Goku Black All Fights Explained: Meet The Real Badass 

If you are a long-time fan of the popular Japanese anime show Dragon Ball, then you know that this show features a lot of multiversal fiction- where the protagonists of the show are aware and also very connected with the other “universes” other than their own, and the main protagonist, Son Goku, is said to be the fittest fighter within 13 of these multiverses. 

But as the popular theories about multiverses say, there is a version of every person in a parallel universe, and that theory is actually very present in the Dragon Ball world as well. Just like Son Goku is in Universe 7, there are other versions of Goku in multiple universes. 

Much like Universe 7, there is Universe 10, where a different version of Goku, Goku Black, is known to exist. 

Being such an interesting and powerful character, Goku Black has fought with and defeated many characters from the show, and fans of the series have long been interested in Goku Black all fights.

If you are wondering about this Future Trunks Saga villain, then today we have a detailed article for you where we discuss Goku Black all fights and everything about him, so keep reading the article to the end! 

Future Trunks Saga: Who Is Goku Black?

Goku Black All Fights
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Goku Black is one of the most intriguing and interesting characters of the Dragon Ball series, partly because of his connection with the main protagonist Son Goku and because of his stark difference with his universal counterpart. 

So before we begin our discussion of Goku Black all fights, here in this segment of our article we will talk about who is Goku Black and his origins. 

Goku Black is also known as Zamasu, and he is the main antagonist of the “Future Trunks Saga” of Dragon Ball Super. 

Unlike Goku of Universe 7, Zamasu is known for his hatred towards mortals, and is a true evil who shows no remorse for his actions. Being a living powerhouse, Goku Black is able to defeat Future Trunks even in his Super Saiyan 2 form while just being on his base state. 

To compare with Goku of Universe 7, Goku Black’s powers are comparable with Goku’s Super Saiyan 2 form.

Goku Black: Origins

In an interview with Akira Toriyama, the creator of the series revealed that the idea of Goku Black originated from the “copy of the hero” trope which was popular in many series of that time, for example, the “False Ultra Man” of the Ultraman series and the “False Kamen Rider” from the Kamen Rider series. 

Appearance of Goku Black

Goku Black resembles a lot of Goku of Universe 7, and also his future “Mirai No Zamasu” AKA the Future Zamasu self. Goku Black has a slim build and is of above-average height and his green skin along with a white Mohawk. 

After he defeated his former master Gowasu, he started wearing his matching set of gold and green potara earrings. 

After his wish to switch bodies with the Goku of the unaltered timeline within Universe 7 was granted by Super Shenron, Goku Black had some physical and notable changes. 

Although remaining pretty identical, Goku Black had a slightly darker skin colour and more prominent eyes, along with a leaner build. After his alteration of bodies, Goku Black wore a dark grey outfit with a black undershirt and a turtleneck, along with black pants and pointy white boots.

After this, Goku Black gave his right potara earring to his future counterpart (i.e. Future Zamasu) and kept the left potara earring to himself. 

Personality of Goku Black 

Black Goku is Son Goku’s interuniversal counterpart, yet there is no similarity of his personality with the main protagonist. Goku Black is known for his hateful and dangerous personality, and also for his pretty arrogant nature. 

Goku Black even took the life of his own master Gowasu, as his first step into the dark path. 

Goku Black is very hateful towards mortal people, and thinks that they are a mistake made by the Gods. He also grows increasingly hateful towards the Gods of the universes because of their indifference to their “mistakes” and thinks that the existence of mortals is blasphemous. 

Such a cruel and hateful character, Goku Black is also known for always being justified to himself for his actions, as he sees no evil or nothing wrong with his actions. He is also known for blaming all his wrongdoings on the existence of the mortals, and also wants to exterminate all mortals from the universe, which makes him very similar to Android 13 in a way. 

Powers and Abilities Of Goku Black

Goku Black All Fights
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As we know, Goku Black in his base form is more powerful than the Super Saiyan 2 form of Universe 7 Goku, and is also powerful enough to defeat Future Trunks even in his Super Saiyan 2 form. 

Goku Black, otherwise known as Zamasu, was a prodigy of combat even before switching bodies with Goku, and was easily the strongest Kai to ever live. He was even powerful enough to move the planet sized Super Dragon Balls with his own powers. 

After Goku Black underwent the body switch with Goku, his powers increased noticeably. 

When he was in Goku’s body, he gained the Saiyan’s abilities and powers as well as managed to still own his own Supreme Kai powers and his own skills. At that point, Goku Black was a considerably dangerous and deadly enemy. 

In the anime, Goku Black in his base form is equal, or maybe somewhat stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku, although during his first fight against Goku, the Saiyan in his Super Saiyan 2 form managed to exhaust Goku Black in his base form. 

In his Super Saiyan Rosé form, Goku Black is able to easily defeat Vegeta with his surprise “Piercing Blade” attack.

Goku Black’s abilities include Ki Blast, Flight, continuous Energy bullets, Ki sensing, being able to send shockwaves etc. However some of his unique abilities that make him much more stronger than any other entities include-

  • Black Power Ball in which Goku Black is able to conjure a golden Energy ball with a black energy core to attack his opponent, which becomes completely golden with a black outline when it is fired. 
  • Black Kamehameha is his ability of using a black coloured version of the Kamehameha, which had special abilities like blinding black Kamehameha which holds the opponent in place when he’s attacking them. 

Goku Black All Fights: How Many People Did Goku Black Take The Lives Of?

Introduced in the Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Saga, Goku Black has been a very important character of the series and has battled with many powerful entities of the show. Goku Black’s initial character trait is his use of his superpowers in evil ways, and he did that to defeat and take the lives of many people of different timelines.

Goku Black vs Gowasu

Goku Black’s first step to his very dark and villainous future started with his own master. Gowasu of Goku Black’s timeline, who was the first master of Goku Black aka Zamasu, was defeated by Goku Black. After he took the life of Gowasu, Goku Black toon Gowasu’s potara earrings and his time ring. 

Goku Black Vs Rumsshi

Rumsshi of Goku Black’s timeline was also taken down by Goku Black, however in an indirect way. Rumsshi was connected to Gowasu with a special connection known as a Life Link, which is a special ability where two living beings have their lives connected in such a way that if one person passed away, so does the other person. 

This connection is often seen to exist between the Gods of Destruction and the Supreme Kais to have a balance between creation and destruction. Since Gowasu and Rumsshi were connected to each other with the Life Link, when Goku Black took Gowasu’s life, Rumsshi also passed away as a result. 

Goku Black vs Goku (Goku Black Timeline)

After Goku Black exchanged bodies with Goku of his Timeline, he fought and took the life of Goku of his Timeline, who was in his Superkai body at the time. 

Goku Black Vs Goten (Goku Black’s Timeline)

Goten, who was Goku’s son in Goku Black’s timeline, was also defeated by Goku Black. Goku Black took the life of Goten along with his mother, Chichi. 

Goku Black vs Chi-chi (Goku Black’s Timeline)

In the Anime, Goku Black went on a murderous path when he took the life of Goku’s wife Chi-chi in his timeline along with her son Goten.

Goku Black vs Future Gowasu and Future Rumsshi 

Goku Black All Fights
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Along with the Gowasu of his own timeline, Goku Black even went as far to erase the existence of Gowasu in his future counterpart, known as Future Gowasu. 

Much like in his own timeline, Future Gowasu was also connected with Future Rumsshi with the previously mentioned Lifeline, which in turn also took the life of Rumsshi’s future counterpart known as Future Rumsshi. 

Goku Black VS Future Supreme Kais

When Goku Black was travelling across every universe, he also took the lives of all the future Supreme Kais, along with all the future Gods of Destruction. 

Goku Black VS Future Bulma

When Goku Black destroyed her lab, he also took the life of the future counterpart of Bulma of his universe. 

Goku Black All Fights : In Which Fights Will Goku Black Win?

In the previous segment, we have only talked about people who were defeated by Goku Black and lost their lives in the battle. But fans of Dragon Ball Z have long wanted to know about Goku Black’s true potential and wondered about which characters can Goku Black defeat in a one-on-one battle. So here in this segment we will talk about some fan favourite battle duos among Goku Black all fights that you may be shocked to find the results of. 

Goku Black Vs Goku

The most talked about duo among Goku Black all fights, many fans are eager to know whether Goku Black would be able to defeat Goku of Universe 7 or not. In the show itself, Goku Black had been in a one-on-one battle against Goku, and Goku Black was a tremendously powerful opponent for Goku. Although Goku could go into his Super Saiyan 3 level during the fight, his way of holding in his true potential was there, and Goku Black, just by being in his base form was dominating the battle. 

However once Goku levelled up to his Super Saiyan 2 phase, he was at a significant advantage in the battle, although he was still a tad bit weaker than Goku Black. Ultimately, when Goku in his Super Saiyan 2 form attacked Goku Black, he was able to significantly injure Goku Black. 

Goku Black Vs Beerus

We know that in the Future Trunks Saga, Goku Black went on an eradication rampage to erase every Supreme Kais and Gods Of Destruction. However, Gods Of Destruction are way more powerful than Supreme Kais, and among them Beerus is much more powerful than anyone else. 

So if Beerus and Goku Black were to have a battle , undoubtedly Beerus would have the upper hand. The only way Goku Black can defeat Beerus is if he was to attack and take the life of Supreme Kai of Universe 7, other than that it is impossible for Goku Black to even come close to defeating Beerus.

Goku Black Vs Vegeta

Among Goku Black all fights, Goku Black Vs Vegeta is a very shocking one. In this battle Goku Black showed a bit of his power’s true potential when he turned into his Super Saiyan Rosé form after he found Vegeta to be a tough opponent. However when Vegeta turned into his Super Saiyan Blue form, he easily overpowers Goku Black, and almost manages to end him for good, but since Goku Black gets healed by Future Trunks, the battle continues. 

Goku Black Vs Gogeta

Goku Black All Fights
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Among the theoretical addition of Goku Black all fights, If Goku Black and the fused Gogeta were to have a face off, undoubtedly Gogeta would win. With Goku’s mastery in Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s mastered new form, even if Gogeta struggled at first to keep up with Goku Black, ultimately the win will be Gogeta’s. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • Why did Beerus not end Goku Black?

Although one of the strongest known characters of the show, Beerus is very passive in nature. Since Goku Black did not interfere with Beerus directly, Beerus did not try to battle Goku Black either.

  • How did Rumsshi pass away because of Goku Black?

Since Goku Black took the life of Gowasu and Gowasu was linked with the Life Link with Rumsshi, Rumsshi also passed away.

  • Why is Goku Black so evil?

Goku Black believes that every mortal being should be removed and that they are the reason for the universe’s weakness. This is why Goku Black’s intention of eradicating every mortal being makes him so evil.

  • How are Goku Black and Future Zamasu related?

Goku Black is actually Zamasu of his own timeline, and Future Zamasu is his future counterpart.

  • Is Goku Black Goku himself?

Goku Black is originally known as Zamasu, and he is an evil counterpart of Goku of Universe 7.

  • Is Goku Black stronger than Kefla?

Considering that Kefla could only defeat Goku in his Super Saiyan 2 form, if Kefla could battle against Goku Black, Goku Black would win.

  • Is Goku Black stronger than Jiren?

Comparing each of them while in their full potential, Jiren is 20x stronger than Goku Black.


Thank you for reading our article till now! We hope you enjoyed our detailed discussion of Goku Black all fights. Let us know what more anime duos you would like to have and don’t forget to comment down your thoughts below!

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