Hashirama VS Goku: Is Hashirama Stronger Than Goku?

In the world of top anime duo battles, there are a number of duos featuring characters from Dragon Ball and Naruto series. Both of these Japanese anime series feature super strong fighters and crazy supernatural abilities which make the characters have inhumane levels of strength – making the battles between them even more of entertaining and thrilling experience. 

As the Naruto series features strong Ninja warriors having their distinct “Chakras” that help them conjure up fire and such to help them gain the upper hand in a fight, similarly in Dragon Ball, fighters have their special “Ki” or “Life Force Energy” that generates super strength in the characters of Dragon Ball. 

In a way, Dragon Ball and Naruto are pretty similar in their original combative techniques, which is why the idea of Naruto characters and Dragon Ball characters in a battle has always been wondered by the fans.

A special duo among these Dragon Ball X Naruto face off series is Hashirama VS Goku. Hashirama Senju, the founder and the first Hokage of the Konohagakure who is also the leader of the Senju Clan is one of the most dangerous and overpowered characters in the Naruto universe. 

While Son Goku is a super strong alien from a different world, who despite being known for his good and loving nature, can be one of the most ferocious warriors of all time, being so powerful even in his infancy. So a battle of Hashirama Vs Goku will be a very interesting theory to talk about, which is why in today’s article, we bring to you a full detailed discussion of Hashirama Vs Goku: who is stronger than the other. 

Hashirama’s Powers: How strong is Hashirama Senju?

hashirama vs goku

In order to have a fully unbiased discussion about a Hashirama Vs Goku battle, one must truly understand the strengths and abilities of each of these characters. So in this segment, we will discuss Hashirama Senju’s abilities and special powers that make him the strong warrior that he is. 

Known as the “God Of Shinobi” for his unmatched Ninja Prowess, Hashirama Senju is the member and the future leader of the infamous and powerful Senju Clan. 

Being the God Of Shinobi himself, Hashirama seeked peace in the Shinobi world, and thus founded the Konohagakure, which translates to “Village Hidden By Tree Leaves”. 

Hashirama Senju was the strongest Shinobi of his era and overall a truly great Ninja, hence why called the “God Of Shinobi”. 

Even Madara Uchiha, who was Hashirama’s childhood friend/rival belonging to the infamous Uchiha clan, claimed his inferiority to Hashirama’s unmatched powers, even while being with his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and the Nine-Tails unleashed within him. 

A great example of Hashirama’s unmatched abilities is him being able to single-handedly capture and subjugate eight of the nine tailed beasts roaming around in the village. 

During the time Hashirama Senju was alive, he was pretty much invincible with no one ever even coming close to comparison with the powers that he possessed aside from Madara Uchiha himself. 

Even after his passing away, Madara Uchiha was the only one to ever become as powerful as Hashirama Senju.  

Hashirama’s Chakra and Physical Prowess

hashirama vs goku
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Hashirama Senju is the reincarnation of Asura Otsutsuki, thus possessing a great deal of physical strength, life force energy and a remarkable chakra. His Chakra is so impactful in fact that his attacks can send powerful shockwaves in the surroundings. 

Hashirama’s control on his Chakra is advanced enough to perform multiple complex techniques with no hand seals. He is even able to create multiple wooden clones of himself while remaining in a Kage Level Barrier. 

Aside from having a supernatural chakra control and life force energy, Hashirama also possesses regenerative abilities which only Tsunade and Naruto himself has merely ever come close to performing. Having such great life force energy, Hashirama is able to regenerate and heal every wound he gets in a battle with no residual side effects.

Along with that, Hashirama is able to fight for a period of twenty four hours straight while being in his prime with no exhaustion whatsoever. 

Being the leader of Senju, Hashirama has mastered a number of Ninjutsu techniques that very few people ever managed to possess. Hashirama is able to summon multiple rashomon gates that protect him from any attacks from the opponent that he is battling. 

His Barrier Ninjutsu is so strong that it can even protect him from the powerful Ten-Tails. His “Fuinjutsu” helps him store multiple weapons that help him in combative situations. By far his most fascinating Ninjutsu, the Bukinjutsu is something in which Hashirama shows great skills as he can even break Madara’s control over his Nine Tails during a battle with him. 

Being able to transform into Sage mode thanks to his insanely powerful chakra, Hashirama can perform several Senjutsu instantaneously. During Sage Mode, Hashirama grows black (red in Manga) markings on his forehead and under and around his eyes. 

During Sage mode , Hashirama is able to perform strong hand seals that can bind even strong opponents like Ten Tails.

Given all of this, it is evident that Hashirama Senju can easily be a remarkably powerful opponent to Son Goku in a Hashirama Vs Goku battle. 

Goku’s Powers: How Strong Is Son Goku? Is Hashirama Stronger Than Goku?

hashirama vs goku
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As we have discussed in detail about Hashirama Senju’s powers in the previous segment, it’s only fair that we also talk about the inhumane powers and abilities of Son Goku as well. So before we begin with our ultimate discussion of who will be the winner of a Hashirama Vs Goku battle, let us learn about Goku’s Powers in this segment of our article. 

Son Goku, born with the name “Kakarot” or “Kakarotto” is a saiyan originally from a different planet. Kakarot was sent to earth as an infant with the intention of destroying the planet. Kakarot is one from an alien species who are much stronger than regular humans even as infants, and are very ferocious and aggressive in nature. 

People of his species are known for their rageful nature and terrific strength, and also their destructive nature. However, Kakarot is very different from the people of his species, as after he was sent to Earth, he grew up in the care of an old man named Gohan, who named him Son Goku and raised him to become one of the strongest defenders of the planet and the Universe. 

After having a head injury after his arrival on earth, Goku lost all of his memories of being on the other planet and forgot about his true intentions of destroying the planet. Which is why even though Goku was sent to earth with the intentions of Destruction, he used his powers to protect his family and friends on earth and became the greatest defender of Universe 7. 

Son Goku is one of the strongest fighters in the whole multiverse, often referred to as the fittest fighter in all of Universe 7 and also one among the most powerful characters of the whole Dragon Ball series. As a Saiyan, Goku could effortlessly train and learn several combative techniques even as a young child. 

He is known for his unwavering drive to extend his limits to reach surreal extends, that made him powerful enough to battle with the God Of Destruction Beerus himself. Possessing such great potential, Goku has become the strongest fighter in all of universe and has become invincible for any opponent he is against. 

Goku’s Powers mostly rely on his insane physical abilities, and his skills in martial arts. During his training period with Master Roshi, Goku was able to outpower Krillin in multiple instances, by running a hundred meter dash in 8.5 seconds while having large boulders attached to him. 

Aside from being super strong, Goku also shows great physical durability, an example of which can be seen during his first meeting with Bulma when even after being run over by her car and shot at, not only did he remain totally unharmed, but he also managed to throw her car away along with her inside the car. 

Goku is able to train under 4 tons of weighted clothing and 70 tons of weighted clothing in his Super Saiyan form. In his Super Saiyan 3 form, Goku is so insanely powerful that he can basically create earthquakes and possibly even destroy the whole planet with the sheer power that he holds. His power can even be sensed by the Kais in their sacred world. 

In the latest Super Saiyan 3 form, Goku’s power level reaches an astonishing 160,000,000 – making him capable of destroying entire universes at that point. 

Given the discussion of Goku’s powers, it is pretty obvious that in a Hashirama Vs Goku battle, Goku can easily give Hashirama a very hard time, making Goku a very worthy opponent for even Hashirama himself. 

Goku Vs Hashirama: Who Will Win In A Battle?

hashirama vs goku
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Now that we have discussed in detail about the powers and abilities of Son Goku and Hashirama alike, it is time to pick out the fittest warrior between them both – who will win in a Hashirama Vs Goku battle?

As Son Goku is a protagonist who is known for his good natured personality and drive to protect good people, the circumstance in which Goku will have to combat Hashirama also matters whether or not Goku wins over Hashirama or not. 

If in the scenario Hashirama was someone who inherently wanted to hurt or attack Goku’s loved ones, then Goku would waste no time in being at his peak. And when Goku is at his peak, he is pretty much invincible. 

One of his greatest advantages in combative scenarios is his super speed – he is able to move at speeds even faster than light. So in theory, if a Hashirama Vs Goku battle was to happen and if Hashirama managed to anger Goku enough, then Hashirama would stand no chance in front of Goku. In fact, Hashirama would not even understand when Goku hits him. 

However, contrary to this theory, one also needs to keep in mind that when a ninja as strong as Hashirama enters Sage Mode, they are able to sense their opponent and their attacks way before than they can even affect him, so there are still chances when with proper strategies and fighting techniques Hashirama may win over Goku despite Goku having multiple advantages. 

It is also to be noted that Goku has been in multiple stages of power in his life, and whether Goku wins over Hashirama or not highly depends on which version of Goku is his opponent.

Because prior to the timeline of Dragon Ball Super when Goku defeated Pikkolo, Goku’s powers were significantly weaker than other Saiyans. If Hashirama had to battle Goku during that stage then Hashirama could easily win over Goku. 

But if Hashirama had to combat Goku while Goku is in his Super Saiyan form, then Goku will definitely have the upper hand in the battle. 

If you have read the complete segment where we have discussed Hashirama and his abilities, then you are aware of Hashirama and his skills in medical jutsu- which makes him able to regenerate and recover from his battle injuries with no residual effects. 

This aspect of his powers should be kept in mind, as even if he was attacked by Goku, chances are his medical jutsu might save him – and that too multiple times. 

So if Goku were to keep using his peak powers to keep attacking Hashirama and if Hashirama manages to regenerate enough times for Goku to become exhausted, chances are Hashirama may catch Goku in his vulnerable state and thus be able to defeat him in no time. 

But in another aspect, considering the fact that Goku is very physically durable, even if he was to become exhausted after trying to defeat Hashirama – Hashirama would have a great deal in trying to affect Goku as well, since he is immune to many physical attacks. 

If Hashirama was to use his Pollen Jutsu which creates certain flower whose smell can pretty much knock out any opponent, along with the Edo tensei feats which enables him to have unlimited chakra and regeneration, then Hashirama would easily win over Goku even in his Super Saiyan form, but it will surely be a really tough match. 

However in a more general aspect, Goku definitely has the most amount of advantage in a Hashirama Vs Goku battle thanks to his extreme durability, astounding physical strength and supernatural speed. 

So if Hashirama and Goku had to battle and Goku could predict Hashirama’s techniques beforehand, then Goku can definitely win over Hashirama.


In conclusion, it seems that who will win in a Hashirama Vs Goku battle is dependent on very specific circumstances, which can alter the results of this conflict. What are your opinions on this? 

Let us know who you think would be able to win in a Hashirama Vs Goku battle in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Hashirama’s strongest Jutsu?

Hashirama’s Shin Susenju is deemed to be his strongest Jutsu ever, in which he can conjure a huge Buddha Statue with thousand hands. 

  • Is Hashirama stronger than Naruto?

In terms of power, Naruto is pretty much unparalleled. Even though Hashirama is truly one among the very few strongest people in the Naruto universe, Naruto still beats Hashirama in powers. 

  • Can Hashirama defeat Goku with Pollen Jutsu?

If the pollen smell of the flowers conjured up by Hashirama’s pollen Jutsu is able to knock Goku out of his consciousness, then it is very possible that Hashirama can defeat Goku with the Pollen Jutsu.

  • What is Goku’s real name?

Goku’s birth name was Kakarot or Kakarotto. 

  • What planet is Goku from?

Goku is originally from Planet Vegeta. 

  • Can Vegeta beat Hashirama?

Considering the fact that Vegeta is very overpowered, it is entirely possible that Vegeta will be able to beat Hashirama. 

  • Can Naruto Beat Goku?

If Naruto unlocked his Sage Mode, he would be able to conjure up a whole army of hundreds or thousands and even be able to release a series of Rasengan. So even though Goku is a very strong fighter, the winner would be Naruto. 

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