Goku VS Superman: Can Goku Beat Superman?

In the world of superheroes, Superman is the most known name in the world. Known for his super strength and great power, Superman is DC Universe’s first Superhero. While in the world of Japanese anime, Goku is a name known to every anime action fan of all time. Son Goku is the infamous super powerful anime fighter who is the strongest defender of Universe 7. 

While both being from different worlds, with Superman (or Clark Kent) being from planet Krypton and Son Goku being from planet Vegeta, one thing common about these two characters is that despite being from a different planet, both try to protect the Earth with all of their otherworldly power. 

As you can tell, Both Clark Kent and Son Goku have quite the common traits that make them a very worthy battle opponents for each other. Which is why many fans of both Superman and Dragon Ball have the ongoing debate on the topic of Goku Vs Superman – who is the fittest fighter between these two? 

If you are also one among these fans wondering about who will win in a Goku Vs Superman battle, then today we present to you our opinions on whether can Goku beat Superman. 

Superman’s Powers and Abilities: How Powerful is Superman?

Goku VS Superman
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Even though Superman is probably that one Superhero that most people already know a lot about, there are still many things about Clark Kent’s abilities and skills that many fans of Superman do not quite know of. That is why before we begin with our grand comparison between Goku vs Superman, in this segment of our article we are going to take a detailed take on Superman, AKA Clark Kent’s powers and abilities. 

Superman, who was born with the name “Kal – El” in the distant planet of Krypton, was sent to Earth as an infant after their planet got destroyed as the last hope to save their species. As Kal arrived on earth and his rocket landed in Smallville, Kansas, he was discovered by the couple Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent – who decided to adopt Kal and name him Clark Kent. 

Clark was born as a Kryptonian, and was the last son of Krypton being born to scientists Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. As a Kryptonian, Clark showed every special ability a regular Kryptonian shows, which makes him able to perform superhuman activities in the presence of the sun. 

As a child when his adoptive parents noticed Clark having these special abilities, they were worried that Clark would have a hard time bonding with regular people. However, despite being remarkably stronger than others of his age, Clark was pretty nervous but good-natured as a child. He made good friends with a lot of children of his age and never let anyone feel left out. Growing up as a regular child, however, there were times when he occasionally showed a glimpse of his powers – such as super speed, super strength, solar energy absorption, and many more. 

As a Kryptonian, Clark has the below-mentioned powers and abilities which make him the Superhero as we know of him today. 

Superman’s main source of strength is the yellow Sun, which enables him to possess special powers like Solar Energy Absorption – which allows him to absorb the radiation of the sun and also the energy from any other cosmic bodies. An example of Clark using his cosmic energy absorption power was when he absorbed the energy from Starman, gained from the Totality itself. This special ability of him is so insane that he becomes powerful enough to split the whole world in half in case he loses his focus for the littlest amount of time. Aside from the yellow sunlight, Superman can also absorb energy from a mysterious object found on Warworld, known as “Genesis”. 

Another ability of Superman which brings him great advantage in any combative scenarios is his inhumane super strength. In the presence of sunlight, Superman is super resilient and his powers are heavily augmented by the solar radiation which interacts with his musculature, gaining him unreal muscle strength. 

Clark’s conscious will is mostly the manager of his abilities, rather than his actual physical strength, i.e. his conscious will is the main thing that enables him to perform great feats that are beyond the application of force – for example, Superman can move an entire mountain top without any rock crumbling under its mass if his conscious will is fully focused in doing so. 

Superman is also able to create powerful sonic shockwaves with just a clap of his hands. These special claps are known as the “sonic claps” and they are so powerful that these claps can be heard across states. 

Superman is also able to move at a very unnatural velocity, which enables him to perform insane acts like catching a bullet mid-flight and travel vast distances in very little time. His super-speed is so powerful that he can move faster than the flow of time, and thus by using the cosmic treadmill, Superman can move through time as well. 

Goku VS Superman
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Superman also possesses superhuman stamina, which enables him to maintain his strength in a fight for an indefinite amount of time. However, the only limitation to it being physical and psychological needs like hunger, tiredness, and thirst, even which he can endure for an extended amount of time. 

One of Superman’s greatest advantages is his supervision, which allows him to sense the stimulus of the world in much more vivid detail than any other person, which helps him predict and dodge the attacks of his opponents before they can attack him. His super senses include X-ray vision, Telescoping Vision, Infrared Vision, Microscopic Vision, Super Hearing, Flight, Heat Vision, and the most powerful of them all – Super Flare, which enables him to create a gigantic burst of all his stored solar power. 

Other powers of Superman include his genius-level intellect, invulnerability, longevity, super-breath, ability to restructure the molecular structures of anything to his needs, and many more. Overall, Superman is a powerhouse of the greatest abilities of the universe, and he is pretty obviously invincible in nature. This is why Superman will be a very difficult opponent for Goku in the Goku Vs Superman battle. 

Goku’s Powers And Abilities: How Strong Is Goku?

Goku VS Superman
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As you can already tell, the fact that even after being so immensely powerful, Superman is said to be a “close equal” in terms of physical strength with Son Goku. Which makes you wonder – how strong is Goku in reality? So we are going to have a full detailed discussion about Goku’s powers and abilities so we can get a clear understanding of who in the Goku vs Superman duo is more powerful than the other. 

Son Goku, very similar to Superman, was born on a different planet from Earth, named planet Vegeta. Goku was born with the name “Kakarot” in the planet Vegeta as one of the most ferocious species in the universe. However the intentions of the people who sent Goku to earth were very malicious in nature – as the true intentions of the people of Planet Vegeta was to send Kakarot to earth in order to destroy the planet entirely. However once Kakarot actually lands on earth, he is discovered by an old loving man named Gohan, who upon finding a crying infant Kakarot decided to adopt him and name him Son Goku, with the intention of making him the most powerful defender of the world. During the care of Grandpa Gohan, Goku suffered a massive head injury, which caused him to forget everything about his true race back on planet Vegeta, and made him very different from the people of his home planet. 

Goku VS Superman
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As fans of Dragon Ball are already aware, residents of planet Vegeta are known for their superhuman strength and their destructive and rageful nature, and superiority complex which made them constantly try and eradicate any race from the universe aside from themselves only. However, even though Goku is by blood a resident of planet Vegeta, after his head injury and forgetting of all memories of his planet, Goku became a rather kind and caring individual with the help of Grandpa Gohan’s teachings. 

Goku has been an insanely strong individual starting from his mere infant days when he could drag massive rocks that were tied to him with no difficulties whatsoever. With this kind of superhuman strength, Goku was the strongest fighter among anyone else in his age during his time. 

As Goku grows up, he fights against many stronger individuals such as the God Of Destruction Beerus, Prince Vegeta and so on. As Goku battled against stronger and stronger opponents, his power levels continued to grow beyond limits until Goku became the most powerful defender of Universe 7 and the strongest fighter within thirteen multiverses. 

Goku’s powers mostly rely upon his physical abilities, however, he is also a skilled martial artist, which gives him the upper hand in fighting against anyone. Goku also possesses super speed, as he can move with a velocity faster than the light itself. In his Super Saiyan Ultra Instinct form, Goku is nearly unbeatable and is capable of destroying literal universes. Not to mention that even God of Destruction Beerus himself is deemed to be inferior to Ultra Instinct Goku. 

Another great advantage that Goku has is that he is very physically resilient, which makes him immune to any physical attacks done against him by any opponent ever. 

Judging by all of Goku’s powerful traits mentioned here, it is clear that Goku is very close in terms of powers and abilities to Superman, which makes him a very good match against Superman in a Goku vs Superman battle. 

Goku Vs Superman: Can Goku beat Superman?

Goku VS Superman
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Comparing the abilities of Goku and Superman side by side, in a rough view, it is pretty obvious that both of these characters are insanely overpowered, which is why in most ways Superman and Goku mostly have the same abilities. 

The reasons why Superman has the upper hand in any battle against his enemies are also more or less similar to Goku’s reasons of invincibility, which, for example, are super speed, superhuman physical strength, superhuman stamina, and super resilience. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that Superman’s famously known weakness is Kryptonite, which prevents his ability to absorb power from the sun and thus making him weaker. If Goku managed to get hands-on Kryptonite, then chances are even though Goku and Superman are very much at the same level of strength, Goku will be able to get the upper hand in the battle. 

But contrary to this theory, one has to know that Superman’s main source of power is basically Goku’s greatest strength- a Ki Blast of Goku is much similar to solar energy, and if Goku had to use his Ki abilities to defeat Superman, then instead of affecting him, his Ki energy will be absorbed by Superman, making him stronger in turn. So essentially, Goku is pretty much powerless in front of Superman – and even Kryptonite may not be much of help for Goku. 


After this long discussion of the superhero duo Goku vs Superman, we have reached a solid conclusion that in a Goku Vs Superman battle, Superman would definitely have the upper hand, considering that Goku’s attacks will actually work in favor of Superman, which in turn will make him the winner. And because Goku and Superman’s physical powers are pretty much equal, Goku will have no additional abilities which he can use against Superman that will help him win the battle. 

But that is our theory, what do you have to say about the clash of Goku and Superman? Do you think Goku can actually defeat Superman with the help of Kryptonite? Or is there any other power that would help Goku to beat Superman? Let us know about your theories of Goku vs Superman in the comments down below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Superman’s original planet name?

The planet where Superman is originally from is known as the planet Krypton. 

  • Why is Kryptonite Superman’s weakness?

The radiation generated from Kryptonite affects Superman’s ability to absorb power from solar energy, thus Kryptonite is the weakness of Superman.

  • Can Superman defeat Ultra Instinct Goku?

The main power of Ultra Instinct Goku is his super strong Ki, which if he uses against Superman would only make him stronger since Superman’s Powers are to absorb cosmic radiation. So in short, Superman would definitely win over Ultra Instinct Goku. 

  • Does Superman have super speed?

Superman possesses the ability to move faster than the flow of time, so definitely he possesses super speed. 

  • Which planet is Goku from?

Goku was originally born on planet Vegeta. 

  • Can Goku time travel?

Yes, Goku can time travel, but only with the help of a physical time machine. 

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