others, his desperation to become stronger may make him the strongest fighter to own complete mastery of the Ultra Instinct form. 


If you have read this far, thank you very much! We hope you enjoyed today’s article where we discussed how many Ultra Instinct forms are there. What are your thoughts on Goku’s status of mastering the Ultra Instinct? What is your favorite form of Goku’s Ultra Instinct forms? Let us know about your thoughts and ideas in the comments below! And don’t forget to check in on our website for more anime-related discussions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who is the first one to have the Ultra Instinct form?

Lord Beerus’s attendant Whis is the first person known to have the Ultra Instinct form mastered.

  • Does Vegeta have Ultra Instinct?

Although Vegeta is very powerful, he does not have Ultra Instinct.

  • Does Beerus have Ultra Instinct?

Even after training for millions of years, Beerus’s grasp on the Ultra Instinct is not very strong.

  • How did Moro have Ultra Instinct?

After copying Angel Merus’s powers, Moro grew his ability to have Ultra Instinct.

  • Does Angel Merus have Ultra Instinct?

Angel Merus’s powers are still undefined, but it is likely that Merus has a strong grasp of the Ultra Instinct technique.

  • Can Goku use Ultra Instinct at will?

During his training with Merus, Goku managed to use the Ultra Instinct sign at his will. 

  • Is Super Saiyan 5 stronger than Ultra Instinct?

In Dragon Ball AF, Super Saiyan 5 was seen to be more powerful than the Ultra Instinct form of Goku. 

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