Goku vs Goku Black: Goku Black All Fights Explained!! 

Future Trunks, one of Dragon Ball Z’s most well-known characters, is the subject of the Goku Black plot, which aims to provide answers concerning him. This character turned Dragon Ball Z on its head by bringing time travel and the concept of different timelines. With the Goku Black story, Future Trunks offered Dragon Ball one of its better arcs, giving us one of the more critical stories in the series.

The clashes between Goku Black and the main Dragon Ball characters were mind-blowing, and the demonstration of power was remarkable, leaving the viewers speechless. While most of the characters struggled in fights with the villain, we witnessed a super entertaining encounter of Goku vs Goku Black.   We will witness some of the most thrilling Goku Black bouts and discover more about his attributes. So let’s dive into it.

Who Is Goku Black?

Goku vs Goku Black
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In the entire primary timeline of Universe 10, Black Goku is a different manifestation of Zamasu and a former North Kai and Supreme Kai trainee serving his old master Gowasu.

He is the primary adversary of Dragon Ball Super’s “Future” Trunks Saga. He blames mortals for his crimes, utilizing Future Trunks’ transgression of time travel to support him and Future Zamasu’s ethically dubious aim of annihilating all life. He also thinks that humankind has persisted all this time because the Gods are just too arrogant to admit that they were wrong to create mortals.  Additionally, he decided to trade bodies with Goku from the unaffected main timeline inside Universe 7 rather than wish for the extermination of mortals with the Super Dragon Balls during the actual main timeline inside Universe 6 to show his adoration for the Saiyan.

Appearance of Goku Black

Being an above-average height Kai with a thin build, green skin, and a white Mohawk, his initial look is the same as that of his future temporal counterpart. He wore his matching pair of green Potara earrings with gold chains after slaughtering his previous master, Gowasu. He started in his Supreme Kai garb, but after being granted his request to exchange bodies with the Saiyan, he changed into dark vests, a long-sleeved black undershirt with a turtleneck, a red belt, black tights, and sharp white boots.

He is more appealing because he has a darker complexion and incredibly defined eyes. His hair was also darker, with three back and four front spikes. He also has a Time Ring on his right index finger in the anime, but his side version in the manga is in charge of wearing it. In the manga, he also has dark lines around his eyes that resemble those influenced by Babidi’s Manipulation Sorcery.

Powers of Goku Black

Goku vs Goku Black
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Godlike power, speed, reflexes, and the ability to launch energy blasts are just a few of Goku Black and Zamasu’s skills. These skills are all fueled by ki. An energy sword is a primary weapon used by Zamasu and all of his other forms. Black can easily defeat Super Saiyan 2 Future Trunks in his primary form.

Future Trunks claims that Black is at least as strong as Super Saiyan 3 Goku in his basic form, if not slightly more so.  In his first battle of Goku vs Goku Black, the latter’s base form was nearly equivalent to Super Saiyan 2 Goku; nonetheless, the fight concluded with Black suffering from apparent weariness and beating while Goku was essentially undamaged. But did you know that Black was more robust in the future than in the past?

Therefore, Black wasn’t using all of his might during his fight with Goku, as Future Trunks pointed out after Black and Goku’s first encounter in the past. When Black arrived in the future, he noticed that his strength had substantially risen due to adopting Goku’s fighting technique and taking the powerful Saiyan’s strikes. In his essential condition, he could surprise Vegeta and emerge before him, while Vegeta was unaware of it because of his newly acquired power and talent. He could deflect Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta’s strikes, and he even managed to knock him back. He quickly destroyed Vegeta after becoming Super Saiyan Rosé by surprising him with a slashing blade attack. Goku Black acquired all of the strength of the Potara Fusion Zamasu when he adopted the form of the Fused Zamasu.

Characters slew by Goku Black

  • Black took the life of Gowasu to take the Potara earrings and Time Ring (in Goku Black’s timeline).
  • Rumsshi (in the timeline of Goku Black) passed away because of his Life Link with Gowasu.
  • Black defeated Goku after he stole his body in Goku Black’s timeline.
  • According to Goku Black’s timeline, Chi-Chi was slain by Black and Goten in the anime.
  • In Goku Black’s timeline, Goten also lost his life to Black alongside Chi Chi.
  • Future Gowasu lost his life to Black.
  • Future Rumsshi, who had a life bond with Future Gowasu, passed away.
  • Black slaughtered every future Supreme Kai while traveling throughout every Universe except for Future Shin in the manga, who died due to injuries sustained from his battle against Future Dabura and Future Babidi).
  • Future Gods of Destruction – The Gods of Destruction perished along with the Supreme Kais when Black slaughtered them all, except for Universe 7’s God of Destruction in the manga, who passed away at the same time as Shin because of their shared connection to each other.
  • Future Bulma: She lost her life while Black destroyed her lab.
  • Several mortals from other worlds were slain by Black, a number unknown.
  • Earthlings – During his spree on Earth in the series, Black slaughtered more than half of the human population. He and Future Zamasu slaughtered them all in the manga.

Goku Black All Fights Explained

The most potent characters from Dragon Ball Super engaged in several battles with Goku Black. The most well-known actions included Vegeta vs Goku Black and Goku vs Goku Black.

Goku Vs Goku Black

Goku vs Goku Black
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Since the beginning of the Goku Black arc, Dragon Ball Super has been quite popular. Thus “Goku vs Goku Black!” really stunned viewers to another level of excitement. The first half of “Goku vs Black!” is divided into two battles with no other activities. The combat, nevertheless, is well-paced and occurs at the proper time. It’s time to use Goku Black in action since the audience was already terrified of him at that stage in the story arc.

When Black entered the present timeline in search of Future Trunks, Goku and his friends were startled to find a fighter that looked precisely like Goku. When Goku Black eventually runs into the Z Warriors, it’s evident that everyone is thinking about battling. Future Trunks was ready to face off against his competitor, but Vegeta dissuades him from making the rash choice. 

Despite this, Goku decides to go up against the new lousy guy anyway, going against his better judgment. The battle between Goku and Goku Black is exciting, although the stakes aren’t that high. Both of them hold back, and as Goku turns into a Super Saiyan, he is at a stage to easily pass Goku Black. Unexpectedly, Goku Black grows stronger the closer he gets to Goku. It almost seems as though his physique could pick up lessons from Goku. Goku Black appears to have access to additional power sources when Goku turns the heat up and transforms into a Super Saiyan. 

It was fascinating to watch how the distribution of Goku Black’s power changes. Super Saiyan Blue is an exciting transformation. However, it might not matter if Goku Black can absorb that energy. “Goku vs Black!” sets a new bar for this storyline and is filled with beautiful moments. The plot advances in significant ways, action-packed combat makes everyone excited for the inevitable rematch, and the implications of this new arc become apparent. 

Goku Black Vs Vegeta

Goku vs Goku Black
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Goku Black vs Vegeta’s battle was truly shivering. The first battle Goku Black engaged in was with Vegeta after Trunks entered the Future alongside Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta decides to take on Goku Black, claiming that because he defeated the real Goku, he will also dominate the phony Goku. Vegeta’s increasing power is instantly apparent to Goku Black, who is now being driven back by the Saiyan prince. Vegeta attempts to defeat Goku Black in his Rosé form, but the situation swiftly changes. Vegeta tries to summon a massive strike to defeat Goku Black.

Still, at this moment, Goku Black transforms his ki into a terrifying power blade that he uses to immolate Vegeta. This severe stabbing is the kind of action that would generally indicate a character’s demise. Fortunately, Vegeta’s situation isn’t so dire, but it removes him from the conflict. Goku enters the fight after Vegeta is defeated to stop Goku Black Rosé before anybody else is wounded.

Goku Black Ultra Instinct – Can Goku Black Use The Form?

Well, as with the other forms, we saw Goku Black matching the power levels of Son Goku, even crossing them. But he has never introduced similar, typical Saiyan transitions. He was portrayed with even better transformations to shock the fans.  So, in case he returns in the future, we can expect a bombshell to drop. Goku Black may come up with a new form that will be more fatal than Goku’s Ultra Instinct form. 


As with the non-canon Turles or when Captain Ginyu also took Goku’s body, Dragon Ball has always been an admirer of evil Gokus.  With the addition of the expanded series mythology and Future Trunks’ comeback for good measure, Super demonstrated tremendous dedication to creating another evil Goku. What opinions do you have about Goku vs Goku Black rematch? Do let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Beerus destroy immortals like Zamasu?

Goku first believed that the Hakai method could also be used to slay immortals, but Beerus clarified that this is not true. He is capable of wiping off Universe 7 Zamasu, but he cannot engage Infinite Zamasu in combat.

What is Zamasu’s Method of Surviving Zeno?

Future Trunks gets trapped in the original timeline after Zeno, the supreme power, obliterates Zamasu and the timeline. But Whis decided to turn back time, and with Beerus, he entered and closed the deadly Zamasu. Before Zeno erased Zamasu, however, Hearts removed him from the realm.

Which universe features the most powerful Goku?

The astonishingly inspiring Pride Troopers were the reason Universe 11 seemed to have the maximum Mortal Level of any universe in the Tournament of Power. Toppo and Jiren, who can both compete with Vegeta and Goku from Dragon Ball, are the two strongest among them.

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