8 Funniest Dragon Ball Z Characters Who Will Give You A Stomach Ache With Laughter

The Dragon Ball Z series will always be remembered as a great shonen anime about heroes who battle to protect the planet while simultaneously trying to outdo one another in strength. 

They need to have huge personalities to stand out and flaunt their confidence because there are so many characters with as lofty as those aspirations. And comedy is the finest approach to building a huge personality. 

The Dragon Ball Z characters have uttered some fairly ridiculous things throughout the series, whether it was to troll or bribe their foe or just something inadvertently humorous. 

There is a tonne of Dragon Ball Z characters, who worked and entertained the fans flawlessly. Choosing the funniest character among so many is difficult, but this list will attempt to rank the funniest Dragon Ball Z characters.

Funniest Dragon Ball Z Characters 

Funniest Dragon Ball Z Characters
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Here is the list of Funniest Dragon Ball Z Characters:

1. Hercule

To the public who idolizes him, Hercule is referred to as the “World Martial Arts Champion,” yet in actuality, he is much weaker than Goku or any of his buddies. Hercule eventually comes to grips with the reality of the situation but still acts as though he’s still the world’s strongest man. 

During his match against Android 18 in the tournament, his fraud was almost exposed. Hercule was put in a headlock by Android 18, who then demanded a sizable sum of money from him before threatening to reveal him to the audience as a fraud. Hercule readily consented, needing to save his life and his reputation.

2. Krillin

Funniest Dragon Ball Z Characters
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Even though Krillin is purely human and not a Saiyan like his closest friend Goku, he is nevertheless surprisingly powerful. He only became so strong after years of rigorous training. 

For a half-year, Krillin and his allies trained with Kami to protect Earth without Goku in case Vegeta and Nappa showed up. However, when the Saiyans finally showed up, they were much stronger than anticipated, leaving Krillin seriously hurt. Krillin replied, “Yeah, I was doing great until the combat started,” in response to Goku’s claim that he could tell Krillin was growing stronger despite his wounds. Following that, everything got worse.

3. Piccolo

One may describe Piccolo as the pretend badass of the Dragon Ball Z: Abridged cast. He is the demon king’s son and was once one of Goku’s major adversaries. He is portrayed in this series as a rather straight individual, similar to Tien, but with a lot more emphasis on trying to seem cool all the time. 

All of this started during the Namek Saga when Piccolo fused with Nail and received a significant power-up. Sadly, whenever he fuses with someone, that person becomes yet another voice that nags at him continually.

4. Bulma

Funniest Dragon Ball Z Characters
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Despite competing against several Saiyans, great martial artists, and supernatural entities, Bulma doesn’t let being an ordinary human stop her from establishing her superiority, not even in front of Vegeta. 

Vegeta did not discover a very grumpy Goku when he returned to Earth after the battle with Frieza. Before he could lash out at Yamcha, Bulma intervened, not ashamed to make fun of the Saiyan’s bad hygiene. One of the numerous factors that led to their marriage was her ability to persuade Vegeta, who was notoriously obstinate, to do what she wanted.

5. Mr. Popo

One of the Dragon Ball Z characters that have deviated the most from its original Dragon Ball version is Mr. Popo, who is utterly off the rails.

In the original Dragon Ball, Mr. Popo may have been a kind and gentle person, but in Dragon Ball Z: Abridged, he is a wild, sadistic genie who enjoys toying with the Z-Warriors in ways that only serve to make their lives harder than they already are. 

This figure truly appears when you least expect him and has some amusing one-liners to share. You’ll love him if you just follow the hierarchy and watch out for his giggle.

6. Goku

Funniest Dragon Ball Z Characters
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When he foolishly consented to marry Chi-Chi, Goku was a naïve child who barely grasped what love or desire was; nevertheless, as an adult, he seemed to pick up on those concepts effectively enough to manipulate them to his advantage. 

Goku offered Old Kai the chance to kiss a “beautiful woman” in an effort to persuade the obstinate man to use the Dragon Balls. Old Kai immediately gave in, but the joke was on him because Bulma, Vegeta’s wife, was the “beautiful woman” Goku was referring to, not even his own wife.

7. Vegeta

One of the funniest Dragon Ball Z characters is Vegeta, the Prince of All Saiyans. In this series, his preoccupation with being the best is more often treated as a joke than as something to be taken seriously. He also has a bizarre fascination with being the center of attention, which is completely unrelated. 

The best example of this joke in action is in his “I am the hype” scene, which many fans cite as one of The Prince of All Saiyan’s best moments in the whole Abridged series.

8. Buu

Funniest Dragon Ball Z Characters
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Buu, a former antagonist of the series, has committed many heinous crimes, including wreaking havoc and transforming people into dessert before devouring them. However, the much more evil Babidi took advantage of his innocence and naivete. And only after meeting Hercule did he start to discern right from wrong. 

When they first met, Buu was still obediently carrying out Babidi’s command to slay, and he enquired of Hercule what kind of sweet he wanted to become before vanishing. Hercule succeeded to persuade Buu not to devour him and instead lead a life of good faith and laughter through compassion and the right instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Who is the most popular Dragon Ball Z character?

Ans – Some of the most popular Dragon Ball Z characters are – Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and more. 

Q2) Who is the greatest Dragon Ball character?

Ans – Some of the greatest Dragon Ball Z characters are – Vegeta, Goku, Master Roshi, and more. 

Q3) Who is the coolest Dragon Ball villain?

Ans – Frieza is often titled the coolest Dragon Ball villain. 

Q4) Who is the most badass character in DBZ?

Ans – Beerus is one of the most Badass Dragon Ball Z characters. 

Q5) Who is the strongest Saiyan?

Ans – Goku is the strongest Saiyan as of now. 


So, this was our article on the funniest Dragon Ball Z characters. Who is your favorite and who makes you laugh the most? Tell us in the comment box. Also, follow us for more interesting articles. 

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