You Will Get A Stomach Ache Seeing These Funniest Naruto Moments

One of the most well-known anime series is Naruto, which is a must-watch for anyone with even the slightest interest in shonen anime. A trouble-making shinobi who had been shunned by the Leaf Village due to his reputation as a Jinchuuriki, the titular protagonist was little more than that. 

At this moment, Naruto craved attention in whatever manner, and he frequently engaged in silly acts to attract the villagers’ attention. Naruto developed through time and eventually took on the role of Konoha’s guardian. He never lost his sense of humor, though, and he really contributes significantly to some of the funniest jokes in the series.

Today, in this article, we will discuss the funniest Naruto moments that will give you stomach cramps. 

Funniest Naruto Moments 

Funniest Naruto Moments
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Here is a list of Funniest Naruto Moments:

1. Naruto & Sasuke Kiss

Naruto and Sasuke have one of the most intense feuds in anime history. Numerous episodes and story arcs were devoted to their relationship, which featured unending arguments and character growth. 

Funniest Naruto Moments
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The first kiss between Naruto and Sasuke stands out, though. As they were kissing, Naruto was accidentally pushed into Sasuke by someone. Following a passionate stare-down, the two eventually kiss. Sasuke then made a death threat against Naruto. 

This was made much funnier by Naruto’s comment that his “tongue is rotting.”

2. Naruto Pretending That His Head Was Eaten

Before the start of the Fourth Shinobi World War, an inexperienced Naruto was studying under Killer Bee to learn how to cooperate with his Tailed Beast. To unlock the doors to the chamber where he could learn this trick, Naruto had to do one step where he put his head inside the maw of a lion. 

To everyone’s horror, Naruto does the same and emerges headless, only to admit that he was playing a joke on them all along. His friends are obviously upset by this and beat him up for making them worry.

3. 1,000 Years of Loss 

Fans could only speculate as to what horrors would be inflicted upon an unsuspecting victim using a combat style known as “1,000 years of loss.” Kakashi challenges Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura to steal two bells from him in order to pass when he is announced as Team 7’s captain. 

Right away, Naruto makes a direct attempt to steal the bells. As a result of this abject failure, Kakashi turned the technique against Naruto. Laughably, Naruto leaps into the air and moves around the room. Because of how powerful it was, Naruto subsequently used it against Gaara.

4. Team 7 Trying To Figure Out Kakashi’s Identity

Funniest Naruto Moments
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When Team 7 chooses to work together to determine what Kakashi looks like without his mask, it makes for one of the most memorable filler episodes in the whole Naruto series. The three make for some hilarious moments as they make every effort to mislead Kakashi. 

Kakashi ultimately chooses to reveal to them what was hiding beneath their mask after their schemes inevitably fail. The big reveal is that he simply had another mask on underneath, which is such a ridiculously funny way to wrap up this filler that most people can’t even be upset about it!

5. Using The Harem Jutsu On Ebisu

Konohamaru’s entrance is a really fantastic scene that demonstrates Naruto’s actual potential as a future Hokage. Konohamaru is a spoiled brat who doesn’t listen to anyone at first, not even his grandfather, who also happens to be the Third Hokage! 

It doesn’t help that Konohamaru’s sensei occasionally exhibits a bit too much control. Thankfully, Naruto uses his signature Harem Jutsu to put him in his place and expel Ebisu.

6. Sai Calls Sakura Ugly

For Sai, figuring out social situations was never easy. That didn’t deter him from persistently attempting to improve his friendship with his pals. He was motivated to learn more about how people interact and how to strengthen his friendships. 

Sadly, his attempts to learn how to connect with his peers more deeply while in the library were unsuccessful. He made the choice to give the team monikers. He describes Sakura as “ugly,” which is not well received.

7. Reverse Harem Jutsu 

Funniest Naruto Moments
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If a Shinobi could defeat a celestial entity like Kaguya, fans questioned. Well, the element of surprise is always a very effective strategy when up against a much more powerful opponent. 

When Naruto demonstrated the Reverse Harem Jutsu, a maneuver no one anticipated, he exemplified this flawlessly. Kaguya was surrounded by a number of alluring undressed guys thanks to the Reverse Harem Jutsu. Anybody would have been caught off guard by this maneuver, even Sakura, who has a nosebleed as a result.

8. Farting In Kiba’s Face

Some of the most notable events in Naruto history occurred during the Chunin Exams, and the preliminary qualifiers were also very noteworthy. The fight between Rock Lee and Gaara is unquestionably the best portion of this section, but Naruto and Kiba’s fight also deserves praise.

To win the title of Chunin, both shinobi placed their lives on the line, yet this battle turned on a strange time. Kiba’s sense of smell was thrown out of whack when Naruto unintentionally farted in his face during the fight, leaving him open to Naruto’s last attack.

9. Kakashi & Guy’s Race

In Shippuden, Kakashi and Guy, his greatest foe, compete in a race for the ages. Might Guy and Kakashi have been putting their skills against one another since they were little? Guy dares Kakashi to a sprint from the town to the top of Hokage Rock. 

As this comic team brilliantly riffed off one another, laughter ensued. They made the episode even more absurd. Even though it’s a humorous scenario, it emphasizes the significance of Kakashi being named the new Hokage.

10. Yamato Scaring Naruto

Funniest Naruto Moments

One of Naruto’s most distinctive characters, Yamato was introduced after the time jump. His proficiency with Wood Release enables him to control Naruto and stop the Nine-Tails chakra from going crazy. 

His deadpan visage turns out to be pretty disturbing during the character’s initial introduction, and he forces the squad to comply with all of his demands. It’s a very amusing incident that establishes Yamato as an intriguing guy right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Which is the funniest Naruto episode?

Ans – Some of the funniest Naruto episodes are – Laughing Shino, Run! The Curry of Life, The Worst-Three Legged Race and so on. 

Q2) What is the most popular Naruto episode?

Ans – Some of the most popular Naruto episodes are – The End of Tears, For a Friend, and more. 

Q3) What episode does Shino laugh?

Ans – Shino laughs in episode 186 of Naruto. 


So, this was our article on the funniest Naruto moments. Which is the moment that made you laugh loudly? Tell us in the comment section. Make sure to stay tuned and follow us for more updates… 

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