You Will Laugh Out Loudly Watching These 9 Funniest Dragon Ball Moments

Since its debut in 1986, Dragon Ball has been a colossal force in the anime industry. The show’s world has produced a number of series, and each of them has a good number of action scenes for which the franchise is famous. 

In addition, figures like Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Bulma, and several others have come to represent the Shounen subgenre. Dragon Ball is an action-packed series that also has a lot of humorous situations.

Running for decades, the franchise has given us a bunch of moments to cherish. So, today, we are here with the list of the funniest Dragon Ball moments. 

Funniest Dragon Ball Moments 

Here is the list of funniest Dragon Ball moments:

1. No Balls

Funniest Dragon Ball Moments
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In a well-known scene from the first season of Dragon Ball, Goku confesses that he has never seen a girl before, demonstrating how inadequate his understanding of female anatomy is.

Goku wakes up one morning only to see that Bulma is still asleep. Goku peeks at Bulma out of curiosity and is startled by what he sees—or rather, what he doesn’t see. 

Bulma panics when Goku tells her she’s lost her “balls” when she first wakes up because she thinks he’s talking about her Dragon Balls.

2. Pilaf and his Companion’s Wish 

Many of the funniest Dragon Ball moments center on Pilaf and his friends Shu and Mai. 

The trio was once more able to summon the everlasting Shenron in Dragon Ball Super, and on this occasion, they genuinely displayed their flaws as characters. 

Shu begged for a pitiful 1 million Zeni, a unit that Toriyama has indicated translates on a 1:1 level with Yen, making this a desire for 7,000 USD, while Mai used one of the wishes to purchase the world’s tastiest cake. This was a paltry pair of duties for a dragon who can make almost anything happen.

3. Goku’s Energy is out of control

In order to communicate with King Kai, Goku teleports to his planet. He instead finds himself in a person’s bedroom. The bedroom in question belonged to Bulma, who entered it while just wearing a towel and turned on the lamp to discover Goku lying on her bed. 

Vegeta is drawn to Bulma’s panicked scream, and as he rushes inside the bedroom, he is horrified to see Goku there. When Bulma demands an explanation from Goku, Goku informs her that he is not present to observe her “saggy breasts.” Goku shyly teleports away for good after embarrassing Vegeta and Bulma and getting Vegeta very angry.

4. Mr. Satan Stood No Chance Against Cell

Funniest Dragon Ball Moments
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The advent of Mr. Satan, the World Martial Arts Champion, was possibly the most amusing addition to Dragon Ball during the Cell Saga. Mr. Satan was full of foolish confidence and had an overblown ego, in complete contrast to the horror-inspired Cell, which made for comedy for the two characters’ inevitable face-to-face encounter during the arc. 

The brash champion goes into the ring during the Cell Games versus Cell and begins into his customary smack-talk, only to be swatted aside and flung into a neighboring cliffside with a camera crew filming Mr. Satan’s every move to the globe.

5. Zeno’s Surprise Appearance

Zeno is regarded as the Supreme monarch of the Multiverse and is frequently referred to as the Omni-King. Zeno is feared by all of the Gods of Destruction, including Beerus. 

Visiting one occasion, Zeno greets Beerus as a hologram while the two are on his planet. Beerus jumps out of his chair and yells at the sight of Zeno before bowing formally. While doing so, he headbutts a table and starts to perspire. 

The appearance of Whis, Beerus’ attendant, dramatically raises the tension in this situation. Whis and Beerus both scream in terror when Zeno says he wants to see Goku. It is Whis’s most emotional display to date.

6. Goku & Piccolo Take On Driving School

Goku & Piccolo Take On Driving School
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There isn’t a lot of filler in Dragon Ball, yet when there is, it frequently yields gems like Goku and Piccolo’s quest to obtain a driver’s license. Chi-Chi, weary of Goku’s absurdly risky antics, expresses her desire for a modicum of normalcy in their lives, and Goku, the devoted husband that he is, hears her out and finally enrolls in driving school. 

Piccolo’s presence in the festivities greatly enhances the narrative, for reasons that remain a mystery. One of the best moments in Dragon Ball is the instructor’s expression of utter horror as the two conduct risky driving technique after risky driving technique.

7. Arrival of Ginyu Force 

Frieza employs a squad of mercenaries to deliver the Dragon Balls to him during the Namek Saga. It is revealed that he employs Captain Ginyu’s elite Dragon Ball mercenary unit, the Ginyu Force. 

It is very difficult for Freiza to remain un-humiliating when the Ginyu Force makes their initial appearance. The positions taken by Captain Ginyu and the other team members—Jeice, Recoome, Burter, and Guldo—eerily resemble those of the Power Rangers. If the positions weren’t funny enough, the DBZ Kai dub of the theme song that plays throughout the introduction ups the ante in terms of humor.

8. Vegeta’s Pink Shirt 

Even in his most sympathetic moments during the events of Namek, Vegeta was only ever portrayed as a malicious figure up until the conclusion of the Frieza Saga. 

The Cell Saga’s opening scene, however, established right away that the Prince of Saiyans was no longer immune to Akira Toriyama’s amusing wit. 

Vegeta arrived on Earth without any spare clothing, so Bulma had to pick out his outfits. Whether or not she intentionally gave him a pink blouse with the words “BADMAN” embroidered on its back, his response was nevertheless memorable.

9. Krilin Lands A Critical Hit On Goku

Funniest Dragon Ball Moments
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Nothing brings back the classic Dragon Ball era of the series like Krillin and Goku getting into mischief together. Although the bald Z fighter is notorious for providing comic relief, this scene, which can be found amid one of the Cell Saga’s few peaceful moments, maybe his best performance yet. Goku ultimately settles in and becomes comfortable enough for him and Gohan to doze off while still maintaining their Super Saiyan forms as they unwind next to a charming pond.

While admiring his best friend, Krillin muses about how the Saiyan has developed to a point of power that essentially renders him untouchable. In typical Krillin fashion, he then grabs the closest rock, launches it at his friend, and clobbers Goku right in the noggin, waking him from his sleep. Unfortunately for the team, Ultra Instinct wasn’t going to activate for a while.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) What is the best Dragon Ball Z moment?

Ans – Some of the best moments in Dragon Ball Z are – Goku going Super Saiyan against Frieza, Gohan turns SSJ in Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and so on. 

Q2) Does Dragon Ball have an emotional moment?

Ans – Krillin’s loss is one of the most emotional moments of Dragon Ball.

Q3) Is Dragon Ball Z emotionless? 

Ans – No Dragon Ball Z has a lot of emotional moments and it stresses the emotions of the characters. 


So, this was our article on the funniest Dragon Ball moments. Which one did you find the most fun and do you want to add any more to the list? Tell us in the comment box. Also, follow us for more interesting updates and articles… Happy Reading!! 

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