Gogeta vs Vegito: Who Will Win?

Dragon Ball Super: Broly’s formal entry of Gogeta into the canon has fans once again dissecting the benefits and downsides of Dragon Ball’s fusion procedures. 

A new article in Weekly Shonen Jump has finally provided fans with an official explanation of the two Dragon Ball fusion methods (Fusion Dance and Potara) and the strengths and weaknesses of each. 

There’s another official verdict many fans have been arguing about for years: Vegito vs Gogeta Who will win? So, let’s find out.

Vegito vs Gogeta Who will win?

gogeta vs vegito
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Gogeta vs Vegito who will win? Even though the two characters are strikingly similar, the question is vexing since they occur in so many different media. It’s a good thing that the folks behind the Death Battle! 

YouTube channels have built a career in solving seemingly intractable problems since they’ve decided to take on the most contentious issue in all Dragon Ball fandom: who is the best character? This is the only question that matters in the Dragon Ball universe.

The fusion process that Goku and Vegeta utilized distinguishes Vegito from Gogeta. Vegito employs a method developed by the Metamoran race called the Fusion Dance. 

However, the Supreme Kais, the gods of the Dragon Ball universe, use a special pair of earrings called the Potara to create Gogeta. Gogeta was conceived first by the team working on the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, despite Vegito’s greater visibility in canon media (the Dragon Ball Z and Super manga and anime). 

Akira Toriyama changed the fusing method used in the manga (where Vegito made his debut two months after the release of Fusion Reborn), resulting in two versions of the same character and generating an ongoing controversy among franchise fans as to which is the more powerful.

Gogeta vs Vegito: Vegito outshines Gogeta in strength

To avoid confusion over what is and is not canon, Death Battle! Uses all of the characters’ appearances, even in fan-made works. It’s also impressive that they didn’t go with the obvious conclusion that Gogeta would win in a short fight based on the various time limits of the two fusions (as was the case in a Weekly Shonen Jump issue from 1995). 

One key distinction between the two fusion methods informed their choice to award victory to Vegito. It’s impossible to pull off a successful fusion dance with two persons who aren’t on equal footing in terms of strength. 

One of Goku or Vegeta will have to reduce his power, even slightly, and the resulting fused fighter will be weaker than the Potara fusion, which does not have this requirement. That’s why it makes sense that Elder Kai declared the Potara have a “bigger influence” in Dragon Ball Z, which is corroborated by other official media (including the Dragon Ball Daizenshu encyclopedia).

If you want a comprehensive understanding of Death Battle analysis, it’s in your best interest to watch the entire film, as this is just one of several points made. However, true believers in Gogeta will find plenty of evidence to dispute this conclusion, such as Whis’ assertion that Gogeta is stronger than Beerus. 

This discussion has heated considerably after Gogeta’s canonical introduction in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Death Battle! did an excellent job, as always, but in the end, every Dragon Ball fan has their own opinion on the final question: Gogeta vs. Vegito, who will win?

gogeta vs vegito
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Who among the Universe’s Powers is the Strongest?

As this Dragon Ball fusion analysis demonstrates, the Fusion Dance’s ability to transform into Gogeta is distinct from the Potara earrings’ ability to transform into Vegito. 

Fusion is more well-balanced and can harness its combined power to its fullest because it is made up of the combined spirits of its two greatest adversaries. Accordingly, Gogeta should prevail if the fight lasts less than thirty minutes. However, Vegito should prevail if the fight lasts more than an hour. In the end, this turns into the kind of situation that many dedicated Dragon Ball fans have debated for years.

The Fusion Dance allows for a stronger physical and spiritual union, but it lasts only thirty minutes before it wears off. It takes much practice and composure to execute the Fusion Dance, and the warriors must be roughly the same size and power to produce the desired fusion.

The Potara is an unrestricted type of fusion that can combine combatants of different sizes and strengths. The biggest problem with Potara fusion lies in this last point: once it’s done, it’s done for good (though Goku and Vegeta have repeatedly broken this rule). 

If the fight is a rapid head-to-head struggle, Gogeta has a better chance of winning. Still, if Vegito uses any serious tactical technique to draw out the fight, then the chances swiftly turn in Vegito’s favor.

Advantages of Gogeta

  • A statistical trifecta parity
  • Has a complete understanding of Vegito’s moves and the ability to perform them accurately.
  • FighterZ is the superior game (monke)
  • It has twice as many themes as Vegito, and they’re all better.
gogeta vs vegito
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Disadvantages of Gogeta

  • Worst time constraint
  • You will only get the best outcomes if you do the Fusion Dance right.
  • When Vegeta wants Gogeta to show up, he has to bust a move in FighterZ (blue man).

Advantages of Vegito

  • A statistical trifecta parity
  • Identifies and imitates all of Gogeta’s possible moves.
  • Time limits should be improved.
  • A catchphrase like “YOSHA!” is simple but incredible.
  • For two decades, it was considered official.
gogeta vs vegito
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Disadvantages of Vegito

  • Earrings may be a vulnerable point.
  • Never been victorious in a battle.
  • For Vegito to arrive, Goku and Vegeta must make dick contact.


Normal procedures for reaching this conclusion involve more semantics. Elder Kai, Vados, and other authoritative figures from the past have all said that Potara is an improvement above the Fusion Dance. 

Therefore, Vegito would have the upper hand in combat between the current Gokus and Vegetas. However, there are various perspectives to consider. Gogeta has the upper hand if you only consider their most recent matches. 

Fusion Zamasu’s fight with Vegito in the Goku Black Arc was Vegito’s final canon appearance. The duel between Gogeta and Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly serves as a contrast. Goku and Vegeta had a full arc of training and Zenkai enhancements between their fights with Zamasu and Broly. 

As a result, Gogeta was undeniably more powerful than Vegito in his film. Everything we just said, however, is moot, as this debate is about the mythos and fights of Dragon Ball Heroes.

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